8. Man In Creation

Human beings, in reality, should not live according to the previous concepts, but be more of
intuitively feeling beings. In this way they would form a necessary link for the further development of the whole of Creation.
Because human beings unite in themselves the ethereal material of the Beyond and the gross material of this World, it is possible for them to survey both, to experience both at the same time. In addition, they have a tool at their disposal that places them at the head of the entire Gross Material Creation: The intellect. With this tool they are able to direct, that is, to lead.
Intellect is the highest earthly thing and should be the
steering wheel through earthly life, while the driving force is intuition, which comes from the Spiritual World. The ground of intellect is therefore the body, but the ground of intuition is the spirit.
The intellect is bound to space and time, like everything earthly, and is therefore only a product of the brain, which belongs to the gross material body. The intellect will never be able to operate without space and time, although it is in itself more ethereal than the body, but still too dense and heavy to rise above space and time. It is therefore completely earthbound.
Intuition (not feeling), however, is spaceless and timeless, and therefore comes from the Spiritual.
Equipped in this way, man could be intimately connected with the most ethereal, even have contact with the Pure Spiritual itself, and yet live and work in the midst of all earthly, coarse matter. Man alone is equipped in this way.
He alone should and could give the healthy, fresh connection as the only bridge between the ethereal and Luminous Heights and the gross material earthly!
Through him alone, in his own way, could pure life pulsate from the source of Light down into the deepest coarse matter and from there up again in the most marvellous, harmonious reciprocal action! He stands as a link between the two worlds, so that through him they are forged into one world.
However, humans did not fulfil this task. They
separated these two worlds instead of keeping themselves firmly united. And that was now the Fall! ––
Through the peculiarity just explained, the human being had indeed been appointed a kind of master of the Gross Material World, because the Gross Material World is dependent on his mediatorship, in so far as it was compelled to suffer along with him, or could be lifted up by him, depending on whether the currents from the Source of Light and Life could flow
purely through humanity or not.
Humans, however,
interrupted the flow of this alternating current, which is necessary for the Ethereal and the Gross Material Worlds. Just as a good circulation of blood keeps the body fresh and healthy, so it is with the alternating current in Creation. To stop it must bring confusion and illness, which finally dissolves in catastrophes.
This terrible human failure could happen because they not only used the intellect, which only comes from the Gross Material, as a tool, but completely subjugated themselves to it and made it ruler over everything. They thus made themselves slaves to their tool and became only men of intellect, who are proud to call themselves a materialist!
By submitting themselves completely to the intellect, humans chained themselves to all Coarse Matter. Just as the intellect cannot comprehend anything beyond space and time, neither, of course, can the man who completely submitted himself to it. His field of vision, i.e. his conceptual faculty, narrowed with the limited faculty of the intellect. The connection with the ethereal was thus severed, a wall which was erected became denser and denser. Since the source of life, the Primordial Light, God, is far above space and time, and still far above the ethereal, all contact must of course be cut off by the bondage of the intellect. For this reason it is not possible for the materialist to recognize God.
Eating from the tree of knowledge was nothing more than the raising of the intellect. The associated separation from the ethereal was also the closure of Paradise as a natural consequence. Human beings shut themselves out by inclining themselves entirely to the gross material through the intellect, thus degrading themselves and forging themselves into servitude either voluntarily or by their own choice.
But where did this lead? The purely materialistic, i.e. earth-bound, profound thoughts of the intellect with all their side effects of acquisitiveness and profit-seeking, lies, robbery and oppression, etc., had
to bring about the inexorable reciprocal action of the same kind, which first showed itself spiritually and then also passed from this into the gross material, shaped everything accordingly, drove people, and finally will discharge itself over everything with.... Annihilation!
Do you now understand that the events of the last few years
had to come? That it will still go on until annihilation? A World Judgement which, according to the existing karmic laws (of fate), cannot be avoided. Like a thunderstorm that gathers and must finally bring discharge and destruction. But at the same time also purification!
The human being did not serve as a necessary link between the ethereal and the gross material parts of Creation, did not let through the always refreshing, invigorating and stimulating necessary alternating current, but separated Creation into two worlds by withdrawing from the connection and chaining himself entirely to the gross material, thus both parts of the world had to fall ill little by little. The part that had to do without the stream of Light altogether, or received it too weakly through the few people who still gave connection, naturally much more seriously. This is the gross material part, which is therefore drifting towards a terrible crisis and will be shaken by violent fevers in a short time, until all that is ill in it is consumed and can finally recover under a new, strong influx from the Original Source.
But who will be consumed in the process?
The answer to this lies in the natural occurrence itself: Every
perceived thought immediately takes on an ethereal form corresponding to the content of the thought through the Creative Power living in it, always remains connected with its producer as if by a cord, but is drawn off and out of it by the attraction of the same kind in all that is ethereal, and is driven by the universe with the currents constantly pulsating through it, which move in ellipses like everything in Creation. Thus the time comes when the thoughts that have become life and reality in the ethereal, together with the like species that have been attracted on the way, fall back to their origin and starting point, since they remain in contact with it in spite of their wandering, in order now to discharge themselves there, to set them off.
The destruction will therefore
primarily affect those who, through their thinking and feeling, were producers and permanent nourishers, i.e. the materialists. It is inevitable that the damaging rebounding force will draw even wider circles, and touching even approximate equals of these people.
But then people will fulfil what they are supposed to do in Creation. They will be the connecting link, they will draw from the Spiritual through their ability, that is, they will let themselves be guided by the purified feeling, and they will transfer this into the gross material, that is, into the earthly, whereby they will use the intellect and the collected experiences only as a tool to implement these pure feelings in the gross material life, reckoning with everything earthly, whereby the whole Gross Material Creation will be constantly promoted, purified and lifted up. This will also enable healthier things to flow back in reciprocity from the gross material into the ethereal material, and a new, unified and harmonious world will come into being. In the right fulfilment of their activity, no matter how, human beings will become the full and noble human beings they have longed for; for through the right attitude towards the great Work of Creation, they too will receive quite different powers than previously, which will enable them to feel contentment and bliss on a permanent basis.