37. Symbolism In The Fate Of Man

If people were not completely absorbed in the necessities and the many trivialities of everyday life, but also wanted to devote some attention to observing the great and small happenings in their surroundings a little more attentively, a new realization would soon come to them. They would be astonished at themselves and find it hard to believe that until then they had been able to ignore such remarkable things without thinking. And they would have every reason to shake their heads in pity at themselves. With only a little observation, a whole world of strictly ordered, living events is opened up to them suddenly, which clearly reveal a strict guidance from a higher Hand: The world of symbolism!
This is deeply rooted in the ethereal part of Creation, only the outermost ends enter as projections into the earthly visible. It is like a sea that seems to be at rest, whose constant movements are not visible, but can only be observed in their last offshoots on the shore. Man has no idea that, with a little effort and attention, he can clearly observe the activity of karma, which is so drastic for him and so dreaded by him. It is possible for him to become more familiar with it, whereby little by little the fear that often awakens in thinking people falls away in time and karma loses its terrors. For many, it can become a path to ascent, when they learn to feel the deeper waves of ethereal life through earthly visible events and can follow them, whereby in time the conviction of the existence of absolutely consistent reciprocal effects arise. But once a man has come to this conclusion, he slowly follows it step by step, until at last he recognizes the strictly logical and unbroken driving force of the conscious Divine Will in the whole of Creation, i.e. in the gross and ethereal worlds. From that moment on, he will reckon with it and voluntarily submit to it. But this means for him a swimming in the Force, the effects of which can thus only be beneficial for him. It serves him, because he knows how to use it, by inserting himself correctly, by adjusting himself. In this way, the reciprocal effects can only be a lucky charm for him. Smiling, he then sees every biblical word literally fulfilled, which, because of its childlike simplicity, sometimes wanted to become a stumbling block to him, which often threatened to become difficult for him to fulfil because, according to his previous opinion, it required a slavish mentality. The high-handed demand for obedience, which he found unpleasant, gradually becomes, before his seeing eyes, the highest honour that can be bestowed on a creature; a truly Divine Gift, which carries within it the possibility of a tremendous spiritual development of power, which permits a personally conscious participation in the glorious creation. The expressions: “Only he who humbles himself will be exalted”, man must "humbly bow before his God” in order to be able to enter His Kingdom, he should “obey”, ”serve”, and what is more of the biblical advice, they repel modern man somewhat from the outset in this simple, childlike and yet so apt manner of expression, because they offend his pride, which lies in the consciousness of intellectual knowledge. He no longer wants to be so blindly guided, but to consciously participate in everything, in order to receive the inner impetus necessary for everything great out
of conviction. And that is not wrong!
should be more conscious of his further development in Creation than he was before. And when he will have recognized with joy that the simple biblical expressions, in their way so foreign to the present time, advise exactly everything that he, knowing the mighty Laws of Nature, also decides to do voluntarily and with full conviction, it falls like a blindfold from his eyes. He stands shaken before the fact that he has so far only rejected the old teachings because he had misinterpreted them, and never seriously tried to penetrate them properly, to bring them into harmony with the present understanding.

Whether it is said: “In humility bow to the will of God”, or “after correct recognition of the mighty Laws of Nature make use of their nature and work”,
is one and the same.
Man can only make use of the forces that carry God’s will if he studies them carefully, i.e. recognizes them, and then acts accordingly. To reckon with them or acting in accordance with them is in reality nothing more than to submit to them, i.e., bow down! Do not
oppose these forces, but go with them. Only by adapting his will to the nature of the forces, i.e. by going in the same direction, can man make use of the power of the forces. This is not a conquering of the forces, but a humble bowing before the Divine Will! If man calls some things cleverness or an achievement of knowledge, this does not change the fact that everything only means a so-called “finding” of the effects of existing Natural Laws, i.e. of the Divine Will, which one has thus “recognized”, and with the evaluation or use “submit” to this Will. This is absolutely a humble bowing before the Will of God, an “obeying”!
But now to the symbolism! Everything that happens in Creation, that is, in materiality, must come to a correct conclusion in its cycle, or, as one can also say: it must close as a ring. For this reason, according to the Laws of Creation, everything necessarily returns to its starting point, where alone it can find its end, i.e. be dissolved, dissolved, or extinguished as an active entity. This is how it is with the whole of Creation itself, as well as with each individual event. From this arises the unconditional reciprocal effects, which in turn entails symbolism.
Since all actions must end where they originated, it follows that every action must also end in the same kind of matter in which it originated. Thus an ethereal beginning must have an ethereal end, but a gross beginning must have a gross end. People are unable to see the ethereal, but they call the ethereal end of every event symbolic. It is certainly visible to them, but many lack the actual key to it, the beginning, which in most cases lies in a previous gross material existence.
Even if the greatest part of all the events of reciprocal actions only takes place in the ethereal world, the karma working in this way could never find a full redemption if the end did not in some way play into the Ethereal World and become visible there. An ongoing ring can only be closed with a visible process that corresponds to the sense of the reciprocal action, whereby the complete redemption takes place, no matter whether this is good or evil according to the nature of the former beginning, brings happiness or misfortune, blessing or, through the release, forgiveness. This last visible effect
must come at the same place where the origin lies, that is, with the person who once gave the beginning to it by some action. In no single case can it be avoided.
If, in the meantime, the person concerned has changed inwardly in such a way that something better has come to life in him than was the former action, then the retroactive effect cannot gain a firm foothold in its kind. It no longer finds a similar ground in the upward striving soul, which has become brighter and thus lighter according to the Law of Spiritual Gravity
. The natural consequence is that a murkier effect is permeated with the brighter environment of the person concerned as it approaches, and is thus considerably weakened. But still the Law of Revolution and Reciprocal Action must be fully fulfilled in its self-acting Force. It is impossible to suspend any Law of Nature.
For this reason, such a weakened reciprocal action must also have a
visible gross material effect in accordance with the immutable Laws, in order to be truly dissolved, i.e. to be extinguished. The end must flow back into the beginning. Because of the luminous environment, however, dark karma cannot bring harm to the person concerned, and so it happens that this weakened reciprocal action only has such an effect on the nearer environment that the person concerned comes into the position of doing something voluntary, the nature of which only corresponds to the sense of the returning reciprocal action. The difference between this and the actual unbroken force of the effect of the returning dark current, which was intended for him, is that it does not cause him any pain or harm, but perhaps even gives him joy.
This is then a
purely symbolic triggering of some heavy karma, but completely in accordance with the Laws of Creation, and automatically working in this way through the change in the state of the soul. That is why most people often remain completely unconscious of it. Karma is thus solved, unalterable Justice is satisfied down to the most delicate currents. In these processes, which are self-evident according to the Laws of Creation, lie such mighty Acts of Grace as only the All-Wisdom of the Creator could bring about in His perfect Work.
There are many such purely symbolic releases in otherwise hard-hitting reciprocal actions!
Let us take an example: A once hard, domineering character, in the exercise of these qualities, has, by oppressing his fellow-men, loaded heavy karma upon himself, which, living in his own nature, goes through the cycle and must then fall back upon him in the same, much intensified way. As it approaches, this current of ruthless imperiousness, often intensified by the Law of Attraction of ethereal likeness tremendously, will so permeate the whole ethereal environment of the person concerned that it will have a drastic effect on the gross material environment closely connected with it, and thus create conditions which will force the former originator to suffer to a far greater extent from the same imperiousness than the fellow-men whom he had formerly tormented.
If, however, such a person has in the meantime already come to better knowledge and has gained a brighter and lighter environment through honest efforts to ascend, then naturally the nature of the last effect also changes with it. The returning denser darkness will be more or less penetrated by this light, according to the luminous intensity of the new surroundings of the person concerned, and consequently also rendered more or less harmless. When the person who used to be so tyrannical has risen to great heights, i.e. in the case of an extraordinary improvement of the guilty person, it can now happen that the actual effect is as good as cancelled and he only temporarily does something which outwardly resembles an expiation. Let us suppose we are dealing with a woman. It would be enough for her to take the brush out of a maid’s hand once to show her in all friendliness how a floor is scrubbed. Even if it is only a few movements of this kind, the symbolism of the lowest form of service is thereby satisfied. This short action gives a release which had to happen
visibly and which, despite its lightness, is capable of ending a heavy karma.
Similarly, the rearrangement of a single room may become the symbol for the termination and annulment of a debt whose atonement or repercussion would actually have required a greater, painfully drastic upheaval. These things result in some way from the weakened influences of a reciprocal action, or accidental actions are also sometimes skilfully used by the spiritual guidance to bring about a redemption with it.
The prerequisite for all these is, of course, that an unusually great upswing and the associated change in the state of the soul connected with it have already occurred. Circumstances that an astrologer is naturally not able to take into consideration, whereby he often causes unnecessary worries by his calculations, sometimes even such fear that their force alone is able to bring about or form newly unpleasant things, whereby then, however only apparently, a calculation is fulfilled which would otherwise have proved to be wrong without this fear. In such cases, however, the person concerned has himself opened a door in the circle of light surrounding him through his fear. Where he voluntarily reaches out himself through the protective covering, he cannot be helped from any side. His own will breaches every protection from the inside out, while from the outside, without his own will, nothing is able to approach him through the light surrounding.
Thus the smallest kindness towards one’s fellow men, a truly felt suffering of one’s neighbour, a single kind word, can form the symbolic release of a karma, as soon as inwardly the earnest will for good has been laid as a foundation.
This, of course, must precede it, for otherwise there can be no question of a symbolic redemption, because everything that flows back will then have its full effect in every respect. But as soon as the earnest will to ascend really begins in the human being, he can very soon observe how little by little more and more life comes into his surroundings, as if all kinds of things were put in his way, but which always end well. It even catches his eye. At last, however, there comes a period in which more calm sets in, or everything that happens is clearly recognizable as serving earthly upliftment. Then the time of redemption is over. With joyful thanksgiving he can devote himself to the thought that much guilt has fallen from him, which otherwise he would have had to pay for heavily. Then he should be on the watch that all the threads of fate, which he reattaches through his will and desire, are only good, so that only good things can befall him again!

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