74. What Must A Man Do To Enter Into The Kingdom Of Heaven?

It would be wrong to answer this question, which is so often put, by giving a definite rule: “Do this”, or “Do that”. That is not showing the path. There is no life in these words, so nothing living can proceed from them. Life is absolutely indispensable for advance, and in life alone is the key to soaring upwards.

If I say: “Do this, and don't do that”, I am only giving feeble crutches on which no one can wholly rely, for the crutches do not enable him to see, and he must see clearly before him, otherwise the crutches are useless. The cripple will hobble about on such crutches losing his way like a blind man on a road he does not know. That is not the right way and would only lead to a new dogma — an obstacle to all advance.

Let man consider: if he wishes to enter the Spiritual Kingdom, he must journey there; he must go to it, for it will not come to him. Now the Spiritual Kingdom is the most exalted part of Creation — the very summit. But the human spirit is still in the lowest depths of physical matter. Thus every one must understand that to climb to the heights, to which he aspires, he must journey all the way till he attains his goal. In order not to lose his way it is indispensable for him to become thoroughly acquainted with the whole intervening district, with the dangers that he will encounter, and with the assistance he may reckon on. This long stretch of space he must wander through lies in Creation, it is Creation, thus the wanderer in search of the Spiritual Kingdom must gain insight and accurate knowledge of Creation beforehand, since he must traverse it.

Up till now there has been no one able to give the description and information needed by the traveller who wished to mount upwards, or, in other words, there was no one who could make visible and distinct the path that leads to the stronghold, the Castle of the Holy Grail, the crowning summit of Creation which is the Temple of the Most High in the Spiritual Kingdom, where alone the true worship of the Almighty takes place. This is not meant metaphorically but is the real fact.

The Son of God in His Message once already pointed out the Way, but man in his self-opinionated shrewdness, misinterpreted much of it, thus misplacing the signposts and effectually preventing the human spirit from rising. Now, however, the hour has come when each individual soul must decide for itself, if it is to be
yes or no, day or night, ascent to the Light or descent, once for all, finally and irrevocably, with no possibility of re-consideration. For this reason a message is again sent out from the Light. It is the Message, or Evangel, of the Holy Grail, and this will put the sign-posts back into their proper places.

Happy are they whose hearts and minds are open to welcome this message and obey its injunctions. Then their spiritual eyes will be opened to perceive the rungs of the ladder they must use to mount up to the Spiritual Kingdom — Paradise. Each soul will find in the Message what his special abilities still need to enable him to climb to the Light. Freed from the fetters of all dogma, he will be filled with the new life and energy of a slave who is released from the bondage which had prevented all independent development and all advancement.

The man, who has got so far that he can perceive the consistent conformity of all things in Creation, will recognise the Divine Will. If he will accommodate himself to this, all will go well with him, and combine to make his ascent successful and happy. Living as he does in obedience to God's ordinances, his life on his upward path must be happy.

Help will not come to the canting devotee, writhing on his knees with eyes up-turned in contrite prayer, nor to the man whining to have the
way pointed out to him. But he who gratefully looks up to the Creator and makes prayer a living reality in pure-minded joyous activity, will see his path before him and joyfully travel by it.

Thus it will be seen that life, to be pleasing in the sight of God, must be very different from what man has thought right hitherto. It will be freer and more beautiful. To stand in Creation doing God's Will is, metaphorically expressed, taking the hand of God stretched out to Man.

Again I would cry out to my readers: “delay no longer!” Take these things as real facts, and not only figuratively, and you will yourselves become living realities, not mere empty, lifeless shadows. Study Creation so that you may know its laws. That is the way to the Light.