3. Silence

If a thought sparks up in you, hold it back, do not speak it out immediately, but nurture it; for it condenses through restraint in silence and gains strength like steam in counter-pressure.
The pressure and the condensation produce the property of a magnetic activity according to the law that everything that is stronger draws the weak towards itself. Thought-forms of the same kind are thus drawn in on all sides, held fast, strengthen more and more the force of your own original thought, and yet work in such a way that by the addition of extraneous forms the originally produced form gets refined, changes, and acquires a changing form until maturity. You feel all this well in yourself, but you always think that it is your own will all alone.
But you do not give your own will completely to anything, you always have something else with you!
What does this process tell you?
That only in the union of many details can something perfect be created! Created? Is that right? No, but formed! For there is nothing really new to be created; everything is only new forms, since all the details already exist in the great Creation. It is only that these details are to be driven into the service of the way of perfection, which is what uniting brings.
Union! Do not glide lightly over it, but try to immerse yourself in this concept that maturity and perfection are achieved through union. The law rests in the whole of Creation as a jewel that wants to be lifted up! It is intimately connected with the law that only in giving can one also receive! And what conditions the correct grasp of these laws? That is, the experience? Love! And that is why love stands as the highest power, as unlimited power in the mysteries of our grand Existence!
As the union of a single thought forms, grinds and shapes, so it is with man himself, and with the whole of Creation which, in the never-ending union of existing individual forms, experiences new formations through will power, and thus becomes the path to perfection.
An individual cannot offer you perfection, but the whole of humanity in the diversity of its peculiarities can! Each individual has something that belongs absolutely to the whole. And that is why a far-advanced person, who no longer knows all earthly desires, loves the whole of humanity, not a single individual, since only the whole of humanity can make the strings of his mature soul, laid bare by purifications, sound to the chord of heavenly harmony. He carries harmony within himself, since all the strings vibrate!
Back to the thought that drew the extraneous forms to itself and thereby became strong and ever stronger: It finally emerges out of you in locked waves of power, breaks through the aura of your own person and exerts an influence on further surroundings.
This is what humanity calls magnetism of the person. The uninitiated say: “You radiate something!” Depending on the nature, unpleasant or pleasant. Attractive or repulsive. It is felt!
But you radiate nothing! The process of generating the feeling in others has its origin in the fact that you magnetically attract everything spiritually similar to you. And this attraction is felt by the others. But this is also where the reciprocal action lies. In the connection, the other person then clearly feels your strength and the “sympathy” awakens.

Always keep in mind: Everything spiritual is, expressed in our terms, magnetic, and you also know that the stronger always overcomes the weak through attraction, through absorption. Thus “the poor (weak) is also deprived of the little he has”. He becomes dependent.
There is no injustice in this, but it takes place according to Divine Laws. The human being only needs to get up the nerve, to will properly, and he is protected from it.
Now you must be asking the question: What then, when everyone wants to be strong? When no one has anything left to take? Then, dear friend,
it will become a voluntary exchange, based on the law that only in giving can one also receive. There will be no standstill because of this, but everything inferior will be extinguished.
Thus it comes about that through indolence many become dependent in spirit, sometimes, in the end, hardly possessing the ability to develop their own thoughts.
It should be emphasized that only the like is attracted. Hence the proverb: “Birds of a feather flock together”. Thus drinkers will always find each other, smokers have “sympathies”, gossipers, gamblers, etc., but even the noble will find each other with a high goal.
But now it goes further: what strives spiritually, finally also has a
physical effect, because everything spiritual penetrates into the gross material, whereby we must consider the Law of Reciprocal Action, because a thought is always kept connected with the origin, and this connection causes the return radiation.
I am speaking here only of the
real thoughts that carry the life force of the soul’s sensation within them. Not of the waste of energy of brain substance entrusted to you as a tool, which only forms evanescent thoughts that only show themselves in wild confusion as shadowy vapours and fortunately flutter away very soon. Such thoughts only cost you time and energy, and you squander an asset entrusted to you.
If, for example, you seriously ponder over something, this thought becomes strongly magnetic in you through the power of silence, attracts everything similar and is thus fertilized. It matures and goes beyond the framework of the ordinary, even penetrates into other spheres, and from there receives an influx of higher thoughts... inspiration! That being the case, in contrast to mediumship, with inspiration the basic thought must come from yourself, must form a bridge to the Beyond, the Spiritual World, in order to consciously draw from a spring there. Inspiration, therefore, has nothing at all to do with mediumship. Through it the thought in you becomes mature. You approach realization and,
through your strength, bring to fruition what has already floated in countless details as thought-forms in the universe.
In this way you create a
new form with what has long existed spiritually through the merging and condensation! Thus, in the whole of Creation, only the forms change, since everything else is eternal and indestructible.
Beware of confused thoughts, of all shallowness of thought. Fleetingness takes bitter revenge, for it will soon degrade you to a playground of alien influences, whereby you will very easily become sullen, capricious and unjust to your immediate surroundings.
If you have a real thought and hold on to it, the collected strength must finally push towards realization, for the development of everything takes place completely spiritually,
since every strength is only spiritual! What then becomes visible to you are always only the last effects of a preceding spiritual-magnetic process, which takes place constantly and evenly according to a fixed order.

Observe, and when you think and feel, you will soon have proof that all actual life can in truth
only be spiritual, in which alone lies the origin and also the development. You must come to the conviction that all that you see with physical eyes are really only effects of the eternally driving spirit.
Every action, even the slightest movement of a human being, is always spiritually willed beforehand. The bodies only play spiritually animated tools, which themselves only came to condensation through the power of the spirit. So also trees, stones and the whole earth. Everything is animated, flowed through, driven by the Creative Spirit.
But since all matter, that is, the earthly visible, is only the effect of spiritual life, it is not difficult for you to grasp that earthly
conditions are also formed according to the nature of the spiritual life that first surrounds us. What logically follows from this is clear: Humanity itself is given the power, through the wise arrangement of Creation, to shape its conditions self-actively with the Power of the Creator Himself. Happy is he if he uses it only for good! But woe betide him if he is tempted to use it for evil!
The human spirit is only surrounded and darkened by earthly desire, which clings to it like dross, weighs it down and drags it down. His thoughts are acts of will in which the power of the spirit rests.
Man has the decision to think good or evil, and can thus direct Divine Power for good as well as for evil! Therein lies the responsibility which man bears; for reward or punishment it does not fail to come, since all consequences of thought return to the starting point through the established reciprocal action, which never fails, and which in this is quite immovable, thus inexorable. Thus also incorruptible, strict, just! Is not the same said of God?
If many opponents of faith no longer want to know anything about a deity today, none of this can change the facts I have stated. People only have to leave out the word “God”, delve seriously into science, and they will find
exactly the same thing, only expressed in different words. Is it not ridiculous to argue about it then? No man can avoid the Laws of Nature, no one can swim against them. God is the Force that drives the Laws of Nature; the Force that no one has yet grasped, no one has seen, but whose effects everyone must see, feel and observe daily, hourly, even in the fractions of a second, if he only wants to see, in himself, in every animal, every tree, every flower, every fibre of a leaf, when it breaks swelling out of its sheath to come to the light. Is it not blindness to stubbornly resist it, while everyone, even these stubborn deniers themselves, confirms, acknowledges the existence of this Force? What is it that prevents them from now calling this acknowledged Force God? Is it childish defiance? Or a certain shame at having to admit that all this time they have stubbornly tried to deny something whose existence has always been clear to them?
Probably none of this. The reason for this is that humanity has been presented with distorted images of the great Godhead from so many sides, with which it has not been able to agree in serious research. The all-embracing and all-pervading Power of the Godhead must be diminished and degraded in the attempt to press it into an image!
Upon deep reflection, no image can be reconciled with this! Precisely because every human being carries the thought of God within him, he resists with foreboding the confinement of the great, incomprehensible Power which produced him, which guides him.
Dogma is to blame for a large proportion of those who, in their opposition, seek to transcend every goal, very often against the certainty that lives within them.
But the hour is not far off when spiritual awakening will come! Where the words of the Redeemer are correctly interpreted, His great work of redemption correctly grasped; for Christ brought us salvation from darkness by showing us the way to Truth, by showing us as a man the way to the Luminous Height! And with the blood on the cross He impressed the seal of His conviction!
Truth has never been different from what it was then, from what it is now, and from what it will be in tens of thousands of years, for it is eternal!
Therefore, learn the Laws that lie in the great book of all Creation. To obey them is to love God! For in doing so you do not bring discord into the harmony, but contribute to the shaping of the roaring chord to its full height.
Whether you say: I voluntarily submit to the existing Laws of Nature because it is for my own good, or whether you say: I submit to God’s Will, which reveals itself in the Laws of Nature, or to the incomprehensible Force which drives the Laws of Nature.... is there any difference in its effect? The Force is there and you acknowledge it, you have
to acknowledge it because you have nothing else to do as soon as you consider something.... and thereby you acknowledge your God, the Creator!
And this Force also works in you when you think! Therefore, do not abuse it for the worse, but think good! Never forget: When you generate thoughts, you use Divine Power with which you are able to achieve the purest, the highest!
Try never to disregard the fact that all the consequences of your thoughts always fall back on you, depending on the force, the magnitude and the extent of
the effect of the thoughts, for good or for evil.
But since the thought is spiritual, the consequences come back
spiritually. They therefore affect you, whether here on earth or after your departure in the Spiritual Realm. Because they are spiritual, they are not bound to matter. This shows that the decay of the body does not cancel out a release! The retribution in the repercussion will certainly come, sooner or later, here or there, as determined. The spiritual connection remains firm with all thy works; for even the earthly, material works have spiritual origin through the begetting thought, and remain, even if all earthly things have passed away. Hence it is rightly said, “Your works await you, so far as the release in the repercussion has not yet affected you.”
If you are still here on earth in the case of a reciprocal action, or here again, the force of the consequences from the spiritual will then have an effect,
according to the kind, in good as in evil, through the circumstances, your surroundings, or on yourself directly, on your body.
Here it should be pointed out once again in particular: The true real life takes place spiritually! And it knows neither time nor space, therefore no separation. It stands above earthly concepts. For this reason, wherever you are, the consequences will hit you at the time when, according to Eternal Law, the effect returns to the starting point. Nothing is lost in the process, it is certain to come.
This also solves the question that has already been asked so often, how it comes about that visibly good people sometimes have to suffer greatly in earthly life, so that it is regarded as an injustice.
These are reactions that must affect him!
You now know the solution to this question, for your respective body plays no part in it. Your body is not you yourself, it is not your whole “ego”, but a tool which you chose for yourself, or which you had to take, depending on the floating laws of spiritual life, which you can also call Cosmic Laws, if they seem more comprehensible to you. The respective earthly life is only a short span of your actual being.
A devastating thought if there were no escape from it, no power to protect against it. How many would have to despair when they awaken to the spiritual and wish it were better to sleep in the old rut. He does not know what is waiting for him, what still affects him in its repercussions from the past! Or, as people say: “What he has to make up for.”
But do not worry! With the awakening you are also shown a way in the wise institution of the great Creation, through that
power of good will to which I have already particularly referred, which alleviates the dangers of the returning karma or pushes them aside altogether. The Father”s Spirit has also placed this in your hand. The power of good will spreads a circle around you which is capable of destroying the pressing evil, or at least of weakening it to a very high degree, just as the layer of air also protects the globe. The power of good will, however, this strong protection, is raised and promoted by the power of silence.
Therefore, I once again call urgently to you, seekers:
Keep the hearth of your thoughts pure, and thereafter practise first of all the great power of silence, if you wish to ascend.
The Father has already placed the power for everything in you! You only need to use it!