68. Different Aspects Of Clairvoyance

For a long time I hesitated to answer the different questions addressed to me on the subject of Clairvoyance.

Attentive readers of my Message ought to be sufficiently well informed to need no further instruction on this subject, that is to say, provided the Message has not been read as a pastime or from a prejudiced point of view, but with serious intentness. The reader must imbibe and digest its teaching and take in the deep meaning of every sentence, recognising its individual importance as well as its importance in connection with the whole. To take this trouble is a condition imposed on the reader; his mental and spiritual qualities must be wide awake and all superficial reading automatically excluded.

I have repeatedly pointed out that only units belonging to the same species (speaking cosmically) can recognise each other.

Classifying these species in their natural order from the lowest upwards, we have: species of gross physical substance, that of fine ethereal substance, of natural substance (animism) and, as highest, spiritual substance. Besides this in each class there are many finely differentiated grades, so that one is in danger of mistaking the higher grades of physical matter for the lowest and heaviest grades of ethereal matter. Nor is the transition abrupt from one grade to another: on the contrary, they melt into one another almost imperceptibly.

On each grade (step) life manifests itself in a different manner. Man has a veil or covering of each of the species or grades below the spiritual, for his core (kernel) is spirit. Each covering represents a body. Hence man is a spirit which, in developing consciousness, has taken human shape. The nearer development approaches the Light, the more idealised this shape becomes till it attains perfect beauty, but if development proceeds in a downward direction, it has the opposite effect and produces grotesque deformities. To avoid misconception, I will specially mention that the external, physical body is not subject to this development. Its span of life is too short and it only undergoes insignificant changes.

Man, therefore, in his physical body on earth is at the same time clothed in a body of each of the species mentioned above, and each of these bodies has its own separate organs of sense. His physical organs for instance can only serve him on his own plane or grade. Should they be exceptionally finely developed, they might at best permit him to see as far as a higher grade of gross matter, man call
astral, but even those who introduced this term had no conception of what it means, still less those who repeat it. I make use of the word because it is generally known. Like other terms used by occult investigators astral serves as a collective name for what one knows and feels exists, but what one cannot understand or rightly explain. The mass of pseudo-knowledge that occultists have collected up till now, is but a labyrinth of ignorance, a veritable rubbish heap constructed by men not competent to deal with these subjects, consisting of the presumptuous pretensions of their intellectual thought. Nevertheless I will retain this word as it is so frequently used. What man, however, understands by astral is merely a higher, lighter grade of gross matter and is not even a part of ethereal matter.

The self-opinionated and conceited investigators in this field of research have not yet lifted themselves above gross matter, and are still on the lowest level of the phenomena of Subsequent Creation, and for that reason like to make use of high-sounding phrases. What they see is not transmitted to them by ethereal sight, their vision is simply the impression their physical eyes have received on the transitory stage to ethereal sight. One could call this preparatory or semi-intuitive sight.

When a man dies, he lays aside his physical body with its organs of sense. Death in the mundane sense is only the stripping off of the outer covering or shell which enabled the man to see and to act on the physical plane. As soon as he has cast aside his physical vessel, he stands in what is called the other world, or better still the realm of ethereal matter. Here he can only command the senses of the body which has now become his outer shell or covering. He sees with the eyes and hears with the ears of his fine material body.

It is natural that the human spirit on entering upon this new life, must learn to use the senses of his new body of ethereal matter which has suddenly been called upon to play an active role, as in former times he had to learn to use the senses of his physical body. But the new, lighter matter is not so awkward or so clumsy, so he can learn to use these organs faster and more easily. The same process is repeated in every case of transition from one form of existence to another.

It is to help the spirit to get naturalised in its new surroundings on the next grade that this
intermediate intuitive sight has been given to him. Thus under exceptional circumstances and special physical conditions, the physical sight sees what is on the intermediate plane and likewise the sight of the ethereal body during its early days can look back on the plane where it joins the vision of the physical eye. This possibility is a certain comfort to the soul on its transit, for it will not feel so utterly helpless and lost. This is the same with every transition from one grade to another.

Currents of strong magnetic, cohesive power are sent forth from natural substance to prevent impassable gulfs from separating one grade from another and to hold them together, for two different species of substance can never intermingle.

When man's spirit has passed through all the subdivisions of the world of ethereal matter and laid aside his ethereal body, he enters the realm of
natural substance where his body and its organs are of corresponding substance. There he must live until such time as he is able to lay aside this covering (or body) also, and enter the Spiritual Kingdom. Here alone he is himself, he is unveiled, and must see, hear and speak with his spiritual organs.

These statements must have my readers' profound and acutest attention to enable them to fully realise these things.

Materialisations of those departed this life, are apparitions of spirits wearing bodies of ethereal matter which, with the help of a medium, they enclose in a thin veil of gross, physical matter. This would be about the only case when the earth-man of today could clearly perceive fine physical matter with his gross material senses. His senses can do this because in spite of the greater fineness, the body of the apparition is of the same substance as his senses.

Man should, therefore, notice that gross matter can only be perceived by gross matter, ethereal matter only by ethereal matter, natural substance (animism) only by the same substance, and spirit only by spirit. It is not possible to mix or mingle the one with the other.

While it is sometimes possible for a man to see with intuitive vision and now and then, while still in the physical, gross material body, he may be permitted to see with the organ of his ethereal body, it is not possible to possess both visions at the same time, but only successively, one must be inactive. He will never be able distinctly to see ethereal matter with his physical eye, nor will the eye of his ethereal body ever be able clearly to distinguish gross matter. If the contrary is affirmed, it is from ignorance of the laws underlying all Creation. Those who believe that ethereal matter can be seen with physical eyesight, and that spiritual things can be seen by ethereal organs, labour under a delusion. He who will consider this carefully and try to picture the process clearly to himself will perceive what an indescribable confusion of opinions there is respecting clairvoyance, and that it is impossible to obtain reliable information on this subject until the laws governing it are known. This knowledge cannot be obtained through inspiration, nor by what the spirits on the other side say in séances, because neither the inspired ones nor the spirits can survey the whole question; they have to keep within the bounds of the stage of maturity to which they belong.

It would only be possible for one possessed of all-embracing knowledge to classify the information we already have concerning the wonderful web of phenomena in Subsequent Creation in the right way. But in his morbid faith in human knowledge, man would never believe this; from the outset he would set himself in opposition to all such instruction. He prefers to strut about alone in pursuit of his unprofitable search, never agreeing with the others, and never attaining any real success. Could he but once be broad-minded enough to conquer his presumptuous conceit and seriously, without prejudice, accept the explanation that the Message of the Holy Grail gives of the Cosmos, and, in studying it, lay aside his self- constructed systems, aspects would soon disclose themselves, that would clear up the secrets of phenomena hitherto not understood, and would open up the way to the unexplored.

However, it is a well-known fact that obstinacy is only one of the unmistakable signs of real stupidity and narrow- mindedness. All these people never suspect that they stamp themselves as utterly incapable; soon this mark will make them burn with shame, for when they can no longer hide or deny it, it will show them up as impossible.

In judging clairvoyance one must start with knowing with which organ of sight a clairvoyant sees, that is to say, to which plane his intuitive sight belongs; also how far he has developed spiritually. After having clearly defined all this, further conclusions may be drawn. The person who superintends these investigations must naturally himself be exhaustively informed of all particulars of the different steps or grades in the different species and likewise of the different ways in which they work and act.
And to think that it is just in this respect that man at the present day, persuaded that he knows, is so hopelessly ignorant and understands nothing!

It is truly pitiful to see the flood of publications, pamphlets, and books on occult research, giving the results of investigations and experiments, together with would-be explanations by writers pretending to possess certain knowledge, whereas they are really far from understanding the facts, and affirm the very opposite of the truth.

And how infuriated the army of wiseacres is if someone unfolds a true picture of the construction of Subsequent Creation before their eyes, explaining in simple language, easy for every one to follow, the different steps and stages, without which knowledge man can neither understand nor explain anything. Let us for the moment leave all the phenomena of Original Creation out of the question. He who would criticise clairvoyants or indeed condemn them, must be absolutely and thoroughly cognisant of all the phenomena of Creation. Until then let him be silent. In the same way, zealous defenders of the facts of clairvoyance, must not make positive statements of what cannot be proved to be true, without the same deep and all-embracing knowledge. Such mischievous errors are current concerning all that happens outside gross, physical matter, that it is high time light were thrown on the question and some order and system brought into the interpretations.

Fortunately, the time is not far off, when a clean sweep will be made among the many absurd figures found in all departments of occultism, especially among those that vociferate loudest and are the most obtrusive with their teachings. Unfortunately by their prattle they have led many seekers astray, but they will not escape the responsibility they have so forcibly incurred. Retribution will come to all those who have dared to handle this most serious subject in so frivolous a manner. Their misguided adherents have verily gained little profit; they have now to suffer for having been so credulous and listened to false teaching. One may say that occultists who very frequently give the grand name of
investigation to their twaddle are but chatterers.

Thus among clairvoyants there are those who can see fine

physical substance, ethereal substance and even further into the realm of natural substance; each with the vision belonging to the grade, plane or world in question. The power of seeing into the Spiritual Kingdom has been denied to man. It would have to be an exceptional case and for a special object that an
elect human being should be accorded this boon whilst on earth.

There is not one such among the numerous clairvoyants we have now. Most of them can only see one of the different planes or steps in fine matter, and in time perhaps advance to distinguishing several steps. Their inner eye for fine matter has been opened. It is very seldom that this is also the case with the next finest vision belonging to the realm of natural substance.

There are special occasions when a clairvoyant is called in to help clear up the mystery in a criminal case. Here it is absolutely necessary for the person who is conducting the enquiry to know that the clairvoyant sees with the organ of his ethereal body and can, therefore, not see what the gross material process really was. Every gross material process has its ethereal counterpart which, if not exactly the same, is at least similar. For instance, if it is a case of murder, the clairvoyant would see the accompanying circumstances but not the event as it is physically represented, which is the only view of interest in the eyes of the law. If, therefore, what the clairvoyant says, does not agree in all respects with what are, physically, the
facts of the case, it must not be concluded that the clairvoyant is a failure or does not keep to the truth.

If it is a case of murder or theft that is under inspection, the clairvoyant consulted will partly see the
scene of the action as it appeared on the astral plane, and partly what took place in physical matter, i.e. the action itself. Added to this, he will see some thought- forms which were produced by the thoughts of the murderer or of his victims. To separate and keep these phenomena apart is what the person investigating the case must understand. Not till then will the result be satisfactory.

At present there are no persons so instructed and capable. Although it may sound grotesque and far-fetched, I should like here to point to the use the police make of dogs in the pursuit of the criminal. The dog's master and fellow-worker must be thoroughly acquainted with his dog's methods and indeed he is the responsible agent. There is an analogy in the work of the policeman and his dog to the nobler work of the investigator and his clairvoyant, for here again it is the investigator who must do the principal and responsible work; he must observe and combine; he is the active agent, whereas the clairvoyant is his passive help. Every judge should go through a protracted study of these phenomena before he begins to practise. It is a far more difficult study than the law.