77. The Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit

The event described in the Bible of the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of the Son of God has always been an inexplicable mystery to the great majority of men.

It was regarded as an isolated case and thus an arbitrary act of the Creator's.

This view is erroneous and is what makes the event seem inexplicable. He who carefully studies the Message I have brought from the Holy Grail will find the mystery explained in the lecture entitled
the Holy Grail.

There I spoke of the
regular annual renewal of dynamic force in Creation. It is the moment in which a new supply of Divine energy flows into the chalice of the Holy Grail for the sustenance of all life. And for some moments the Holy Dove appears above it. The presence of the Holy Spirit is spiritually visible in the form of a dove which is, in reality, a part of the form of the Holy Spirit.

In the same way as the Cross, seen spiritually, is the form of Divine Truth, the Dove is the visible form of the Holy Spirit, the actual form, not an imaginative conception.

As I have already spoken of this in detail I refer the reader to my lecture.*

This renewal of energy by the Holy Spirit, i.e. the living Will of God, which is living energy, recurs every year on a certain fixed day in the Holy of Holies within the lofty castle or temple which harbours the Holy Grail.

As this spot is the only connecting link between the Creator and Creation it is called the Castle of the Holy Grail. And the new flux of energy can also be called the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit or still more explicitly “Outpouring
through the Holy Spirit”, for it is not the Spirit that flows out, but the Spirit pours out energy!

Now it happened that on that particular day and at the appointed hour, the disciples were assembled together in solemn devotion in memory of their departed Lord who had ascended into heaven, having promised to send them the Spirit, i.e. living energy. Their concentrated thought on this promise put them in direct connection with the process in operation in the spiritual world, so that it could straightway influence and impress the devotees assembled together on earth. All the more so as the way to these disciples had been opened up and made more practicable because of the Son of God's life on earth.

These were the circumstances under which this marvellous manifestation occurred, a phenomenon otherwise impossible on earth.

The evangelists have described their experience as we read in the Bible, but they could not explain what happened, for they did not understand it themselves.

The festival of Whitsuntide has been instituted by Christians in memory of this occurrence, but they never suspected that the time they chose to celebrate i
t, approximately coincided with the celebration of the Day of the Holy Dove in the Castle of the Holy Grail, that is the day on which the Holy Spirit renews the supply of energy for all Creation.

The time Whitsuntide is celebrated on earth naturally does not exactly correspond with the day that the energy is renewed, but only approximately, as already stated, but the day the disciples were assembled together coincided exactly with the Outpouring from above! In future the day, on which the Creator ever renews his gifts of preserving and restoring energy to Creation, will be punctually celebrated at the right time and it will be the first and most holy festival of the year. It will be called the
Day of the Holy Dove, that is the day of the Holy Spirit, a day for mankind to offer up heartfelt thanks to God the Father!

All those who are fully conscious of their life in Creation, who have learnt to understand it and its manifestations will know how to celebrate this festival.

Their devout attitude at the right moment will make it possible that, in return for thus opening themselves, the living blessing will again find its way down to earth and will pour into thirsty souls as it did long ago into the disciples.

This happy time is not so far distant. It will bring peace and joy to those who do not fail, to those who will live and not be lost for all eternity.


*) Lecture No 44.: The Holy Grail.