73. The Great Comet

Those in the know have been talking for years about the coming of this particularly significant star. The number of those who await it is ever increasing, and the hints are becoming more and more frequent, so that in reality it is probably to be expected soon. But what it actually means, what it will bring, where it will come from, is not yet fully explained.

One wants to know that it will bring radical changes. But this star means more.

can be called the Bethlehem Star because it is of quite the same kind as this one was. Its power draws water up high, brings weather catastrophes and more. The earth trembles when its rays embrace it.

Not since the events in Bethlehem has the same been seen. Like the star of Bethlehem, this one also detached itself from the eternal kingdom of the Pure Spiritual at a time when it is to become effective on this earth, precisely when the years of spiritual enlightenment are to pass over all humanity.

The star has its path in a
straight line from the Eternal Kingdom to this part of the world. Its core is filled with high, spiritual power; it envelops itself with materiality and will thereby also become visible to earthly people. The comet will follow its course safely and steadfastly and will be on the plane at the right hour, as it was destined to be thousands of years before.

The first, immediate impacts have already begun in recent years. He who does not want to see or hear this, who does not find it ridiculous to make everything extraordinary that has already happened should still be regraded as commonplace, cannot be helped, of course. He either wants to play the ostrich out of fear or he is burdened with the worst kind of restriction. Both types must be allowed to go their own ways, and can only smile at their easily refuted assertions. Those in the know, however, could also be told where the first strong rays hit. But as the rays gradually embrace the whole earth, there is no point in giving a more detailed account of them. It takes years to reach this point and years before it releases the earth from its influence again. And then it is purified and refreshed in every respect, to the blessing and joy of the inhabitants. It has never been more beautiful than it will then be, therefore every believer should look into the future with calm confidence, not be frightened, whatever may come in the next years. If he can look up to God with confidence, no harm will come to him. - -