24. Watch and Pray

How often is this saying of the Son of God passed on as well-meant advice and warning, but neither the one giving the advice nor the one to whom it is given take the trouble to think about what is actually meant by these words.
Every person knows what is meant by praying, or rather, he
thinks he knows, although in reality he does not know. He also thinks he understands what it means to be awake, and yet he is far from it.
“Watch and pray” is the figurative rendering of the admonition to the activity of the faculty of intuitive perception, that is, to the activity of the spirit! Spirit in the true sense, not taken as brain activity; for the mode of expression of the living human spirit is
intuition only. In nothing else is the spirit of man active, that is, his original core, which has formed itself into the actual "ego" in the wandering through the Subsequent Creation.
“Watch and pray” therefore means nothing else than the demand to refine and strengthen the intuitive ability of the earthly human being, synonymous with making the spirit alive, which is the only eternal value of the human being, who alone is able to return to Paradise, the Original Creation, from which he started. He
must return there, either as matured, self-conscious, or as having become unconscious again, as a living, light-willed ego that has become usable in Creation, or as a torn, deceased ego if it was useless in Creation.
The admonition of the Son of God to “Watch and pray” is therefore one of the most serious admonitions He left to human beings on earth. At the same time, it is a threatening warning to stand useful in Creation, so that condemnation does not have to follow in the self-active working of Divine Laws in Creation.
Behold the woman! As the most precious treasure of femininity, she has a tenderness of feeling that no other creature can attain.
For this reason one should only be able to speak of noble femininity in this Creation, because femininity carries within itself the strongest gifts for the realization of all that is good. But this also means that the greatest of responsibilities also rests upon woman. For this reason Lucifer, with all the multitudes who belong to him, has directed his main aim at woman, in order to subject the whole of Creation to his power.
And Lucifer, unfortunately, found all too easy footing with the woman of Subsequent Creation. Open-eyed she flew towards him and in her way poisoned the whole Subsequent Creation by converting pure concepts into distorted mirror images, which had to result in confusion among all human spirits. The pure blossom of noble femininity as the crown of this Subsequent Creation quickly degraded itself through the influence of the tempter to a poisonous plant, which bears shimmering colours and attracts everything with its enticing fragrance to the place where it thrives, the
swamp, into whose sultry softness those thus attracted sink.
Woe to the woman! Since the highest of all values that she given she did not use properly, she must be the first to be struck down by the Sword of Divine Justice, if she does not decide to go forward with her own flexibility of spiritual intuition in the necessary ascent of earthly humanity from the ruins of a false structure of corrupt concepts, which only arose through Lucifer’s insinuations. The earth-woman replaced exemplary striving for the adornment of the white blossom of noble purity with craving for pleasure and vanity, which found its playground in the craving for pleasure of a wrongly cultivated social life. She felt full well that the true adornment of femininity was being lost to her in the process and resorted to the substitute offered her by the darkness, seeking to offer her bodily charms for sale, becoming the shameless fool of fashion, which only drove her further into the depths, dragging men along with her by intensifying their impulses, which had to hinder the development of their spirit.
But in so doing, they planted in themselves the germ which must now, in the necessary Judgment, plunge them into ruin in reciprocal action, all who were thereby lacking and became rotten fruits of this Creation, because they became incapable of withstanding the approaching, purifying storms. Let no man soil his hands with the worshippers of idolatrous vanity and lasciviousness, if they will grasp at it for salvation from adversity. Let them sink and cast them back; there is no value in them that can be used for the new construction that is promised.
They do not see the ridiculousness and the hollowness of their actions. But their laughter and mockery of the few who still seek to preserve the decency and purity of true femininity before themselves, who have
not allowed the most beautiful adornment of the girl and the woman, the tender sense of shame, to be killed, the mockery of this shall now soon pass over into cries of pain and fall silent therein!
The woman of Subsequent Creation stands on a knife's edge through the high gifts she has received. She must now give an account of what she has done with them so far. There is no excuse for this! Reversal and repentance are impossible, for time is up. They should all have thought of it sooner and known that
their opinion cannot stand against the iron Will of God, in which only Purity rests, clear as crystal. –
But the woman of the future, who was able to save herself with her values through the time of the desolate life of Sodom and Gomorrah in the present time, and the one who will be born anew, she will finally bring femininity to that blossoming which everything can only approach with the holy awe of purest reverence. She will be
the woman who lives according to the Divine Will, that is, who stands in Creation in such a way that she is regarded as the radiant crown that she can and should be, flooding everything with the vibrations that she absorbs from the Luminous Heights and can pass on undimmed by virtue of her ability, which lies in the tenderness of feminine intuition.
The Word of the Son of God: “Watch and pray” will be embodied in every woman of the future, as it should already be embodied in every woman of the present;
for in the swinging of feminine intuition, as it strives towards purity and light, lies the constant watching and the most beautiful praying that is pleasing to God!
Such a vibration brings the experience of joy filled with gratitude! And
that is prayer as it should be! At the same time, however, swinging also implies being constantly on guard, that is, keeping watch! For every unpleasant thing that tries to approach and every evil desire is already picked up and noticed by such vibrations of tender sensitivity, even before it can form itself in thought, and then it is easy for the woman to protect herself still and always at the right time, if she herself does not want it otherwise.
And despite the subtlety of these vibrations, there is a power in them that is capable of transforming
everything in Creation. There is nothing that can resist it; for this power brings Light and thus Life!
Lucifer knew that very well! And that is why he mainly addressed womanhood with his attacks and temptations! He knew that
everything would fall to him if he only won the woman. And what a pity, what a pity, he succeeded, as anyone who wants to see can clearly see today!
First and foremost, therefore, the call of the Light is again directed at the woman! She
should now recognize the low level she has now reached. She would have to, if... vanity would allow it. But this snare of Lucifer’s holds all womanhood under its spell, so firmly that she can no longer recognize even the Light, indeed, she no longer wants to! She does not want to, because the modern woman of our time cannot separate herself from her frivolous dalliance, even though she already feels dimly within herself what she has lost by it. She even knows it quite well! And in order to numb this admonishing intuitive feeling, which is like knowledge, she runs blindly towards the new ridiculousness, blinded, to become manly in her profession and in her whole being!
Instead of returning to true womanhood, the most exquisite of fruits in all Creation! And thus to the task which you determine from the Light!
It is
she who robs the man of everything noble and thus also prevents the blossoming of noble masculinity.
Where man is not able to look up to woman in her femininity, no nation, no people can flourish!
Only true, purest femininity can lead and awaken a man to great deeds! Nothing else. And
this is the calling of woman in Creation according to Divine Will! For with this she lifts up the people and humanity, yes, the whole Subsequent Creation; for in her alone lies this high power of gentle working! A power, irresistible and compelling, blessed by Divine Power, where it is of purest will! Nothing equals it; for it bears beauty in the purest form in all that it works, that emanates from it! Therefore let its weaving run through the whole of Creation, refreshing, lifting, promoting and invigorating like a breath from the longed-for Paradise!
With all his cunning and treachery, Lucifer first reached for this pearl in the gifts of your Creator, knowing that he was tearing apart your hold and your striving for the Light! For in the woman lies the precious secret which is capable of triggering the purity and sublimity of all thoughts in Creation, the upswing to the greatest creativity, the noblest deeds.... provided that this woman is as the Creator wanted her to be by showering her with these gifts.
And you let yourselves be beguiled only too easily! Succumb to temptations without a struggle. As the willing slave of Lucifer, the woman now directs the effect of the beautiful gifts of God into the opposite and thus subjects the whole Subsequent Creation subject to darkness! Today there are only desolate distorted images of all that God wanted to bring into being in this Creation for the joy and happiness of all creatures! Everything has indeed come into being, but under the influence of Lucifer it has been changed and twisted, it has been wrong! The woman of t Subsequent Creation offered herself as mediator! A sultry swamp was erected over the clear ground of purity. Radiant enthusiasm exchanged for sensual intoxication.
Now you want to fight, but against every demand of the Light! To remain in the frenzy of vain self-indulgence that makes you drunk!
There are not many more who are able to withstand a clear gaze today. The largest number turn out to be lepers whose beauty, that is, true femininity, has already been eaten away and can never be restored. So many will feel disgusted with themselves if they can still be saved and then, years later, think back to all that they now regard as beautiful and good. It will be like awakening and recovering from the worst fever dreams!
But just as the woman was able to pull the whole Subsequent Creation deeply down, so she also has the power to lift and promote it again, since the man follows her in it. Soon, after the purification, the time will come when one can joyfully call out: Behold the woman as she should be, the real woman in all her greatness, noblest purity and power, and you experience in her the word of Christ: “Watch and pray” in all its naturalness and in the most beautiful form!