6. Fate

People talk about deserved and undeserved fate, reward and punishment, retribution and karma. All these are only partial names of a Law resting in Creation: the
Law of Reciprocal Action!

It is a Law that has been in all Creation from the very beginning, a Law that has been inextricably woven into the great, never-ending evolution as a necessary part of Creation itself and of development. Like a gigantic system of the finest nerve threads, it holds and animates the vast universe and promotes perpetual movement, an eternal give and take!

Simple and plain, yet so aptly, the great bringer of truth, Christ Jesus, has already said it,
“What a man sows, that shall he reap!”

The few words give the picture of the work and life in all Creation so brilliantly that it can hardly be said otherwise. Brazenly woven into being is the meaning of the words. Immovable, inviolable, incorruptible in its perpetual effect.

You can see it, if you
want to see! Begin by observing the surroundings now visible to you. What you call the Laws of Nature are the Divine Laws, the Will of the Creator. You will soon perceive how constantly they are in operation; for if you sow wheat you will not reap rye, and if you scatter rye you cannot grow rice. This is so self-evident to every man that he does not even think about what is actually happening. He is therefore not aware of the great and strict law that rests in it. And yet he is faced with the solution of a riddle which need not be a riddle to him.

The same law, which you are able to observe here, also takes effect with the same certainty and strength in the most delicate things, which you are only able to recognize through magnifying glasses, and still further in the ethereal part of the whole Creation, which is by far the greater. In every happening there lies unalterably, even in the most delicate development of your thoughts, which, after all, also have a certain materiality, since otherwise they would be unable to produce any effect.

How could you think that it should be different just where you would like it to be different? Your doubts are in reality nothing more than expressed inner desires!

In the whole of your visible and invisible existence it is no different than that every species brings forth the same species, regardless of the substance. In the same way, growth and development are perpetual, bearing fruit and giving birth to the same species. This process runs
uniformly through all things, makes no distinctions, leaves no gaps, does not stop at any other part of Creation, but carries its effects through like an unbreakable thread, without breaking or unravelling. Even though the greater part of mankind, in their limitation and conceit, have separated themselves from the Universe, the Divine or Natural Laws have not therefore ceased to regard them as belonging to it, and to continue to work calmly and evenly in an unchanged manner.

But the Law of Reciprocal Action also requires that man
must reap everything he sows, that is, where he gives the cause to an effect or impact!

Man has always only the free decision, the free decision at the beginning of every thing, as to where the All-Power flowing through him is to be directed, in what direction. The consequences of the direction in which the All-Power is to flow through him are always that he
must then bear the burden of the force actuated by the direction. Nevertheless, many people insist that man has no free will if he is subject to a destiny.

This folly is only for the purpose of self-stupefaction, or a resentful submission to something inevitable, a grumbling surrender, but chiefly a self-exculpation, for each of these effects falling back on him had a beginning, and in
this beginning the cause of the later effect lay in a preceding free decision of man. This free decision preceded every reciprocal action, that is, every fate! With a first will, man has each time produced, created, something in which he will later, sooner or later, have to live himself. When this takes place, however, is very different. It may be in the same earthly existence in which the first will created the beginning of it, but it may just as well happen in the Ethereal World after the gross material body has been laid aside, or still later again in a gross material earthly existence. The changes do not play any part in this; they do not free man from them. He carries the connecting threads with him all the time, until he is released from them, that is to say, “loosed” by the finite effect which takes place through the Law of Reciprocal Action.

The creator is bound to his own creation if he has also intended it for others!

If, therefore, a man today makes the decision to do some evil to another, whether in thought, word or deed, he has thereby “put something into the world,” regardless of whether it is visible generally or not, whether gross or subtle, it has force and therefore life in it, which will develop and operate in the desired direction.

How the effect is produced on the person to whom it is to be applied depends entirely on the spiritual state of the person concerned, to whom it may cause either great or small harm, or perhaps even harm different from that intended, or even no harm at all; for the spiritual state of the person concerned is again solely decisive for him himself. No one, therefore, is defenceless against such things.

It is different with him who, by his decision and his will, had given the cause for this movement, that is, who had been the producer. He was the creator, and his creation remained connected to him, and after a short or long journey through the universe, it returned to him, strengthened, like a bee laden by the attraction of like kind. The Law of Reciprocal Action is thereby triggered, in that each generation, in its movement through space, attracts various like species, or is itself attracted by such, through whose union a source of power then arises, which sends back amplified force of the same kind, as if from a central point, to all those who are connected by their generations, as if by cords, to the gathering place.

Through this reinforcement, an ever-increasing condensation occurs, until at last a gross material precipitation is formed, in which the former producer must now live out himself in the way he willed at the time, in order to be liberated from it at last.
This is the origin and development of the so dreaded and misunderstood fate! It is just down to the smallest and finest gradation, because, by attracting only the same species, it can never bring about in the return radiation anything other than what it really originally willed itself. Whether for a particular other or in general is indifferent; for the same course of development naturally follows when man does not necessarily direct his thought to another person or to several, but lives in any kind of thought.

The kind of thought he chooses is decisive for the fruits he must reap in the end. Thus countless subtle threads hang on man, or he on them, all of which let flow back to him whatever he once earnestly willed. These currents produce a brew which has a permanent and powerful influence on the formation of character.

Thus in the vast machinery of the Universe there are many things which contribute to the “evolution” of man, but there is nothing to which man himself has not first given the cause. He supplies the threads from which the coat he has to wear is made in the tireless loom of being.

Christ clearly and sharply expressed the same thing when He said,
Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”. He did not say, “may” he reap, but he “will”. That is the same as he must reap what he sows.

How often do you hear otherwise very reasonable people say, “That God would allow such a thing is beyond me!”

But it is incomprehensible that men can speak such things. How small they imagine God to be according to this utterance. They thus give proof that they think of Him as an “
arbitrarily acting God”.

But God does not directly intervene in all these small and great troubles of man, wars, misery, and what is more earthly. From the beginning He has woven into Creation His perfect Laws, which automatically carry out their incorruptible work so that everything is fulfilled to a hair’s breadth, eternally the same, whereby favouritism is just as impossible as a disadvantage, and every injustice remains impossible. God, therefore, does not need to be particularly concerned about this; His work is complete.

One of the chief faults of so many people is that they judge only by the material world and regard themselves as the centre of it, and reckon with
one life on earth, whereas in reality they have already passed through several earthly lives. These as well as the intervening periods in the Ethereal World are regarded as a unified being, through which the threads are pulled taut without breaking, so that, therefore, only a small part of these threads becomes visible in the effects of a respective earthly existence. It is therefore a great error to believe that with birth a completely new life begins, that a child is then “innocent”, and that all events may be calculated only on the short earthly existence. If this were true, then of course, if justice existed, causes, effects, and repercussions would have to fall within on the span of one earthly existence.

Turn away from this error. You will then quickly discover the logic and justice in all events, which is now so often missed!

Many are frightened by this and are afraid of what they will have to face under these Laws in the repercussions from earlier times.

But these are unnecessary worries for those who are serious about good will;
for in the self-acting laws lies at the same time the sure guarantee of grace and forgiveness!

Quite apart from the fact that, with the firm setting in of the good will, a limit is at once set for the point where the chain of evil repercussions must reach an end, another process comes into operation which is of immense value. Through the constant good will in all thought and action, constant reinforcement also flows retroactively from the like source of power, so that the good becomes firmer and firmer in the man himself, emerges from him, and first of all forms the ethereal surroundings accordingly, like a protective shell, similar to the way the layer of air around the earth protects it.

If now evil repercussions from before come back to this person for release, they slide off the purity of his surroundings or shell and are thus diverted from him.

But if they nevertheless penetrate this envelope, the evil radiations are either immediately disintegrated or considerably weakened, so that the harmful effect cannot take place at all or only to a very small extent.

In addition, as a result of the transformation that has taken place, the actual inner man, to whom the return radiations are attuned, has also become much more refined and lighter, with the persistent striving towards the good will, so that he no longer faces the greater density of evil or lower currents in the same way. Similarly with wireless telegraphy, if the receiving apparatus is not adjusted to the strength of the transmitting apparatus.

The natural consequence of this is that the denser currents, because they are different, cannot get stuck and pass through without causing any damage.

Therefore, without delay, get to work! The Creator has placed everything in your hands in Creation. Use the time! Every moment holds for you ruin or profit!