20. The Final Judgement

The World! When people use this word, they often say it thoughtlessly, without getting an idea of what this world they call the world is actually like. Many, however, who try to imagine something specific about it, see in their mind’s eye countless world bodies of the most diverse composition and size, arranged in solar systems, moving in their orbits in the Universe. They know that the sharper and more far-reaching the instruments are created, the more and more new and more world bodies can be seen. The average person then comes to terms with the word “infinite”, which is the beginning of the error of a false conception.
The world is not infinite. It is the Creation, that is, the
Work of the Creator. This work, like every work, stands next to the Creator and as such is limited.
So-called advanced people are often proud to have the realization that God rests in the whole of Creation, in every flower, every rock, that the driving forces of Nature are God, i.e. everything that is inscrutable, that makes itself felt but cannot really be grasped. A perpetually-acting Primordial Force, the eternally self-evolving Source of Power, the Unsubstantial Primordial Light. They think they have advanced enormously in the consciousness of finding God everywhere, of encountering Him everywhere, as a driving Force always working towards the one goal of further development towards perfection, penetrating everything.
But this is only true in a certain sense. We only encounter His Will in the whole of Creation, and thus His Spirit, His Power. He Himself stands far above Creation. Creation as His Work, as the expression of His Will, was already bound to the unchangeable Laws of generation and dissolution when it came into being; for what we call the Laws of Nature is the Creative Will of God, which continually forms and dissolves worlds. This Will of Creation is
uniform in the whole of Creation, to which the ethereal and the gross material worlds belong as one. And this entire Creation, as a Work, is not only limited like every work, but also transient! The unconditional and immutable uniformity of the Primordial Laws, that is, of the Primordial Will, means that in the smallest process of the gross material earth there always takes place exactly that which must happen in every event, that is, also in the most tremendous events of the whole Creation, and as in the Creation itself.
The streamlined form of the Primordial Will is plain and simple. Once recognized, we can easily find it in everything. The entanglement and incomprehensibility of so many processes lies only in the multiple interlocking of the detours and byways formed by the different wills of human beings.
The Work of God, the World, is therefore, as Creation, subject to the Divine Laws which are constant and perfect in everything, also originated from them, and thus limited.
The artist, for example, is also in his work, is absorbed in it, and yet stands next to it personally. The work is limited and transient, but the artist’s ability is not. The artist, i.e. the creator of the work, can destroy his work, in which lies his will, without himself being touched by it. He will still remain the artist. We recognize and find the artist in his work, and he becomes familiar to us without our needing to have seen him personally. We have his works, his will lies in them and affects us, he confronts us in them, and yet he can live for himself far from us.
The self-creating artist and his work give a dull reflection of the relationship of Creation to the Creator.
Eternal and without end, i.e. infinite, is only the
cycle of Creation in its constant coming into being, passing away and forming anew.
In this process, all revelations and promises will be fulfilled. In the end, the “Last Judgement” will also be fulfilled for the earth!
The Last Judgement, that is, the Final Judgement, comes once for every world body, but it does not happen simultaneously in the whole of Creation.
It is a necessary process in that particular part of Creation, which reaches the point in its cycle at which its dissolution must begin, in order to be able to form anew on the further course.
This eternal cycle does not refer to the course of the earth and other stars around their suns, but to the great, mighty circle which all solar systems, in turn, must go, while they still carry out their own particular movements.
The point at which the disintegration of each world body must begin is precisely determined, again on the basis of the consistency of Natural Laws. A very definite place at which the process of decomposition must develop, irrespective of the state of the world body concerned and its inhabitants. Without delay the hour of decay will come, which, as with everything in Creation, in reality means only a transformation, the opportunity for further development. Then the hour of “either-or” will come for every human being. Either he is lifted up towards the Light if he strives towards the spiritual, or he remains chained to the materiality to which he clings if out of conviction he declares only material things to be valuable. In such a case, he cannot rise from materiality in the lawful consequence of his own will and is then drawn with it on the last stretch of the way into dissolution. This is then spiritual death! It is the same as being erased from the Book of Life. This quite natural process is in itself also called eternal damnation, because that which is drawn into decomposition must “cease to be”, it is pulverized and mixed into the original seed, which is still impregnated with spiritual forces after dissolution. It will never be able to become “personal” again. The most terrible thing that can befall man. He is considered a “rejected stone” that cannot be used for a spiritual building and must therefore be ground up.
This separation of spirit from matter, which also takes place on the basis of quite natural processes and Laws, is the so-called “Last Judgement”, which is connected with great upheavals and changes.
That this dissolution does not take place on
one earthly day is easy for everyone to understand; for in world events a thousand years are like a day.
But we are in the middle of the beginning of this period. The earth now comes to the point at which it deviates from its previous course, which must also become quite perceptible in gross material terms. Then the separation among all men will begin more sharply, which has already been prepared in recent times, but which has so far manifested itself only in “opinions and convictions”.
Every hour of being on earth is therefore precious, more than ever. He who earnestly seeks and wants to learn should pull himself with all his might out of base thoughts that must chain him to the earthly. Otherwise, he runs the risk of becoming attached to materiality and being drawn with it towards complete dissolution. Those who strive towards the Light, however, are gradually loosened from materiality and finally lifted up to the home of all that is spiritual.
Then the division between light and darkness is finally accomplished and the Judgement fulfilled.

“The World”, that is to say, the whole of Creation, will not perish, but the bodies of the world will only be drawn into the process of dissolution as soon as their course reaches the point at which the dissolution and thus also the previous separation must begin. The beginning of this for the earth is already in operation; everything will now soon roll forward with giant strides.
The consummation breaks forth through the natural effect of the Divine Laws which have rested in Creation from the very beginning, which brought about Creation itself and which also today and in the future carry the Will of the Creator perpetually. In an eternal cycle, it is a constant creation, sowing, maturing, harvesting and decaying, in order to take on other forms again, freshly strengthened in the change of connection, which hasten towards a next cycle.
In this cycle of Creation, one can imagine a giant funnel or a giant cave of the ethereal kind, from which the likewise ethereal Primordial Seed flows constantly out in an unstoppable stream, striving in circular movements towards new union and development. Exactly as science already knows and has correctly recorded. Dense, coarse-matter nebulae are formed by friction and merging, and from these again world bodies are formed which, by immutable Laws, group themselves in certain consistency into solar systems and, circling within themselves, must follow in unison the great cycle, which is the Eternal one. Just as in the events visible to the earthly eye, development, moulding, maturity and harvest or decay follow from the seed, which entails a transformation, a decomposition for further development, in the case of plant, animal and human bodies, so it is also in the great world events. The grossly visible bodies of the World, which carry with them a far larger, more ethereal environment, thus not visible to the earthly eye, are subject to the same events in their eternal circulation, because the same Laws are active in them.
Even the most fanatical doubter cannot deny the existence of the primordial seed, and yet it cannot be seen by any earthly eye because it is other-material, “otherworldly”. Let us call it ethereal again.
It is also not difficult to understand that the world that
first forms from it is naturally just as ethereal and cannot be recognized by earthly eyes. It is only the coarsest precipitation which later results from this that, proceeding from and dependent on the ethereal world, gradually forms the gross material world with its gross material bodies, and only this can be observed from the smallest beginnings with the earthly eyes and all the additional gross material aids. Whether it be molecules, electrons or anything else, it will always belong to the coarsest precipitates of the ethereal world, which long before had its finished forms and life.
It is no different with the envelopment of the actual human being in his spiritual nature, to which I myself will still speak. In his wanderings through the various worlds, his garment, mantle, shell, body or tool, no matter what one wants to call the covering, must always be of the same kind of material of the respective environment into which he enters, in order to make use of it as a protection and as a necessary aid, if he wants to have the possibility of working
directly and effectively in it. Since the material world is dependent on the ethereal world, it follows that everything that happens in the material world has an effect on the ethereal world.
This great ethereal environment was created from the primordial seed, runs along with it in the eternal cycle and is finally also driven into the back of the giant funnel already mentioned, where decomposition takes place, in order to be expelled again on the other side as primordial seed into a new cycle. As with the activity of the heart and the circulation of blood, the funnel is like the heart of Creation. The process of decomposition therefore affects the whole of Creation, including the ethereal part, since
everything dissolves again into primordial seeds in order to form anew. Nowhere is arbitrariness to be found in this process, but everything develops out of the self-evident consistency of the Primordial Laws, which do not allow any other way. At a certain point in the great cycle, therefore, the moment comes for everything created, gross or subtle, when the process of decomposition prepares itself independently out of the created and finally bursts forth.
This ethereal world is the transitory abode of the earthly departed, the so-called Beyond. It is intimately connected with the gross material world, which belongs to it, is one with it. At the moment of departure, the human being enters with his ethereal body, which he carries with his gross material body, into the similarly ethereal environment of the gross material world, while he leaves the gross material body behind in this world. This ethereal world, the Beyond, which belongs to Creation, is subject to the same Laws of constant development and decomposition. With the onset of decay, a separation of the spiritual from the material takes place again in a quite natural way. Depending on the spiritual state of the human being in the material as well as in the ethereal world, the spiritual human being, the actual “I”, must either move upwards or remain chained to the material world. The earnest urge for Truth and Light will make everyone spiritually purer and thus lighter through his associated change, so that this circumstance must naturally loosen him more and more from the dense materiality and drive him upwards in accordance with his purity and lightness. But he who believes only in materiality keeps himself bound by his conviction to materiality and remains chained to it, whereby he cannot be driven upwards. Through the self-willed decision of each individual, a separation takes place between those who strive towards the Light and those who are bound to the darkness, according to the existing natural laws of spiritual gravity.
This separation is the Last Judgement!
It is thus clear that there is also a real end for the development of earthly departed people in the purification process of the so-called Beyond. A final decision! People in both worlds are either ennobled to such an extent that they can be lifted up to the regions of light, or they remain bound in their base nature according to their own will, and are thereby finally plunged into “eternal damnation”, i.e., they are pulled towards decomposition with the materiality from which they cannot get rid, suffer the decomposition itself painfully and thus cease to be personal. They are fluttered away like chaff in the wind, pulverized, and thus deleted from the Golden Book of Life!

This so-called Last Judgement, i.e., the Last Judgement is also a process that takes place in a completely natural way as a result of the Laws that sustain Creation, in such a way that it could not come otherwise. Here, too, man only ever receives the fruits of what he himself has willed, what he thus brings about by his conviction.
The knowledge that everything that goes on in Creation works itself out in the strictest consistency, that the guiding principle for human destiny is always given by the human beings themselves through their desires and wills, that the Creator does not intervene in an observing way to reward or punish does not diminish the greatness of the Creator, but can only give rise to even more sublime thoughts of Him. The greatness lies in the
perfection of His work, and this compels a reverent upward gaze, since the greatest love and most incorruptible Justice must lie without distinction in the mightiest as well as in the smallest events. Great is also man, as such placed in Creation, as master of his own destiny! By his will he is able to lift himself out of the work, thereby contributing to its higher unfoldment; or else to drag it down and entangle himself in it, so that he can no longer get away and goes with it towards dissolution, whether in the gross or in the ethereal world. Therefore, wrestle yourselves free from all bonds of base feeling; for it is high time! The hour approaches when the time for this has expired! Awaken in yourselves the longing for the pure, the true, the noble! –
Far above the eternal cycle of Creation hovers like a crown in the middle a “Blue Island”, the Realms of the blessed, the purified spirits who may already dwell in the Realms of Light! This Island is separated from the World. It therefore does not participate in the cycle but, despite its height above the circling Creation, it forms the foothold and the centre of the outgoing spiritual forces. It is the Island that bears on its height the much-vaunted City with streets of gold, the heavenly Jerusalem. Here, nothing is subject to change any more. No more judgment to fear. Those who can dwell there are in the homeland”. But last of all, on this Blue Island, as the highest then, stands, inaccessible to the steps of the uncalled, the... Grail castle, so much mentioned in poetry!
Shrouded in legend, as a longing of countless, it stands there in the light of the greatest glory and holds the sacred vessel, the symbol* of the pure love of the Almighty, the Grail!
The purest of the spirits, those who are closest to the Throne of the Most High, are appointed as guardians. They are the bearers of Divine Love in its purest form, which is essentially different from what people on earth think of, even though they experience it daily and hourly. This Castle forms the gate to the steps of the Throne of the Most High. No one can reach the steps without having passed through the Grail Castle. The guard at the golden gate is strict, sharp and unrelenting, so that the purity of the Grail is preserved, enabling it to shower blessings on all seekers.
Through revelations, the news of the Castle came in many stages down the long way from the Blue Island through the ethereal world, until it finally penetrated in deepened inspiration through some poets also among the people of the gross material earth. From stage to stage, the truth was given downwards, and in doing so, it also suffered various unintentional distortions, so that the last rendition could only remain a repeatedly clouded reflection, which was the cause of many errors.
If a part of the great Creation is in dire straits, and if suffering and fervent supplication to the Creator arise, a Servant of the Vessel is sent out to intervene in the spiritual distress as a bearer of this love. What only floated as legend and myth in the work of Creation then enters the Creation alive! But such missions do not happen often. Each time, they are accompanied by drastic changes, great upheavals. Thousands of years usually lie between them. Those sent in this way bring Light and Truth to the lost, peace to the despairing, reach out with their message to all seekers, gather all believers to offer them new courage and strength and lead them up through all darkness to the Light.
They come only for those who long for help from the Light, but not for the scoffers and the self-righteous. Let the next coming of such a Grail Messenger be a warning to all seekers. It is a sign to raise oneself forcibly to the good, the noble; for it reminds one of the inevitable Judgement which must one day come as the Last Judgement. Blessed is he who then no longer remains bound by the limited sense to materiality, so that he can be lifted up to the Light!