34. Cast All Guilt On Him

These words, so often used, are one of the main sedatives of all who call themselves believing Christians. But the remedy is a poison that produces intoxication. Like many poisons that are used in illnesses only to numb physical pain and thus bring about an apparent calming, it is similar in spiritual terms with the words: “Cast all your guilt on Him, for He has redeemed us, and by His wounds we are healed!”
Since this is accepted by the faithful as one of the basic pillars of the Church’s Christian teachings, it has all the more devastating effect among them. They base their whole inner attitude on it. In this way, however, they fall into a deadly embrace of blind faith, in which they are only able to see everything else in a very dim light, until finally the whole picture shifts and a grey veil sinks over the Truth, so that they can only find a foothold in the artificial construction of distorting theories, which must collapse with them on the day of reckoning.
“Cast upon Him all guilt…!” Foolish delusion! Like fire the Light of Truth will drive between the armies of false teachers and lazy believers and burn up all untruth! The masses still bask comfortably in the belief that everything the Saviour suffered and did was done for them. In their indolent thinking, they call it presumptuous, outrageous on the part of every man who thinks he has to contribute something himself in order to enter heaven. In this regard, many have an astonishing humility and modesty which, searching in vain in other respects, cannot be found among them. In their opinion, it would be tantamount to blasphemy to even faintly and timidly give room to the thought that the Saviour’s descent to earth and the suffering and death He received with it could not yet suffice to wipe away the sins of all those people who no longer doubt His existence on earth at that time.
“Cast on him all guilt…” they think with fervent devotion and do not know what they are actually doing. They sleep, but their awakening will one day be terrible! Their apparent humble faith is nothing but complacency and boundless hopefulness when they imagine that a Son of God will come down to serve and prepare the way for them, on which they can then stubbornly trot straight into the Kingdom of Heaven. Actually, everyone should immediately recognize the hollowness in no time. It can only be born of indescribable comfort and recklessness, if it did not create sagacity as a bait for the purpose of earthly advantages!

Mankind has lost itself in a thousand delusions and deceives itself in its foolish faith. What degradation of God lies in this. What is man that he dares to expect that a God will send His only Begotten Son, that is, a Part of His own Inessentiality, so that men may be able to cast their burden of sin upon Him, only so that they need not trouble themselves to wash their dirty linen and to remove the dark layers they have imposed upon themselves. Woe to those who are once responsible for such thoughts! It is the most insolent defilement of the Sublime Deity! Christ’s Mission was not so lowly, but sovereign, demanding, pointing to the Father.
Once before I pointed out the great redemptive work of the Son of God. His great Work of Love has blossomed in this World and in the Beyond, and has brought forth fruits of all kinds. In the meantime, however, those who were called by men sought to make themselves called by God, grasped the pure teachings with unholy hands and drew them down to themselves, darkening them. Humanity, which trusted them without seriously examining the word they taught, fell with them. The high Core of Divine Truth was covered with earthly limitations, so that the form remained, but every glow was lost in the addiction to earthly power and earthly advantage. Only pale twilight reigns where the brightest radiance of spiritual life could be. The jewel that Christ Jesus brought to
all who ask for it was stolen from the supplicating humanity. Disfigured by the veiling of egoistic desire, seekers are shown a false path which not only causes them to miss precious time, but very often even drives them into the arms of darkness.
False doctrines quickly grew up. They overgrew the simplicity, the Truth, and covered it with a shimmering robe, from whose colourful splendour, however, as with poisonous plants, dangers flow, which stupefy everything that approaches, whereby the vigilance of the faithful over themselves slackens, finally extinguishes. With this, every possibility of ascending to the true Light is also extinguished! Once more the great cry of Truth will resound over all lands. But then the reckoning will come for everyone through the fate he has woven for himself. Men will at last receive what they have been advocating with perseverance. They will have to live through all the errors which they set up in their desires or presumptuous thoughts or which they sought to pursue. For many, the result will be a wild howling and gnashing of teeth out of fear, out of anger, and out of despair.
But those who are badly afflicted with evil and rejected by the judgment will suddenly feel it to be injustice and hardship, as soon as they are thrust into the reality which, in their earth life, they had previously wanted to recognize as the only true one, and with which they also constantly offered their fellow human beings. Then the God Whom they faced with such boundless arrogance should still help them! They will plead with Him, call upon Him, and also expect that He, in His Divinity, will easily forgive the “ignorant” little man even the worst. He will suddenly be far too “great” in their opinion to be able to bear such a thing. He Whom they have belittled so far!
But He will
not hear them, will no longer help them, because they did not want to listen to His Word before which He sent to them! And therein lies Justice, which can never be separated from His great Love.
It was the duty of the people to examine
for themselves the Word He gave them. Even if they did not want to acknowledge His messengers as such. Thundering will therefore resound to them: “You have not been willing! Therefore now be destroyed and blotted out in the Book of Life!”