39. Earthly Possessions

The question very often arises whether man should separate himself from earthly possessions or show disregard for them when he strives for
spiritual attainment. It would be foolish to establish such a principle! When it is said that man must not cling to earthly possessions as soon as he strives for the kingdom of heaven, this does not mean that he should give away or throw away earthly goods in order to live in poverty. Man can and should joyfully enjoy what God makes available to him through His Creation. Not to be ‘attached’ to earthly goods only means that a person should not be carried away to the point of considering the acquisition of earthly goods as the highest purpose of his life on earth, thus ‘attaching’ himself primarily to this one thought. Such an attitude would naturally distract him from higher goals. He would then have no more time for this and would really only be attached with all the fibres of his being to this one goal of acquiring earthly possessions. Whether it be for the sake of the worldly goods themselves, or for the sake of the pleasure that the wealth makes possible, or even for other purposes, the result would always be basically the same. Man then becomes attached and bound to the purely earthly, whereby he loses his view upwards and is unable to ascend.

This false conception that earthly possessions do not belong to a spiritual striving for higher things has led to the nonsensical idea among the majority of people, that all spiritual aspirations must have nothing in common with earthly goods if they are to be taken seriously. Oddly enough, mankind has never become aware of the damage this has done to itself.

In so doing, they devalue the spiritual, that is, the highest gifts that can be bestowed upon them; for since, through this strange attitude, all spiritual endeavours were until now to be dependent on sacrifices and gifts, similar to
beggars, the same attitude that arises towards beggars also crept in unnoticed towards spiritual endeavours. This meant that they were never able to gain the respect that was due to them in the first place. For the same reason, these aspirations themselves always had to carry the germ of death in them from the outset, because they could never stand firmly on their own feet, but always remained dependent on the good will of men. It is precisely in order to protect and preserve his most sacred, the spiritual, from humanity that an earnest striver must not despise earthly possessions! They must serve him in the gross material world predominantly now as a shield, in order to be able to ward off like with like. An unhealthy condition would be brought about if, in the time of the materialists, those who strive spiritually upwards were to despise the strongest weapon of unscrupulous opponents! This would be a recklessness that could be avenged severely.

Therefore, you true believers, do not despise earthly possessions which could also only be created by the Will of the God you seek to honour! But do not let yourselves be put to sleep by the comfort which the possession of earthly goods can bring, but make healthy use of them.

It is the same with the special gifts of such powers that serve to heal various diseases, or with similar beneficial abilities. In the most naive, or shall we say more correctly, most impudent way, men assume that these faculties are placed at their disposal free of charge, because they have also been given to them from the spiritual as a special gift to exercise. It even goes so far that some people still expect a special demonstration of joy when they have “condescended” to avail themselves of help of this kind in great need. Such people must be excluded from all help, even if it were the only possible help for them!

But people who are gifted in this way should first learn to value their gift from God more highly themselves, so that pearls are not repeatedly thrown before swine. They need far more physical and psychic strength, as well as time, for serious help than a lawyer needs for his best defence speech, or a doctor for many visits to the sick, or a painter for the composition of a painting. It would never occur to anyone to expect a lawyer, a doctor or a painter to work for free, even though a good faculty of perception, like every other talent, is only a “gift from God”, nothing else. Throw off these beggar's clothes at last and show yourselves in the garb which befits you.