1. "What Seek Ye?"

What do you seek? Say, what is this impetuous urging? Like a roar it goes through the world, and a storm tide of books overwhelms all peoples. Scholars are digging through the ancient scriptures, researching, pondering to the point of spiritual exhaustion. Prophets emerge to warn, to promise.... From all sides, people suddenly want to spread new light as if in a fever!
This is how it is raging over the troubled soul of humanity at the moment, not refreshing and reviving, but scorching, consuming, sucking away the last strength that the torn ones still have left in this gloom of the present.
And here and there a whisper, a murmur, of growing expectation of something to come. Every nerve is restless, tense with unconscious longing. It surges and billows and a kind of anaesthesia lies gloomily brooding over everything. Unbearably heavy. What
must it give birth to? Confusion, faint-heartedness and ruin, if the dark layer that now spiritually envelops the earth's globe is not powerfully torn apart, which with the soft tenacity of the dirty morass absorbs and suffocates every rising free thought of light before it has become strong, which with the sinister silence of a swamp suppresses, disintegrates and destroys every good intention in its germ before an action can arise from it.
But the cry of the seekers for light, which holds the force to split the mud, is diverted, fades away in an impenetrable vault, which those who think they can help have built with diligence: they
offer stones instead of bread!
Look at the countless books:
The human spirit is only wearied by them, not enlivened! And this is the proof of the barrenness of all that is offered. For what tires the spirit is never right.
Spiritual bread immediately refreshes, Truth invigorates, and Light enlivens!
Simple people must despair when they see what walls are erected around the beyond by so-called spiritual science. Who among the simple is to grasp the learned propositions, who the foreign modes of expression? Is the afterlife to apply only to spiritual scientists?
One speaks of God in this! Is a university to be established in order to acquire the ability to recognize the concept of divinity? Where does this obsession, which is largely rooted in ambition, drive?
Like drunkards, the readers and the listeners stagger from one place to another, uncertain, unfree in themselves, one-sided, having been diverted from the plain path.
Hear it, despondent ones! Look up, you earnest seekers: The
way to the highest is ready before every man! Scholarship is not the gateway to it!
Did Christ Jesus, that great example on the true path to Light, choose His disciples among the learned Pharisees? Among scholars of the Scriptures? He took them out of simplicity and plainness, because they did not have to fight against this great error, that the way to the Light is arduous to learn and must be difficult.
This thought is man's greatest enemy, it is lies!
Therefore, back from all science where it is about the holiest thing in man which wants to be
fully grasped! Let go, because science, as the work of the human brain, is piecemeal and must remain piecemeal.
Consider, how should laboriously learned science lead to divinity?
What is knowledge anyway? Knowledge is what the brain can comprehend. But how narrowly limited is the brain's conceptual capacity, which remains firmly bound to space and time. Not even eternity and the sense of infinity can be grasped by a human brain. Precisely that which is inseparably connected with divinity. But the brain stands still before that incomprehensible Force that flows through all that exists, from which it itself draws its activity. The Force that everyone feels every day, every hour, every moment as something self-evident, which science has always recognized as existing, and which one nevertheless tries in vain to grasp and understand with the brain, that is, with knowledge and understanding.
The activity of a brain, the foundation stone and tool of science, is so deficient, and the limitation naturally extends through the works that it builds, that is, through all sciences themselves. Therefore science is certainly good for
succession, for the better understanding, classification and organizing of all that it receives ready-made from the preceding Creative Force, but it must necessarily fail if it wants to raise itself to leadership or criticism, so long as it binds itself so firmly as before to the understanding, i.e. to the limited faculty of the brain.
For this reason erudition, and also humanity, which is guided by it, always remains attached to details, while every human being carries the great, incomprehensible whole within himself as a gift, fully capable of attaining the noblest and highest without laborious learning!
Therefore, away with this unnecessary torture of mental slavery! The Great Master does not call out to us in vain: Become like children!
Whoever carries within himself a firm will for the good and endeavours to give purity to his thoughts has
already found the way to the Highest! Everything else will then be given to him. This requires neither books nor spiritual effort, neither an exercise in penance nor isolation. He will be healthy in body and soul, freed from all pressure of morbid brooding; for every exaggeration is harmful. You must be human beings, not hothouse plants that succumb to the first breath of wind through one-sided training!
Wake up! Look around you! Listen within you! That alone can open the way!
Pay no attention to the disputes of the churches. The great bringer of truth Christ Jesus, the embodiment of Divine Love, did not ask for denominations. What are the denominations today anyway? Binding of the free spirit of man, enslavement of the divine spark dwelling in you; dogmas *(church doctrines) which seek to narrow down the Work of the Creator and also His great Love into forms pressed by human intellect, which means degradation of the Divine, systematic devaluation. Every serious seeker is repulsed by this approach, because he can never experience the great reality in himself, whereby his longing for truth becomes more and more hopeless and he finally despairs of himself and of the world! Therefore wake up! Break down the dogmatic walls within you, tear off the bandages so that the pure Light of the Most High can penetrate to you without being mutilated. Then will your spirit soar upwards, rejoicing in all the great Fatherly Love that knows no bounds of earthly understanding. You will finally know that you are a piece of it, grasp it effortlessly and completely, unite with it and thus gain new strength daily, hourly, as a gift that makes the ascent out of the confusion self-evident to you!