11. God

Why do people walk so timidly around this Word that should be more familiar to them than anything else? What is it that keeps them from thinking deeply about It, from feeling their way into It in order to grasp it properly?
Is it reverence? No. Is this strange “not trusting” anything great, worthy of recognition, or profound? Nevermore; for consider: you pray to God, and when you pray you cannot even form a proper idea of the One to whom you pray; on the contrary, you are confused, because you have never been given clear information about it, neither by the school nor by the Church, which would satisfy your inner urge for truth. The real Trinity basically remained a mystery to you, which you tried to come to terms with to the best of your ability.
Under these circumstances, can prayer be as intimate, as trusting, as it should be? It is impossible. But if you know your God, if He becomes more familiar to you, is not prayer accompanied by deeper feelings, much more direct, more intimate?
And you should and must come closer to your God! You must not just stand still from afar. How foolish it is to say that it can be wrong to occupy yourselves so extensively with God. The indolent and self-complacent even say it is blasphemy! But I say to you:
God wills it. The condition of approach lies in the whole of Creation. Therefore, he who shirks it has not humility, but on the contrary, boundless presumption! He is asking God to draw near to him so that he can grasp Him, instead of trying to draw near to God in order to recognize Him. Hypocrisy, convenience, wherever one looks, wherever one listens, and all in the cloak of false humility!
But you who no longer want to sleep, who seek with fervour and strive for the Truth, take up the knowledge, seek to grasp what is right:
What is your God? You know, He said, “I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other gods beside me!”
There is only
one God, only one Force. But what is the Trinity? Trinity? God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit?
When humanity closed Paradise to itself by no longer allowing itself to be guided by intuition, which is purely spiritual and therefore also close to God, but instead self-selectingly raised and subjected itself to earthly intellect, thus making itself the slave of its own tool, which was given to it to use, it naturally also distanced itself more and more from God. The division was thus completed, in that humanity was predominantly inclined only towards the earthly, which is necessarily bound to space and time, which God does not know in His way, with which He can therefore never be grasped. With every generation the gulf grew wider, people chained themselves more and more only to the earth. They became earth-bound intellectuals who call themselves materialists, even proudly so, because they do not even suspect their chains, since their horizon naturally narrowed at the same time as they were firmly bound to space and time. How could they find their way back to God? Never!
It was impossible if help did not come from God. Therefore, a new bridge had to be built from him if help was to be given. And He had mercy. God Himself in His purity could no longer reveal Himself to the lower intellectuals because they were no longer able to feel, see or hear His messengers through their intellectual work, and the few who were still able to do so were ridiculed because the narrowed circle of vision of the materialists, bound only to space and time, rejected every thought of an extension beyond it as impossible because it was incomprehensible to them. For this reason, the prophets were no longer sufficient, their power was unable to penetrate, because in the end even the basic ideas of all religious endeavours had become purely materialistic. Therefore, a Mediator had to come between the Godhead and lost humanity who possessed more power than all the others, so that He would be able to penetrate. Shall we say: for the sake of the few who, under the most crass materialism, still longed for God? It would be correct, but opponents would prefer to call it presumption on the part of the faithful, instead of recognizing in it the mighty Love of God and yet also strict Justice, which offers redemption evenly in reward and punishment.
But the Mediator, who had the power to penetrate the confusion, had to be Divine Himself, since the baser things had already spread so far that even the prophets as messengers achieved nothing. Therefore, God in His love separated a
Part of Himself through an Act of Will and incarnated It into flesh and blood, into a human body of male gender: Jesus of Nazareth, as the Word now made flesh, God’s love made flesh, Gods Son!
The Piece, which was thus separated and yet remained closely connected spiritually, had thereby become
Personal. Even after the earthly body was laid aside, It remained Personal through Its incarnation and Its closest reunion with God the Father.
So, God the Father and God the Son are Two and in reality only One! And the “Holy Spirit”? Christ Himself said of Him that sins against God the Father and God the Son could be forgiven, but never sins against the “Holy Spirit”!
Is the “Holy Spirit” higher or more than God the Father and God the Son? This question has troubled and occupied many a mind, confused many a child.
The “Holy Spirit” is the Spirit of the Father, Who works separately from Him in the whole of Creation, and Who, like the Son, is nevertheless still closely connected with Him, has remained One with Him. The brazen Laws in Creation, which like nerve cords run through the whole Universe and bring about the unconditional reciprocal action, man’s fate, or his karma, are... by the “Holy Spirit”!
or more clearly: Its working.
This is why the Saviour said that no one can sin against the Holy Spirit with impunity, because in the inexorable and immutable reciprocal action, retribution comes back to the originator, to the starting point, whether it be good or evil. And as the Son of God is of the Father, so also is the Holy Spirit of Him. Both, therefore, Parts of Himself, belonging wholly to Him, inseparable, since otherwise a Part would be missing from Him. Like the arms of a body, which perform independent actions and yet belong to it, if the body is to be whole; and which also can only perform independent actions in connection with the whole, and are therefore absolutely one with it.
Thus God the Father in His Omnipotence and Wisdom, on His right as a Part of Him, is God the Son, Love, and on His left, God the Holy Spirit, Justice. Both proceeded from God the Father and belong to Him as One. This is the Trinity of the
One God.
Before Creation, God was One! During Creation, He gave up a Part of His Will as working independently in Creation and thereby became Twofold. When it became necessary to give lost humanity a Mediator, because the Purity of God did not permit a direct connection with humanity, which was chained to itself, without the Incarnation, He split a Part of Himself out of Love for the temporary connection with humanity again, and became
Threefold with the birth of Christ!
What God the Father and God the Son are was already clear to many, but the “Holy Spirit” remained a confused concept. He is the exercising Justice whose eternal, immutable and incorruptible Laws pulsate through the Universe and have so far only been called with fearful apprehension: Fate!... Karma! The Divine Will!

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