10. Son of God and Son of Man

A great error has been running through millennia: The assumption that Jesus of Nazareth was Son of God and also at the same time the often mentioned Son of Man is wrong! In Jesus of Nazareth a Part of the Godhead was incarnated
to bridge the gap from the Godhead to humanity, that which humanity itself had torn by raising up the intellect bound to space and time. Thus Jesus was God’s Son, as a Part of Him, fulfilling His mission among humanity which He could only carry out in flesh and blood. He remained the Son of God even in His earthly Incarnation.

But if He was the Son of God, He could not be the Son of Man, for that is two different things. And He was and still is the Son of God! Who then is the Son of Man?

The Disciples already noticed that Jesus spoke in the third person when He spoke of the Son of Man, and they questioned Him about it. The traditions were written by the Scribes on the assumption that Jesus, the Son of God, and the Son of Man were one and the same person. All their reports were based on this premise from the start, and thus spread error without wanting to or knowing it.

When Jesus spoke of the Son of Man, He spoke of His coming in advance. He announced it himself, since the coming of the Son of Man is closely connected with the work of the Son of God. He said, "But when the Son of Man shall come…" and so on.

It is a cycle, like everywhere else in creation. The Godhead came down to humanity through Jesus to bring the Truth and to it. The seed sprouted, the fruit ripened towards the harvest, and now, in the cycle, humanity shall, through the Truth brought by the Son of God, humanity is to effervesce ripely up to the Godhead in the Son of Man, and through Him to unite closely with God again.

This is not only meant purely symbolically
, as many think, but the Word will be literally fulfilled through a Person, as it was with Jesus. Between the two Persons, Jesus, the Son of God, and the Son of Man, lies the mighty karma of humanity.

Jesus went to Jerusalem for the Feast of Easter, where many nations of the earth were represented. The people sent messengers to Gethsemane to fetch Jesus. That was the time when the people, filled with hatred and with earthly cruelty, sent their messengers to look for the Messenger of God. Now watch the moment when He stepped out of the garden, they stood before Him with weapons and torches, with thoughts of destruction.

When the Son of God spoke the words, “It is I!” and thus handed Himself over to humanity, the tremendous karma that humanity was burdened with began. From that moment on, it weighed upon humanity, forcing it, according to the inexorable Laws of the Universe, deeper and deeper into the earth, until the final dissolution was near. We are standing right in front of it!

It will close like an oval circle. The release comes through the Son of Man!

When people will be despondent, desperate and demoralized by grave events, small, very small, then the hour will come when they will long for the promised Messenger of God and seek Him! And when they know where He is, they will send messengers as they once did. But it is not thoughts of destruction and hatred they will carry within them, but this time humanity will come to Him, worn down, humble, supplicating and trusting, to the one who has been chosen by the Supreme Ruler of all worlds to release them from the spell, who will bring them help and deliverance from spiritual as well as from earthly distress.

These messengers will also ask, and just as the Son of God once spoke the words in Gethsemane: “It is I”, from which the karma of humanity began, so this time the Messenger of God will answer with the same words: “It is I”, and thus the heavy karma of humanity will be released. The same words that heaped the great guilt on the then hateful humanity will take it away from the humanity that now comes again with the same question, fearing and yet trusting and asking.

The cycle of this karma is immense, and yet it is so sure and so precisely guided that the prophecies are fulfilled in it. And from the hour when this word is spoken the second time by a Messenger of God to humanity, things will go upwards. Only then, according to the Will of the Most High, will the Kingdom of Peace begin, not before!

On one side you see the messengers of hateful humanity approaching the Son of God, binding and maltreating Him, apparently triumphing over Him. This is followed by the permanent downfall brought about by this in unavoidable reciprocal actionc. At the same time, however, a seed sown by Jesus grows and ripens. Now the Son of Man, announced by Jesus himself, approaches as God’s Messenger, who in the service of the Son of God continues and completes His work, brings the harvest and thereby separates the chaff from the wheat according to Divine Justice.

Jesus, the Son of God, came among humanity out of love to restore the connection that had torn humanity apart. The Son of Man is the Man who is in God and closes the connection in the cycle so that pure harmony can flow again through all Creation.

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  2. Lecture 60: The Son of Man
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