47. The Regions Of Light And Paradise

Brightest of light — Dazzling purity — A blissful sensation of having no weight! This says so much that it hardly seems necessary to add any illustrating details. The less inclination to what is base the ethereal body takes over with it, the less it longs for physical delights, the less dense and, therefore, the lighter it is. Being less dense and having less weight, it will speedily allow the spirit to rise to the lighter and less dense regions which correspond to it.

In the same measure as the spiritual body, fashioned by man's own volition, is purified and purged from all ignoble desires, it not only loses in weight but becomes porous in texture, that is to say, transparent, so that it appears luminous. The germ of luminous spiritual substance which dwells in every human soul is then able to shine forth through the outer covering, the ethereal body. In the lower regions, the latter was too dense too heavy it dimmed and hid the radiating germ.

Likewise, in these regions of Light, every human soul, in conformity with the nature of its ethereal body, will meet only its equals — those who think as it does. As only the really noble-minded and well-intentioned (those free from all ignoble passions) are capable of soaring, the noble soul will find only those who are on the same level with itself. That the dweller in such a region has no torments to suffer is only natural. He enjoys the blessings that radiate from the noble pure souls around him, each of them adding to and delighting in the general bliss. He can well say he is wandering in the fields of the blessed. Inspired by his surroundings, his joy in all that is glorious and sublime will always grow stronger and his ethereal body, thoroughly imbued by this sensation, will become more and more transparent, so that the bright light from the spirit within can break forth in increasing volume till, like a flame, it will burn up the last atom of the ethereal body. When that has fallen away, the human soul, having now become a perfect self-conscious individual, can cross the last barrier, the boundary-line into the Spiritual Kingdom.
Not till then can he enter the everlasting Paradise of God the Father.

It is just as impossible for a painter to depict the torments of Hell, as it is for him to describe the delights enjoyed in the regions of Light, although these both belong to what is transient.

Every attempt to describe or to illustrate that life in a picture would but lessen its glory and thus do more harm than good to mankind.