71. The Treatment Of Disorders By Magnetism

To treat and heal disorders by magnetism will play a leading role in the further development of the human race. When I speak of Magnetopaths, I only mean serious practitioners inspired by the honest intention to help mankind, and not the great crowd of braggarts, whose verbose protestations and mysterious pantomime promise great things which they can never perform for want of sufficient magnetic

The courageous pioneers, who have been working for years and whose efforts to transmit magnetism from their own bodies, or a similar emanation of invisible matter, have very often succeeded in curing their patients and, giving them the greatest of earth's blessings by restoring them to health. How persistently have these been harassed by their adversaries.

These ceaselessly try to represent the whole class of magnetopaths as inferior, if not worse, and try to hinder and suppress them altogether. Exceptional cases, where the intention of mercenary impostors to deceive was evident from the outset, (for the simple reason that they had no magnetic power), they make much of and expose to ridicule and aversion. But look around you, where do you find no imposters, no swindlers? They are everywhere — even more frequent in other callings. That intentional injustice often is the result of this enmity is very evident.

Envy and apprehension are the cause of the ever increasing number of the adversaries and enemies. Those, who spend their time in immoderate self-indulgence, gluttons and winebibbers naturally can never acquire this art of healing by magnetism. It is absolutely requisite that the practitioner be a serious-minded person in perfect bodily health, leading a strictly regular, abstemious life. And in this lies the root of the animosity and envy, for at the present time such conditions are not so easily fulfilled, and what a person has neglected in early life cannot be retrieved later on. Apart from all this, strong genuine curative power cannot be acquired by learning; it is a gift and the man thus endowed has a call.

He, who would suppress and hinder such people, proves that he has not the welfare of his fellow-men at heart. In so doing he burdens himself with guilt which must have a fatal result for his own welfare. The little band of pioneers need never fear. They, too, are fore-runners of the new age. The obstacles are but apparent, of no consequence, temporary! In truth they are but a sure sign of the proud and happy time so near at hand.