29. The Worship Of God

It can safely be said that man has not yet grasped, still less practised, what is for him an unconditional naturalness of worshipping God. Just look at the worship of God as it has been practised until today! All we know is pleading, or better still, begging! Only now and then does it finally happen that prayers of thanksgiving arise which really flow from the heart. However, this is only ever the great exception where a person receives a very special gift
unexpectedly, or is suddenly saved from a great danger. The unexpected and the sudden form part of it for him, if he ever raises himself to a prayer of thanksgiving at all. Even the greatest of things can fall into his lap undeservedly, but it will never, or only very rarely, occur to him to think of giving thanks as soon as everything happens in a calm, normal way. If he and all those he loves are always conspicuously blessed with health, and if he has no earthly worries, he is unlikely to raise himself to a serious prayer of thanks. Unfortunately, in order to evoke a stronger feeling in oneself, a very special impulse is always needed in man. He will never do it voluntarily when he is doing well. He may say it here and there, or even go to church to murmur a prayer of thanks on that occasion, but to be present with his whole soul, even for a single minute, does not occur to him at all. Only when he is in real need does he very quickly remember that there is One Who is able to help him. Fear drives him to finally stammer out a prayer! And that is then always just a plea, but not worship.
Such is the man who still thinks himself good, who calls himself a believer! And they are but a few on earth! Praiseworthy exceptions!
Now imagine the pitiful picture before your eyes! How it appears to you, human beings, when you look at it properly! But how much more wretched such a person stands before his God! But that, unfortunately, is the reality! You may turn or turn as you please, but these facts will remain as soon as you make an effort to get to the bottom of the matter, omitting any embellishment. You must feel a little uneasy, for neither supplication nor thanks are part of worship.
Worship is
veneration! But you really do not find this on this whole earth! Just take a look at the festivals or celebrations that are meant to serve God’s Glory, where, for once, there is a refraining from pleading and begging. There are the oratorios! Look for the singers who sing in worship of God! Look at them as they prepare themselves in the hall or in the church. They all want to achieve something in order to please people. God is quite indifferent to them. He, of all, to Whom it is should be meant! Look at the conductor! He wants to be applauded; he wants to show people what he can do.
Then go further. Behold the proud buildings, churches, cathedrals, which are meant to honour God.... to the glory of God. The artist, the architect, the master builder is only striving for earthly recognition, every city
flaunts these buildings... for the glory of itself. They must even serve to attract strangers. Not, however, for the worship of God, but so that money will flow into the town through the increased traffic! Only an urge for earthly externals wherever you look! And all under the pretence of worshipping God!
Here and there there may still be a person who, in the forest, on the heights, finds his soul rising, who even fleetingly reflects on the greatness of the Creator of all the beauty around him, but as standing very far in the background. His soul rises, but not to the heights of exultation, but... apart, it literally runs wide in the pleasure of enjoyment. Such a thing must not be confused with a soaring upward flight. It is not to be assessed differently from the pleasure of a gourmand at the richly laden table. The rising of the soul of this kind is mistaken for worship; it remains empty, rapture,
one’s own feeling of well-being, which the sensing person takes for thanks to the Creator. It is purely an earthly event. Many of the nature lovers also consider this kind of intoxication to be true worship of God, and in this they also think themselves far superior to others who do not have the opportunity to enjoy these beauties of the earth's creations. It is a coarse pharisaism that has its source only in one's own well-being. A tinsel that lacks any values. When these people one day have to search for their soul treasures in order to utilize them for their ascent, they find the shrine within them completely empty; for the imagined treasure was only a rush of beauty, nothing else. It lacked true reverence for the Creator. –
True worship of God does not show itself in rapture, not in murmured prayers, not in begging, kneeling, wringing of hands, not in blissful shuddering, but in joyful
action! In jubilant affirmation of this earthly existence! Savouring every moment! To savour means to utilize. To make use of it in turn... experience! But not in games and dances, not in time wasting activities that damage body and soul, which the mind seeks and needs as compensation and to whip up its activity, but in looking up to the Light and Its Will, which only promotes, uplifts, and ennobles everything that exists in Creation!
A basic condition for this, however, is the exact knowledge of God’s Laws in Creation. These show him how he has to live if he wants to be healthy in body and soul, show him exactly the path that leads up to the Spiritual Realm, but also let him clearly recognize the horrors that must arise for him if he opposes these Laws!
Since the Laws of Creation are self-acting and living, iron, immovable, with a power against which human spirits are completely powerless, it is only natural that the most urgent need of every human being should be to recognize these Laws completely, the effects of which he is in every case really defencelessly exposed to!
And yet this humanity is so limited that it seeks to carelessly ignore such a clear, simple necessity, even though there is nothing more obvious! As is well known, mankind never comes up with the
simplest thoughts. Strangely enough, every animal is cleverer than man. It fits into Creation and is supported in it as long as man does not try to prevent it from doing so. Man, however, wants to rule over something whose independent action he is and will always remain subject to. In his arrogance he thinks that he can already control forces if he only learns to use small spurs of radiation for his own purposes, or if he uses the effects of air, water, and fire on a very small scale! He does not consider that he must first learn to observe, in order to make use of already existing qualities or forces in their own way. He must try to adapt himself if he is to succeed! He alone! This is not domination, not conquest, but bowing, a fitting in with the existing Laws.
Man should finally have seen that only learning to fit in can bring him benefit! He should gratefully advance in this. But no! He only boasts and behaves even more presumptuously than before. Especially where he has once bowed to the Divine Will in Creation and thereby immediately reaped visible benefit, he childishly tries to make it out that he is a victor! A conquerer over nature! The nonsensical attitude reaches the summit of all stupidity in that he thereby blindly passes by what is truly great; for with the right attitude he would indeed be a victor ... over himself and his vanity, because in the consequent illumination of all notable achievements he would, learning beforehand, bow to what exists. In this alone does he succeed. Every inventor and also everyone really great has inserted his thinking and his will into the existing Laws of Nature. Whatever tries to resist or even work against them is crushed, squashed, shattered. It is impossible that it can ever really come to life.
Like the experiences in small things, it is no different with man's whole being, no different with himself!
He who has not only the short time on earth to traverse but also the
whole Creation, absolutely needs the knowledge of the Laws to which the whole Creation remains subject, not only the visible environment closest to every human being on earth! If he does not know them, he will be stopped and hindered, injured, thrown back, or even crushed, because in his ignorance he could not go with the currents of Force of the Laws, but placed himself so wrongly that they had to push him downwards instead of upwards.
A human spirit does not show itself to be great and admirable, but only ridiculous, when it stubbornly and blindly tries to reject the facts which it
must recognize daily in their effects everywhere, as soon as it is to use them not only in its activity and all technology, but also for itself and its soul fundamentally! In his existence and activity on earth, he always has the opportunity to see the unconditional skill and equality of all basic effects, as soon as he does not carelessly or even maliciously close himself to them and sleep.
There is no exception to this in the whole of Creation, not even for a human soul! It must obey the Laws of Creation, if its work is to be beneficial to it! And man has so far completely overlooked this simple self-evident fact in the most frivolous manner.
It seemed so simple to him that it had to become the most difficult thing for him to recognize. And in the course of time it became impossible for him to fulfil this difficulty. So today he is faced with ruin, with a mental breakdown, which must destroy everything he has built up!
Only one thing can save him: complete knowledge of God”s Laws in Creation. This alone can bring him forward again, upwards, and with him everything he seeks to build in the future.
Do not say that you, as human spirits, cannot so easily discern the Laws in Creation, that it is difficult to distinguish truth from fallacies. That is not true! Whoever makes such speeches only wants to cover up the indolence he harbours within himself, only does not want the indifference of his soul to become apparent, or to justify himself for his own peace of mind.
But it is of no use to him, for every indifferent, every indolent person is now rejected! Only he who gathers all his strength to use it
completely for the attainment of what is most necessary for his soul can still have a chance of salvation. All half-heartedness are as good as nothing. Even every hesitation, every procrastination is already a complete omission. Mankind has no more time left, because it has already waited until the moment which forms the last frontier.
This time, of course, it will not be made so easy for him, nor will it be so easy for him, since his previous carefree strolling in these matters has robbed him of any ability to believe in the profound seriousness of a necessary
final decision! And this very point is the greatest weakness, will be the inevitable downfall of so many!
For thousands of years much has been done to make God’s Will or the Laws in Creation clear to you, at least as far as you need it in order to be able to ascend to that Original Creation from which you came, in order to find your way back to it! Not through the so-called earth sciences, nor through the churches, but through the servants of God, the prophets of old, as through the message of the Son of God Himself then. As simple as it was given to you, you have up to now only
spoken of it, but you have never made the serious effort to understand it correctly, much less to live by it! In your lazy opinion, that was asking far too much of you, even though it is your only salvation! You want to be saved without making any effort yourselves! When you think about it, you must come to this sad realization.
You made religion out of every Message of God! For your convenience!
And that was wrong! For you erected a religion on a very special, elevated level, away from the workings of everyday life! And therein lay the greatest mistake you could make; for in doing so you also placed the Will of God apart from everyday life, or, which is the same thing, you placed yourself apart from the Will of God instead of uniting with It, placing It in the midst of life and the hustle and bustle of your everyday life! To become one with It! You should receive every Message of God naturally and practically, you must incorporate it into your work, your thinking, your whole life! You must not make of it something that stands alone, as it happens now, to which you go only on visits in hours of rest! Where, for a short time, you seek to give yourself up to contrition, or to thanks, to rest. In this way it has not become something you take for granted, something that is as natural to you as hunger or sleep.
You should finally understand: You should
live in this Will of God, so that you can find your way on all paths that bring good to you! The Messages of God are but valuable hints that you need, the knowledge and observance without which you are lost! You must not, therefore, place them in a glass shrine to contemplate them as if they were something sacred, in blissful shuddering only on Sundays, or to take refuge in this place in distress, in fear, in order to get strength from them! Wretched ones, you should not worship the Message, but use it! You should grasp it heartily, not only in a festive dress, but with the hard fist of working life, which never desecrates, never humiliates, but honours everyone! The jewel shines much purer and higher in the sweaty and soiled calloused hand than in the well-cared-for fingers of a lazy idler who spends his time on earth only contemplating!
Every Message of God must be received by you, that is, become
a part of you! You must try to grasp the meaning!
You should not regard it as something separate, which remains outside of you, which you are accustomed to approaching with timid reserve. Take the Word of God
into yourselves so that everyone knows how to live and how to walk in order to reach the Kingdom of God!
Therefore, awake at last! Get to know the Laws of Creation. But no earthly wisdom will help you to do this, not the little knowledge of technological observation, such meagre things are not enough for the path which your soul must take! You must raise your eyes far beyond the earth and recognize where the path leads you after this existence on earth, so that in it you will at the same time also become aware of why and also for what purpose you are on this earth. And again, just as you are in
this life, whether poor or rich, healthy or ill, in peace or struggle, joy or suffering, you learn to recognize the cause and also the purpose and become happy and light, grateful for the experience you have had so far. You learn to value every single second and, above all, to use it! Use it to ascend to joyful existence, to great, pure happiness!
And since you yourselves have become far too entangled and confused, the Message of God through the Son of God once came to your rescue, after the warnings of the prophets had not been heard. The Message of God showed you the way, the only way, to your salvation from the swamp that was already threatening to choke you! Through parables, the Son of God sought to lead you to it! Those who wanted to believe and were searching took them in with their
ears, but that was as far as they went. They never sought to live by it.
Religion and everyday life always remained two different things for you. You always stood beside it instead of in it! The effect of the Laws in Creation explained in the parables remained completely misunderstood by you, because you did not look for them in it!
Now once again in the Grail Message comes the same interpretation of the Laws in a form more comprehensible to you for the present time! In reality, they are exactly the same as those which Christ once brought, in the form appropriate for
that time. He showed how human beings must think, speak, and act in order to spiritually mature and move upwards in Creation! Mankind did not need more than that. There is not a single gap to be found in the Message of that time. The Grail Message now brings exactly the same, only in today’s form.
Whoever finally acts in accordance with this, in thought, speech, and deed,
is practising the purest worship of God, for this only rests in deed!
He who willingly submits to the Laws always does what is right!
By this he proves his reverence for the wisdom of God, bows joyfully to His Will, which lies in the Laws. He is thereby supported and protected by their effect, freed from all suffering and lifted up into the Realm of the Luminous Spirit, where in jubilant experience the all-wisdom of God becomes visible to everyone without clouding, and where the worship of God consists in life itself! Where every breath, every feeling, every deed is borne by joyful gratitude and thus exists as lasting joy. Born out of happiness, sowing happiness and therefore reaping happiness! Worship of God in life and experience lies solely in the observance of Divine Laws. Only in this way can happiness be guaranteed. This is how it should be in the coming Kingdom, the Millennial Kingdom, which will be called the Kingdom of God on Earth! This is how all followers of the Grail Message are to become beacons and guides among humanity.
Those who cannot or will not do this have again not understood the Message. Grail service should be true, living worship of God. Worship of God is the first worship that does not consist in external things, that does not only show itself outwardly, but lives in every human being even in the most secluded hours, and shows itself in his thinking and in his actions, as a matter of course.
Whoever does not want to voluntarily profess this will not experience the approaching time of the Kingdom of God, will be destroyed, or else still forced to unconditional compliance with Divine Power and earthly force! For the good of all humanity who are blessed to finally find peace and happiness in this realm!

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