62. The Sexual Force And Its Significance For Spiritual Advancement

I would again point out that all life in Creation is of two kinds; unconscious life and conscious life. Unconscious life develops and advances to be conscious. Not till it becomes conscious does, what we call, the form of man take the likeness of the Creator. As the form of man gradually evolves he gradually becomes conscious.

Original Creation, which stands next in order to Divine substance, is spiritual and is peopled by the first or originally created conscious spiritual beings. Besides these
conscious spiritual beings there is unconscious spirit. Unconscious spirit has the same qualities as the conscious and naturally feels an instinctive impulse to develop consciousness.

When this instinctive impulse reaches a certain degree of intensity a process somewhat similar to birth on earth takes place. When we look around us we see how physical matter automatically throws off the ripe fruit in man and beast. It is the same with a tree and its fruit. It is a repetition of a process of development after the order established in Original Creation, which is called

There, likewise, at a certain stage of maturity unconscious spiritual substance (striving to become conscious) is automatically cast off, i.e. severed from the unconscious. It is these cast off,
ejected particles of spirit that form the spirit- germs of men.

That is the process illustrated in the Bible by the expulsion from Paradise.

This process is necessary, for unconscious spirit is irresponsible, and responsibility goes hand in hand with growing consciousness.

As the spirit in striving to become self-conscious must be severed, this is
progression, not retrogression.

It is natural that when these germs are cut adrift, they must, to develop further, take the road downwards, as the next step upwards is perfection itself. They must enter the heavier, denser sphere below them: the sphere of natural substance (animism), where there is nothing spiritual.

Here, the germ, seeking consciousness, finds itself in entirely strange surroundings of a different consistency. The spirit feels naked and uncovered in the density of this sphere, and it becomes necessary for it to provide itself with a covering of the same density if it is to stay there and achieve something. It is metaphorically stated in the Bible, how man in his pursuit of knowledge felt the want to cover his nakedness. Besides this, it was a necessary step on his road.

The germ of the developing human spirit now proceeds on the path which leads it into the realm of material substance; here, again, a covering of the denser consistency it enters forms around it. Now it has come to the boundary-line between the invisible, psychic matter of the transcendental world and the denser, visible matter of the physical world.

This, our earth, is the place where all that Creation embraces meets; all created beings, however separate, and divergent their nature may be, all threads, all roads converge to this earth as a common centre. Here they enter into new combinations and achieve new results; they send mighty currents of strength out into space such as come from no other part of the material world.

As every species, kind and race of things created, can unite here through the medium of physical matter, this earth is a veritable hot-bed of the most dissimilar and various happenings and experiences. But note, it is only an assemblage of things
created that takes place and nothing whatever appertaining to the Holy Spirit or to Divinity. That stands far beyond and above Creation.

When the spirit-germ, as yet unfettered and innocent of all sin, comes to the threshold of ethereal substance, it is met by vibrations which tell it of the life it is approaching. It is environed by these influences. They tempt it, but at the same time awaken its self-consciousness and help to develop it.

Standing on the threshold, as yet unversed and unsullied, the spirit-germ is all the more impressed and the wish arises in it to become nearer acquainted with these things. As soon as it forms such a wish the spirit-germ connects itself, of its own free will, with one of these vibrations, be it good or bad. It thus immediately comes under the influence of the law of attraction and is drawn to homogeneous species stronger than itself, and to a region where, what it desired is still more coveted, still more esteemed, and exercises still greater attraction.

This inner craving immediately condenses its ethereal body or rather covering; it becomes heavier, and gravitation causes it to sink further and further and finally lands it in dense physical matter, for it is only here, on earth, that its desire can be granted, and that it can fully experience what it wished for. It was from its wish to proceed from nipping to tasting, from tasting to enjoying earth's pleasures that it was pushed onwards; the more ardently the awakening spirit wishes for material pleasure, the denser grows its ethereal covering and its greater weight gradually draws it down to the plane of earth. When it has come so far, it is sufficiently mature to incarnate.

The law of attraction now manifests itself more conspicuously than before, and the aspiring, as yet still undeveloped spirit is magnetically attracted to human beings who are realising what he wishes to realise and who are practising what he wishes to practise.

If, for example, he had the wish to rule, he is not, be it observed, born into circumstances where he can indulge his wish, but he is attracted to a human being who has the lust of ruling,
viz. to one who thinks and feels as he does, and so on. In this way he can, in part, atone for wrong wishes or can be made happy by having wished rightly and wisely; at least he is given the opportunity to do so.

This demonstrates the fact that the prevailing idea that peculiarities of character or spiritual gifts are inherited is
entirely wrong. It may outwardly appear as if it were so, but in truth no man can bequeath any part of his living spirit to his child. There is no such thing as spiritual inheritance! To believe the contrary is a well-established, popular error that has cast its mischievous and confusing teaching abroad. A child need not thank its parents for its spiritual gifts, nor may it reproach them for its defects. To do so would be unjust and deserve punishment. The perfect laws would never allow such an arbitrary process as the inheritance of spiritual gifts.

The magnetic attraction which has lured the child may have come from the father or from the mother or from some person in the immediate neighbourhood of the pregnant woman.
For this reason the latter ought to be very careful whom she allows to linger around her. Attention must be paid to the fact that it is not the outward character, but the inner weakness of man that has the effect of strength; periods of weakness produce experience and inner life which call forth powerful attraction.

There are three stages on the passage of the spirit germ from the invisible world to earth: procreation, incarnation, and birth. The incarnation of a soul takes place about the middle of pregnancy. During the time they are maturing, both the prospective mother and the soul preparing for incarnation form a connecting link. It is an emanation produced by the process of maturation. It produces a striving to unite which increases in intensity till, at the appointed time, the developing body in the womb absorbs the soul. The moment of absorption is naturally accompanied by movements in the little body, the first movements of the child. At this time there is often a change in the feelings and disposition of the mother. This is owing to the character of the human soul which has taken up its abode in her. It either delights or oppresses her.

With its little body, the human soul has donned the garb of physical matter which it needs to enable it fully to experience, to hear, to see, and to feel things material, which it can only do in a body of the same kind of substance. Now the time has come for it to proceed from
nipping at what attracted it, to tasting it. It learns to discriminate, but first the soul, naturally, must learn to handle the new tool it has received and make it subservient to its wishes.

This, in a few words, is the process of man's development till his first birth on earth.

It is a long, long time since a first incarnation took place on this globe. This is no longer feasible. Latterly only souls incarnate who have been at least once on earth before. Thus those who now incarnate are burdened with much and diverse Karma.
The possibility of freeing themselves and working Karma off they find in the energy that generative power gives them.

During childhood the human soul is isolated by its dense physical body from all influences striving to reach it from outside. All that is dark and evil finds the way to the soul debarred, thus it cannot influence or harm the child. But the evil brought over from the former incarnation remains with it during childhood.

Until the child is developed and matured it is protected by being shut off; it is as if the soul were living in a fortress with the drawbridge up; an impassable gulf yawns between the child and the ethereal material world from where the vibrations of sin and its atonement proceed. The soul, safely housed in its dense body, meanwhile prepares for the moment when the drawbridge will be let down and it can go forth into the world, a fully developed responsible being. The Creator's natural laws decree that every creature should be gifted with the
imitative instinct to take the place of free will in cases where this has not yet been awakened. It is generally spoken of as the “receptivity of youth”. The imitative instinct is the preliminary training in the development of the creature for its life on earth, till in the case of animals it has been enriched and reinforced by experience and in the case of men uplifted by the spirit of free will to self-conscious activity.

When sex-power has come to maturity it forms a bridge to radiation and this is missing in the spirit incarnated in the child's body. To become an efficient and successful worker in Creation, man needs the possibility of constant and uninterrupted
radiation from all species in Creation. For only radiation is life and all activity is radiation.

A child can only influence on its surroundings by its animistic body, not by its spiritual core, therefore, during childhood it has but little more responsibility towards the laws of Creation than an animal at the highest grade of its development.

During the period that the young body is growing and maturing, generative power which is only to be found in dense physical matter gradually awakens in him. This power is the finest and noblest flower, the crowning achievement of Creation in dense physical matter which comes nearest to natural substance, because it is the outermost branch of matter. It is the pulsating life in matter that alone has the power to bridge over the gulf to the Kingdom of Nature, which in itself acts as intermediary to the spiritual sphere.

Generative power lets down the drawbridge of the fortress and the human soul steps forth fully caparisoned. But at the same time friends and foes are waiting outside, and these now can enter. In the first place these friends and foes are influences both good and bad, but there are also spirits of both kinds from the outside world who are only waiting for the soul to express some wish by which a hand is held out to them enabling them to approach; as soon as this happens they firmly attach themselves to the soul and, by their influence, encourage and strengthen the wish.

But the just laws of the merciful Creator do not allow temptations from without to be stronger than the power of resistance within, so that an unequal contest is out of the question. But the laws must not be sinned against. To arouse the generative power before its time by artificial means is sinning against nature; it would open the strong fortress and the soul, as yet immature, would be exposed and endangered. It would succumb to evil influence which it could otherwise easily have routed.

In normal circumstances the forces on both sides are of equal strength, but the issue of the struggle is decided by the dweller in the fortress and not by the besiegers. Thus, provided his will is pure, the owner of the fortress will always be the victor. Although the average man, during his earth-life cannot perceive what is going on in the invisible world, still it is closely connected with him and really much more alive than are his physical surroundings.

But where the inmate of the fortress
of his own free will stretches out a hand to one of the besiegers, whether friend, foe, or influence, the case is different. His wish voluntarily accommodates itself to some outside influence and this gives it tenfold and a hundredfold more power to assail him.

If the influence is good it helps him and brings him a blessing; if evil, a curse. He has the option and can choose as he pleases, but when he has once decided he must abide by the consequences. Here his will is no longer
free. By his own doing he has incurred good or bad Karma and is subject to this till he changes.

Generative power has the mission and the ability to send
a glow through all the soul. By its means the spirit comes into intimate contact with the whole complexity of physical matter and thus attains its full value. Not till then does it comprise all that is necessary for it to make its way and establish a footing in the world where it can entrench itself securely and from where it can successfully resist the enemy.

There is something grand in this union. The principal purpose of this enigmatical, natural instinct is to help the spirit to develop its full power and activity in matter. Otherwise the spirit would be too detached to be able to influence matter in any way.

Generative Power gives the human spirit the warmth and the life it needs to fight the soul's battles upon earth, and from the time it is thus equipped
it is fully responsible for its deeds. This is a grave turning-point in every human life. Man will now feel a natural impulse to get rid of the Karma he has burdened himself with, and the Almighty Creator in His Wisdom and Justice will make it possible for him to do so easily and without effort.

If man lets the time go past and misses profiting by these opportunities it is his own fault. Consider a moment: when generative power awakens, a mighty impetus is given to all that is ideal, beautiful and pure. This shows itself very noticeably in unspoiled youth of both sexes, and it is to be regretted that the enthusiasms of the young at this period are often smiled at by their elders. The fits of unexplained melancholy that also occur at this time come from the same cause.

There are times in which it would appear as if the youth or maiden were burdened with the sorrows of the whole world.

They seem oppressed by dark and dismal thoughts; they feel themselves misunderstood, and this with all reason; for, from time to time, there come moments when they recognise and are fully aware of the false setting of the world around them. The others cannot and will not sympathise with their wish to soar upwards to a purer region, and these latter will not rest until they have silenced the warning voice in the developing young soul and have succeeded in dragging it down to their own commonplace and insipid way of thinking, which, in their narrow-mindedness, they consider more suitable for a normal human being.

The charm one feels, but cannot explain, which radiates from unspoilt youth or maiden, is but budding generative power which in cooperation with the spiritual power strives for the highest ideals.

The all-wise Creator has carefully provided that this awakening should not take place in a man till he is old enough to be fully conscious of what he wants and of what he does. Then is the time when it is possible for him easily to cast off all the burdens of the past. Indeed the burdens will fall off of their own accord if the man persists in striving for righteousness, the direction in which he is constantly impelled during this period. Then without effort he can rise to the step on which man ought to stand.

Notice the day-dreams of these as yet unspoiled youths and maidens! They are inwardly longing to be released from the corrupt world they are in; they are ardently yearning for the ideal. Their restlessness is their inner voice warning them not to tarry but to arise, cast Karma aside and start on an upward course. There is something grand in this serried
body of energy, to stand in it and to be able to operate with it! But this only as long as man chooses the right direction. Nothing is more pitiable and contemptible than to waste and squander it in wild sensual revelries thus crippling the spirit. Unfortunately man does not often avail himself of this precious time of transition, he lets himself be led astray by the wiseacres around him and prefers to take the downward path which leads to destruction; there the evil he is already burdened with receives fresh nourishment; his free will becomes more and more curtailed by counter-influences till it is hardly recognisable as free will. The creeper that first clings to the healthy trunk for support in time cuts off the tree's life and chokes it, so it is with free will when man is on the wrong path.

If man would pay more attention to himself and to the happenings in the world, no Karma could thwart his will as soon as his spirit and his generative power have established themselves firmly as master on the physical plane, for Karma belongs to matter.

Even when man has missed this opportunity and has further entangled himself and sunk lower, another opportunity is offered him to rise — in

Not the impure love of the flesh, but that pure unselfish love which has no other thought but for the welfare of the beloved one. This love also belongs to the material plane and it requires no renunciation, no asceticism, but it invariably strives for the welfare of the other. This constant and unselfish purpose is the best protection against swerving aside.

The essential principle of real love lies in longing for the ideal and this love may animate a man advanced in years in the same way as a youth just come to maturity. Only it expresses itself differently. In the man of riper years this love works him up to such a pitch of enthusiasm that he is capable of heroic actions. Herein no limit is set as to age. Generative power remains, although sexual instinct is silenced, for the two are not identical.

As soon as man feels true, unselfish love, whether this love be between man and wife, parents and children, or between friends, if it be but pure it brings the inestimable blessing with it of enabling the person who feels this love to get rid of Karma. That this can be done at little cost, has been fully explained in the lecture on

Karma thus loses its power and its hold on the man, for it has no ground left to stand on; and he can cast off the unworthy fetters which kept him down, and is free to rise.

The first sensation this love awakens is the feeling of being unworthy of the one beloved. This is the beginning of modesty and humility, and here two great virtues have been acquired by him. His next sensation is the impulse to hold his hands protectingly over the other, so that no harm might befall him. This evidences self-sacrifice and a strong desire to serve, which alone would be sufficient to cast off all Karma in a short time, provided that his intention remains constant and his love pure. And finally comes the intense wish to do something great and noble for the loved one's sake, and never to offend him in any way by looks, thoughts, words, and much less by deeds, but by always showing him the most delicate consideration.

It is of paramount importance to keep this love
pure, to put its purity above and before all else. With such love in his heart no man will think or do any evil; it would be impossible. On the contrary such love will be his best protector, will give him strength and be his best adviser and helper.

The Almighty in His Wisdom gives every man more than one chance in his life to save himself in this way. This help is at the disposal of every one; no difference is made in person, age or sex, whether the man be rich or poor, of noble birth or not, this life-belt is thrown out to him. Hence love is the greatest of God's gifts. He who is capable of this love is safe from all misery and danger.

Like the whirlwind, love can seize and lift him up to the Light, to God who is Love Itself.

When love awakens and impels a man to make another happy and joyful, not to lower him by impure desire, but to raise and protect him, he is serving him without being conscious of serving him, for is he not the unselfish
giver? Still it is serving, and by this service he frees himself from bondage.

Take heed of one thing, for it will show you the way: all men have one strong desire in common, it is to
be in reality what they appear to be, what they are in the eyes of those that love them. This is the right way, and leads straight upwards.

Many opportunities are given to men to pull themselves together and to climb upwards, but they do not avail themselves of these.

The man of today is like a man to whom a kingdom is given, but who prefers to waste his time in playing with a child's toys.

It is quite plain and obvious that the mighty powers which are given to man must destroy him if he is not able to master them.

Thus also sexual power must destroy individuals and nations, if
the principle object for which it is intended is neglected and its use abused. Its function for the purpose of procreation comes on the second place. How wonderful is the assistance that sexual power affords to man, that he may recognise his principal task and live for it!

The feeling of physical shame awakens at the same time as sexual power, and is given as a
protection. Here as everywhere in Creation there is a triad, and in descending, things become denser and coarser.

The feeling of physical shame is intended to form an impediment between generative power and indulging sexual instinct, so that man should not descend from the dignified rank assigned to him and indulge his instincts indiscriminately like an animal.
Woe to the people who disregard this!

A strong feeling of shame provides against the possibility of a man losing his self-control in gratifying his sexual desires, and against all excess in passion by not allowing him to forget himself for a moment.

It could only be of his own free will that man could rid himself of this precious gift and behave like a brute beast, and such forcible interference in the Divine Order of things will bring a curse on him.

Where the feeling of shame is lacking man becomes the slave instead of being the master; he falls from man's estate far below the brute.

Let man consider: a strong feeling of shame alone will preclude all possibility of stumbling, and is thus the strongest shield.

The more intense this feeling of
shame, the nobler is the passion and the higher the man stands spiritually. Indeed it is the true and reliable measure of his inner spiritual worth. It is an absolutely reliable measure evident to every man. In suppressing or discouraging this feeling of shame people destroy their inner value and choke the finer feelings of their souls.

And they do this under the pretext of progress, pretending that progress is incompatible with modesty, and thus, in the interest of sport, hygiene, fashion, children's education, and other matters they find welcome excuses for indulging in their shamelessness. Such degenerate principles are the sure sign that these people are on the road to ruin; their fall is inevitable. It could only be some terrible catastrophe or panic befalling them that might bring some few individuals to their senses.

And yet it has been made so easy for man to find the right path by which to climb up.

All he has to do is to become more
natural. To be natural is to listen attentively to the warnings of the inner voice and not to disregard them for the sake of being fashionable. To be natural does not mean to run about half-naked or disport yourself barefoot in eccentric clothing!

Unfortunately more than half of all men living at the present time, have fallen so far that they are too dull to understand natural feelings. Their moral sense seems to have shrivelled up and is wasting away. What shrieks of terror will resound when the end comes! Happy is he who can then reawaken his feeling of shame. It will be a sure staff and stay to protect him when the rest breaks down.