38. Faith

One’s faith is not what the greatest number of so-called believers show it to be. Real faith only arises when one has made the content of God’s Messages completely one’s own and thus a living, unconstrained conviction.
God’s Messages come through God’s Word, as well as through His Creation. Everything testifies to Him and His Will. As soon as a person can consciously
experience the whole of becoming and being, his intuitions, thoughts, and actions will be one joyful affirmation of God. Then, in contrast, he becomes quiet, does not speak much of it, but becomes a personality who, with this quiet reverence for God, which can also be called trust in God, stands firmly and securely in the whole of Creation. He will not float in fantasies, will not go into raptures, nor will he live on earth only in the spiritual, but with healthy senses and a fresh spirit he will also accomplish his earthly work, and in doing so he will also skilfully use his calm intellect as a sharp weapon if he has to defend himself against being attacked, naturally without becoming unjust. He should by no means silently endure when injustice is done to him. Otherwise he would support and strengthen evil.
But now there are many people who only
think they are believers! Despite all their inner acknowledgement of the existence of God and His Work, they fear the smile of the doubters. They are embarrassed, uncomfortable, pass over it quietly with diplomatic facial expressions in conversations, and out of embarrassment constantly make concessions to the doubters by their behaviour. That is not faith; it is only an inner admission! They are in fact denying their God, to Whom they silently pray and expect all the good from Him.
The false consideration shown to the doubters cannot be excused by the fact that the “faithful” consider the matter too “sacred and too serious” for them to want to expose it to possible ridicule. Nor can it be called modesty any more, but merely base cowardice! Speak out at last Whose spiritual children you are! Fearless towards every human being, with the pride that is due to being children of God! Only then will even the doubters finally be forced to restrain their mockery, which only betrays insecurity. But now it is only nurtured and nourished by the fearful behaviour of many “believers”.
These people deceive themselves because they have attached a completely different meaning to the word “faith” than this word demands. Faith must be
alive, that is, it must become even more than conviction, it must become action! It becomes a deed as soon as it has permeated everything, all intuiting, thinking, and doing. It must become unobtrusively perceptible and visible from within in everything that belongs to the human being, that is, it must become a matter of course. It must not be held up as an illusion or a shield. Rather, everything that becomes outwardly perceptible must merely result in the natural radiation of the inner spiritual core. To put it in popular terms, true faith must be a force which radiates from the spirit of man and permeates his flesh and blood, thus becoming a single natural self-evidence. Nothing artificial, nothing forced, nothing learned, but just living!
Look at many believers: They claim to believe unconditionally in a life after death and seem to set their minds on it. But if at any time they have the opportunity to receive proof of this life beyond simple everyday observation, they are frightened or deeply shaken! In this way, however, they show that they were not so convinced of the life beyond, for otherwise such an occasional proof would seem quite natural to them. So they should neither be frightened nor particularly shocked by it. Besides this, there are countless other events which clearly reveal how little faith the so-called believers have. Faith is not alive in them.