45. Lucifer

An impenetrable veil shrouds the figure of Lucifer and all appertaining to him. It is as if no one were bold enough to lift a corner of this veil.

The reluctance to try is really the consciousness of the impossibility of penetrating into the kingdom of Darkness. It is quite natural that this should be impossible, for here again the component parts of the spirit of man set a limit. Just as man cannot and never will be able to reach to the highest heights, will he never be able to descend to the lowest depths.

Thus man's creative imagination stepped in and found substitutes for what was missing to form a conception of Lucifer. Some suggested and pictured demons of excentric heterogeneous kinds, some said he was a fallen archangel, while others spoke of the embodiment of the principle of evil. Still, although Lucifer continually harasses the human soul, often involving it in mighty and bitter conflicts with itself, man knows and understands absolutely nothing of the intrinsic property of his real nature.

Those who speak of a fallen archangel and those who speak of evil incarnate are nearest to the truth. Only that starting from a wrong standpoint they get a wrong impression. Evil Incarnate pictures up in one's mind, evil arrived at is climax, its culminating point where it has been crowned by being vested with life. Lucifer is just the reverse. He is the
origin of the evil principle, the starting point and the driving force. One should rather say the mistaken, not the evil principle. The material part of Creation is the field in which this mistaken principle works. There alone can Light and Darkness come into contact with each other and there alone can these two opposing principles influence the soul of man while it is developing on its journey through matter, and it depends to which side its desires lean, whether the soul develops in the upward direction towards the Light or in the downward direction towards Darkness. The immense gulf which divides Light from Darkness is the region of material Creation, of forms that are transitory, i. e. forms that decompose, to resuscitate in another shape.

Celestial cycles, as instituted by Divine ordinance, can only be called complete (or said to have fulfilled their purpose) when their end returns to their starting point, so the career of a human spirit can only be looked upon as complete, when it has found its way back to the sphere of spiritual substance which is next to primordial Light, because the spiritual germ had its origin there.

If man allows himself to be enticed aside, attracted by the Powers of Darkness, he runs the danger of being drawn over the outer circle of his normal course into depths from which he can no longer find his way back or upward by himself; but he cannot step over the boundary line of the densest and lowest region of ethereal darkness and leave matter behind him, as he can do if he wills towards the region of spiritual substance, that being his original starting point. If he will not do this he must suffer himself to be whirled along in the mighty rotation of material Creation until finally decomposition sets in. His dark, ethereal clothing or body is so dense and heavy that it holds him down. In the process of decomposition, the spiritual personality he had acquired during his progress through Creation is disintegrated. He dies the spiritual death and returns to mix with primordial seed.

Lucifer himself stands
outside material Creation, therefore has no part in the process of decomposition, which is the fate of the victims of his principle; — for Lucifer is eternal. He proceeds from a part of the region of Divine substance. His dissension with God took place after the Creation of matter had begun. He was sent forth to foster and to develop spiritual substance in the material world. But he neglected to carry out this mission according to the intentions of the Divine Creator, and chose methods other than those indicated by the Almighty. Actuated by the persuasion that he knew better (this conviction having come to him whilst he was working in matter) he misused the power delegated to him, and introduced the system of temptation in place of the system of support and help. This latter system is identical with the service of love. Service of love in the heavenly sense, which has nothing to do with the menial service of a slave, but service which has the spiritual ascent of his neighbour at heart, considering his eternal welfare before all else.

The system of temptation is identical with the setting of traps into which the unwary, when not quite steady, stumble, fall and are lost, whereas others, it is true, grow in strength and watchfulness, and finally bring forth splendid fruit and reach the highest heights. But weakness is doomed to destruction from the beginning. This method knows no benevolence, no pity; it is absolutely wanting in Divine Love, which is the most powerful incitement to rise and the strongest help there is.

The Bible story of the temptation of Adam and Eve typifies the effect of Lucifer's principle. The steadfastness of the pair was put to the test and, as soon as they began to vacillate, they were driven forth on to the road that leads to annihilation. Steadfastness would have been identical with glad subjection to the will of God, as expressed so plainly in the simple laws of nature. As they existed from the beginning of Creation, God's commands were well-known to this pair of human beings. Not to hesitate would have meant to accept and obey these laws, thus only can man make use of them as intended and dominate as lord in Creation. If not opposed, all the powers of nature will be his willing servants and will work independently for his benefit.

This is what is meant by obeying the Almighty's commands. All they purpose is to ensure that all possibilities of development in his glorious work should be encouraged and furthered. To do this is consciously to cooperate in the development of God's wonderful work.

He who refuses to do this is a hindrance, an obstacle, which must either be hewn into the right shape or be crushed to pieces in the wheels of the world's mechanism, i. e. the laws of Creation, and be destroyed. He who will not bend must break, as no stand-still may occur.

Lucifer refuses to be the Lord's gardener and wait for the plant gradually to grow strong and the fruit to ripen. He pitilessly uproots all that show signs of weakness. In the meantime, he has the greatest contempt for the victims who are beguiled by his temptations and who fall into the pitfalls he has dug for them; it is his wish that their weakness should destroy them.

Lucifer lays the snares and then loathes those caught in them, for they are disgusting to him in their depravity. The sight of their viciousness and corruption incenses him still more against them. They have proved themselves unworthy of love and encouragement and only fit for annihilation.

The natural result of the working of the principle of temptation is that man is enticed to lead a life utterly devoid of moral control. This life of unbridled passions strictly belongs to the lower regions of Darkness, but psycho-analysts allow, nay recommend, their adherents to give free play to their passions in their present life which they assure them will mature and liberate them. But what dreadful misery would and must ensue on earth if such a principle were put into practice. What harm and mischief!

Conditions on earth and those in the regions of Darkness are very different, for, there, only what is of similar nature is herded together, whereas on earth darker and lighter spirits live together. One need only consider sexual life. If such a principle, put into practice, were let loose on mankind, the earth would be but one Sodom and Gomorrah, from which there would be no escape, but only an awful ending.

Quite apart from this, one sees many victims of psycho-analytical treatment wandering about helplessly, their self-reliance and indeed all power of individual judgment picked to pieces and destroyed by those to whom they had turned, trusting to obtain help. They stand there, their clothing systematically torn from them, so as to oblige them to put on the borrowed garments handed to them. The denuded ones generally do not see why they should put on new clothes. Through the systematic intrusion into their intimate personal affairs and rights they have lost what upholds and preserves their self-respect,
viz.: the feeling of shame. Without shame there can be nothing individual, as shame is an integral part of personality.

A new building cannot be erected on such broken uneven ground. These unfortunate people lose their independence and become at times utterly helpless, having lost the slight prop that formerly upheld them.

The principle of allowing passions to run riot, uncontrolled, and the principle of testing character by temptation are closely allied, and the one naturally follows as the consequence of the other. This is how Lucifer proceeds.

The true physician of the soul does not pull down, he builds up, after having healed his patient. The right method is to transmute the patient's desires by instilling spiritual understanding. It was by practising this utterly loveless method, in opposition to the will of the Almighty, who is the Source of Love, that removed Lucifer further and further from God, and ended in his being cut off from celestial Light and cast into the abyss. Lucifer is one who has cut himself adrift from Light, which means he is an outcast from heaven. This casting out was inevitable, for God the Almighty has expressed his Holy Will in the primordial unchangeable laws. No alternative was possible.

In the material world Lucifer is allowed to practise his system of temptation to a certain extent, but there are very strict limits given in the Divine Laws as to what he may do and how far he may go, for God alone is the Almighty in heaven and on earth.

In pursuit of his erroneous principle Lucifer tempts man to take the dangerous road, but unless man himself decides to do so, Lucifer cannot in any way compel him.

In truth Lucifer can only lure. But man stands firmer in material Creation than he does. His position is not only more secure but also more powerful, so that Lucifer's influence is not irresistible. Every human being is so well protected, that it is a tenfold shame if he allows this power, which is so much less in degree, to overcome him. Man must reflect that Lucifer stands outside matter, whereas he, man, stands firmly rooted in familiar ground. To work his principle, Lucifer can only make use of his auxiliary troops, who are composed of human spirits who have succumbed to temptation.

The spirit of every man who strives upwards is not only fully equal to these, but is their superior. Provided that they do not find a willing ear to their enticements, which gives them a hold, a single effort of concentrated volition is enough to drive away a legion of them.

Lucifer would indeed be quite powerless if man would seek to know and to obey the primordial laws of the Creator, but unfortunately men encouraged Lucifer's methods more and more by their practices, and thus most of them will necessarily perish.

It is quite impossible that any human spirit could fight Lucifer; the different nature of their substance would prevent man approaching him. The human spirit can only approach or come in contact with those who have fallen, because they are of his own nature.

Only one whose origin was in the same sphere can approach this high and mighty spirit. Only such a one could get near enough; it needs an envoy, coming from the sphere of Divinity, inspired with the breath of God, armed with the holy fire of his mission and with perfect trust in the Source of all Power in the Almighty Himself. This task is what has been delegated to the Son of Man, whose advent has been proclaimed.

The combat will be personal, face to face, and not only general and symbolical, as many seekers in the traditions and prophecies would have it understood.

Thus the promise given in Parsifal will be fulfilled. The
Holy Spear of the legend expresses potency or power. Lucifer's principle is the wrong use of Divine power or in other words "the Holy Spear wielded in the wrong hand". In Lucifer's hand the Spear dealt a terrible and grievous wound to all spiritual substance — a wound that would not heal.

What happened is very aptly illustrated in the legend, for the injury appears like an open wound that does not heal.

When, after the personal combat between the Son of Man and Lucifer, the Spear has been wrested from Lucifer, it will be wielded in the right hand. It will carry out the Will of the Creator and heal the wound it formerly dealt. It will also put into practice the teaching of the Holy Grail which is founded on pure love united to strict justice.

Human souls, which in the beginning were unconscious germs, leaped like sparks over the boundary from the lowest region of spiritual substance into the material world, expecting that after their wandering through matter they would awaken to self-consciousness and would, when developed return to their starting point, the spiritual world. It is a process like that of the circulation of the blood. But Lucifer's method interrupts this circulating current, and diverts a great portion of it, so that much spiritual substance is lost. The circle cannot be closed and presents the spectacle of an open and exuding wound. When now the Holy Spear (i. e. Divine Power) is wielded by the
right hand, it will close this open wound, for it will carry out the Creator's Will and summoning all spiritual substance which permeates and animates matter, will point out the right way that leads to the celestial Kingdom of Light, to God the Father. So that it may no longer be lost but flow back to its origin, as the blood does to the heart. It is only the Spear that dealt the wound that can heal it.

First, however, the Spear must be wrenched from Lucifer and come into the right hand, and this takes place in the
personal combat between the Son of Man and Lucifer.

The further wrestling that takes place in the ethereal and material worlds, are but after-struggles, results of this great combat, in which Lucifer is bound and fettered, and the promised reign of a thousand years begins. It means extermination and utter overthrow of the results of Lucifer's methods and practices.

Lucifer is opposed to all the blessings of Divine Love which man enjoys during his progress through matter. If men would but simply strive for and cling to this Divine Love, they would be perfectly safe from every temptation that Lucifer could put in their way. His figure would be disrobed of all the terrors in which the imagination of man has clothed him.

The monstrous and hideous forms which man has erroneously given Lucifer are pure imagination. In truth no human eye has ever beheld him on account of the absolute difference in the nature of their constitution. Neither can man's physical eye behold him, although it is often able to see beings of the ethereal world, in this life on earth. Contrary to the general opinion, Lucifer is proud and beautiful, of unearthly beauty, of dark majesty, with clear, large blue eyes; their expression is of icy coldness, telling of the utter absence of love. He is not as so often affirmed, an idea, a conception, he is personal.

Man should learn to understand how it is that he can never step over the limit of his sphere, because of his constitution, because of the intrinsic property of his nature, not even in his thoughts, and that he can only get messages from beyond this limit by the Almighty's special grace. But these messages will not be transmitted by mediums, for these cannot change their nature, not even under supernatural conditions, nor can science convey them. Indeed chemistry has proved that the difference of substance, i.e. species, raises up insurmountable barriers. These are the primordial, everlasting laws that proceed from the Origin of all things and are to be found not only in Creation, but also outside it.