42. Miracles

A miracle is something that sets men wondering. It is something that they hold to be impossible. Yet, that it is possible, is proved by the fact of its occurring.

But miracles according to the imaginings of many faithful believers in God do not exist, for they consider that a miracle must be something that happens outside the laws of nature, even contrary to the laws of nature, by which they would recognise its Divine origin. For them a miracle is a thing only possible to God; for them it is a sign of His especial Grace, given to show them His Omnipotence.

Omnipotence, in their erroneous opinion, is the power of acting arbitrarily, and they consider a miracle to be an arbitrary act. But they do not reflect how they thus belittle the Almighty, for
such miracles would be anything but Divine.

God's work is perfect, without flaw or gap. Perfection implies a strictly logical sequence of events in every respect. The only difference being, that in a miracle a natural process that would ordinarily take a longer time, develops with such unparalleled rapidity, either owing to some individual's special gift or to some other cause, that it is called miraculous, in a word a miracle.

Occasionally it may be that a miracle will happen owing to possibilities beyond the present state of the earth's development and brought about by a concentration of energy, but the miracle will never be worked outside, or contrary to the natural law. Could one suppose such a thing (in itself an impossibility), it would lose all its Godliness and become an arbitrary act; thus just the contrary of what so many of the faithful believe. Nothing that is deficient in strictly logical sequence can come from God. Every miracle is an absolutely natural process, only that it proceeds with exceptional rapidity and with concentrated power. It is quite out of the question that anything unnatural can ever happen.

When diseases are healed, that up till now were considered incurable, it does not mean that a change in natural law has taken place, but only shows up the gaps and deficiencies in human knowledge. All the more must we praise the mercy of the Almighty, for giving certain chosen individuals special power which they can use for the welfare of suffering humanity. They will always be such who have kept themselves free from the self-conceit and presumption that scientific study lends. Worldly scholarship would naturally hinder the possibility of receiving higher gifts.

Worldly scholarship seeks to satisfy ambition and can never receive inspiration in the pure spirit of a child. Gifts that come from regions beyond space and time can only be received and never acquired. This circumstance alone shows which gifts are the more precious, the more powerful, and the more Divine.