60. The Son Of Man

Since the crime against the Son of God, the bringer of truth, Jesus of Nazareth, it has weighed like a curse on humanity that it did not recognize the most important prophecy of this greatest of all prophecies, and that it still stands there unaware, as if with a thick blindfold over its eyes. The terrible consequence of this will be that a large part of mankind will stagger past the only possibility of their salvation from being rejected, towards annihilation.

This is the prophecy of the coming of the Son of Man, which the Son of God gave as a star of hope and yet also a serious warning under the constant attacks of the masses, who standing in darkness naturally had to hate the Bringer of Truth. The same wave of misguided feelings and thoughts which at that time did not allow the Son of God to be recognized as such, confused the understanding for the importance of this proclamation already at the time of its inception. The human spirit was too darkened, far too much taken up with itself, to be able to receive such high messages from God undistorted. Messages that came from a height above its own circle of origin slipped past the ear without impression. Understanding would have required faith of conscious conviction, of which even the followers were not capable at that time. The ground on which the words of the Saviour fell was still too wildly overgrown. In addition, the tremendous experiences and mental shocks of the Saviour's surroundings were concentrated in only a few years, so that everything had to be concentrated on his person emotionally in such a way that his speaking was not noticed as such by another person in the distant future, but was also interwoven with himself again.

Thus the error has persisted in people's perception to this day, because the unbelievers did not care about the Words of the Saviour, but the believers forcibly suppressed any serious, critical examination of the traditions precisely out of their faithfulness, in Holy Fear of not being allowed to offend these Words of the Saviour. But they overlooked the fact that these were not His own Original Words, but only traditions that were written down long after His death on earth. As a result, however, they were naturally subject to the unconscious changes of human intellect and human, personal opinion. There is certainly a greatness in this reverent preservation of purely human tradition, and therefore no reproach should be levelled at it.

All this, however, does not prevent the inhibiting consequences of an incorrect view that has arisen in it through erroneous tradition, since the Laws of Reciprocal Action cannot be overturned even in this case. Even if, in the release of the human spirit, they only have the effect of inhibiting the further ascent, it still means a fatal standstill and no progress as long as the liberating Word of clarification cannot come alive in them.

He who believes in the Son of God and His Words and has brought them to life in himself, thus carries them in himself in the correct interpretation and acts accordingly, need not, of course, wait for the promised Son of Man, since he has nothing else to bring than what the Son of God has already brought. But the prerequisite for this is that he has
really understood the Words of the Son of God and does not stubbornly cling to erroneous traditions. If he has bound himself to errors somewhere, then he will not be able to complete his ascent until he receives enlightenment, which was reserved for the Son of Man, because the limited human spirit is not alone capable of detaching itself from the creepers which now densely grow around the truth.

Jesus described the coming of the Son of Man as the last possibility of salvation and also pointed out that with this the Judgement will come in with it, so that those who even then do not want to, or in other words, through their own stubbornness or indolence are not prepared to accept enlightenment, must be finally rejected. The conclusion to be drawn from this is that there will be no further possibility of reconsidering and deciding. It is also unmistakably the announcement of a hard attack, which brings the end to a long wait. This in turn testifies to the coming struggle of the Light against all darkness, which must end with the violent destruction of all darkness.

That such things take place according to human expectations, desires and concepts it cannot be assumed, for all previous events speak against it. Never in the past has the human sense shown itself to be at one with the effects of Divine Will. Reality has always been different from people's imagination, and it was only long afterwards that the realization of what had happened sometimes slowly emerge. This time, no change is to be hoped for either, since people’s sense and their views have not gained anything compared to before but, on the contrary, have become much more “real”.

The Son of Man! A veil still lies over Him and His time. Even if in many a spirit an unclear anticipation awakens, a longing for the day of His coming, many a longing will probably pass by Him unaware, not wanting to know Him, because the expectation of Him simulated a different fulfilment. It is very difficult for man to come to terms with the thought that the Divine on earth cannot be outwardly different from man himself, obeying the Law of God. He wants to see the Divine only supernaturally, and yet, unfortunately, he has already chained himself in such a way that he would not be able to see the supernatural
properly, much less to bear it. But that is not necessary at all!

The human being who seeks God’s Will in the Natural Laws of all Creation will soon recognize it in them, and finally know that divine things can only come to him in the ways of these immutable Laws, not otherwise. As a result, he will become alert and carefully examine everything he encounters in it, but only with regard to the
Divine Laws, not according to human perception. Thus he will also recognize at the right hour the one who brings him deliverance in the Word. Through his own examination of what has been brought, not through the clamour of the masses.

Every thinking person will have already come to the conclusion that the Son of God and the Son of Man cannot be one! The difference is clearly expressed in the words themselves.

The Pure Divinity of the Son of God, during His Mission and Incarnation, naturally also carried within itself, precisely through Pure Divinity,
the condition of becoming one again with Divinity. By the very nature of the matter, it is not possible otherwise. This is also confirmed by the references of the Son of God Himself to His “becoming one again with the Father”, the expression of His “going back to the Father”. Accordingly, the Mission of the Son of God as mediator between the Godhead and Creation had to have a limited duration. The Son of God, who, being purely Divine, must necessarily be drawn back again to the Divine Origin by the attraction of the stronger species, and who, after discarding all external Divinity clinging to Him, is compelled to remain there, could not therefore remain an Eternal Mediator between the Godhead and Creation with humanity. Thus, with the return of the Son of God to the Father, a new gulf would have arisen and the mediator between Pure Divinity and Creation would have been missing again. The Son of God Himself announced to humanity the coming of the Son of Man, who would then remain the Eternal Mediator between the Divine and the Creation. Therein lies the the Creator's tremendous Love for His Creation.

The difference between the Son of Man and the Son of God lies in the fact that although the Son of Man was born of the purely Divine, He was at the same time united with the Conscious-Spiritual, so that He stands as with one foot in the Divine and with the other in the highest Conscious-Spiritual at the same time. He is a part of
each and thus forms the imperishable Bridge between the Divine and the summit of Creation. This connection, however, brings with it the command to remain separate from the Pure Divine, which nevertheless permits, even conditions, entry into the Divine.

The spiritual addition to the Divine only prevents a reinstatement, which would otherwise be inevitable. That this is a renewed sacrifice of Love by the Creator, and the fulfilment of a promise of such greatness as only God Himself can give and fulfil, humanity will hardly ever grasp. This is the difference between the Son of God and the Son of Man.
This also justifies the designation Son of Man, for in Him a twin birth took place, on the one hand as a Son from the Divine, and on the other hand as a Son from the Conscious-Spiritual, from whose unconscious offshoots the germ of the human spirit originates.

The Mission of the Son of Man is the continuation and completion of the Mission of the Son of God, since the Mission of the Son of God could only be a temporary one. Therefore, with the continuation in the completion, it is at the same time a
fortification of the same.

While the Son of God was born directly into His earthly Mission, the course of the Son of Man had to pass through a far wider circle before He could enter into the beginning of His actual Mission. As a condition for the fulfilment of His task, which was also more earthly in relation to the Son of God, He had to pass through the deepest depths, coming from the highest Heights. Not only in the Beyond, but also on Earth, in order to be able to “experience” all the pain, all the suffering of humanity in Himself. Only in this way was He able, when His hour came, to intervene effectively in the shortcomings and to bring about a helpful change. For this reason, He was not allowed to stand beside the experience of humanity, but had to be in the midst of it through His own experience of the bitter sides, and also suffer from them. Again, it was only for the sake of humanity that this period of His teaching had to proceed. But precisely this, because such Higher Guidance remains incomprehensible to the human spirit in its limitation, and it is only capable of judging by outward appearances, is what one will try to reproach Him with, in order to make His task more difficult for Him too, as it was for Christ of His time. Precisely what He had to suffer for the sake of mankind in order to recognize the most sore points of error, what He thus suffered or came to know through experience for the later good of mankind, they will want to use as a stone to strike Him with in rising hatred, fanned by the darkness trembling in fear of annihilation.

That such an unbelievable thing can happen again, in spite of the experiences of the Son of God’s sojourn on earth is not inexplicable, because in reality more than half of the human beings presently on earth do not belong to here at all, but are supposed to be maturing in much deeper and darker regions! The reason for this is only to be found in the permanent spiritual decline in the prevalence of the slaves of their own tool of limited intellect. The limited intellect, as sole ruler, will always promote everything material only as purely earthly, and thus also bring about the ensuing evil side-effects. The consequent decline of higher understanding formed a breach that reached a hand downwards on which souls could climb up for incarnation which otherwise, in their spiritual heaviness, could never have reached the surface of the earth through dense darkness. Above all, it is also the pure animal sensations during procreation, as well as the other striving for earthly pleasures, which for centuries in immoral times have been working towards the inferior souls being able to climb up. Then they constantly circle the expectant mothers and come to incarnation on occasion, because before the darkness all light has so far voluntarily retreated in order not to be defiled.

Thus it could gradually happen that the earth’s ethereal surroundings became ever denser and darker and thus also heavier, of such heaviness that even the gross material earth itself is kept away from a path which would be more accessible to higher spiritual influences. And since the majority of all incarnates actually belong to regions which lie much lower than the earth itself, there will therefore only be Divine Justice in the fact that such souls are swept away in order to sink back to where they actually belong, where, in view of their unconditional homogeneity, they will no longer have any opportunity to burden themselves with new guilt, and thus better face an ascending change in the suffering of their sphere.

It is not human will that will be able to choose the God-sent Son of Man, but God’s Force shall lift him up at the hour when humanity helplessly whimpers for salvation. Then insults will fall silent as horror closes such mouths, and all gifts will be willingly accepted which the Creator offers to the creatures through Him. But he who will not receive them from Him will be cast out for all eternity.