83. Called

Germans are called upon to become the leading people, spiritually
and worldly! Numerous books point to this, and many good prophecies and visions, which one cannot easily be brushed aside as births of fantasy, often and repeatedly convey the same meaning with great clarity. Many of these books, however, have been written only to raise up the Germans in great distress, so as not to allow the good to be completely overgrown in despair by the evil new publications of such distresses; but whoever seriously seeks to concern himself with the future of this people, which has only to emerge from the ruins of present conditions, will also find that a grain of wisdom or truth must lie in the indications of a great future.

But I say quite deliberately: "Out of the
ruins of present conditions", for out of the present conditions themselves there is only one way: that is further decline and fall!

Look at the people as they are
now! Look quite attentively among the mature youth for the coming generation, the next German generation. They are already poisoned from the bottom up, both in body and soul. The few exceptions that still show themselves stand out like eccentrics, but are as good as nothing for a whole people.

So greatly exaggerated do these exceptions appear to be the ever-declining environment that they begin to appear grotesque and are close to being the object of general ridicule, to be considered abnormal, morbid, useless enthusiasts and fools!

The grotesque outgrowth, however, is not due to these praiseworthy exceptions, but to the sinking environment, which distances itself more and more from the halfway normal state of soul in its hopeless fall. They no longer perceive their own fall, which distances them from the healthy, solid ground where the few still stand, but they have the wrong feeling as if those float morbidly in childish imaginings, to fall down soon at any moment to the ridicule of all, disillusioned.

But not too much longer, their eyes will lose all mockery, and instead give way to horror, when they finally have to recognise that the others, who have been derided up to now, have the right and
firm standpoint, while they gradually suffocate, sinking into the worst excrement. In the excrement which they have prepared for themselves and which is now relentlessly hitting them on their head!

But the time is not far distant when the scornful expression in their eyes will change to one of terror and they will be compelled to acknowledge that those they derided are on the right path and guided by the right principles whereas they are sinking into and suffocating in a quagmire of their own making. The foul slough they themselves prepared is slowly but inevitably closing over their heads.

The worst thing is that this malaise is not attributable to Germany’s enemies, but to the Germans themselves.

But just as in boiling all the smut floats to the top, so it is also in this great time of fermentation. Where everything is now drifts towards a mighty purification process at a frenzied speed, all that can be seen from the outside is the dirty foam or scum of the actual German people swirling upwards, which no longer shows the healthy ground, and appears as if
everything were already completely spoiled beyond repair. But this is not so! The tighter the impure foam closes in as a blanket at the top, the clearer and purer the main part will become beneath it. And then, when in disillusionment, through terrible events, there comes a cooling from the boiling which the present conditions and the resulting misery have caused, one fissure after another will tear from below into this rigid scum, which will suddenly reveal the purity and clarity that has formed under the dirty and stale blanket that has confused the senses.

Then, with tremendous force, the clarified breaks through victoriously and tears away more and more of the withering scum, which in future can no longer stand between the events and the true core of the people!

The victor, however, is not a new, coming generation, not the German youth of today growing up so mentally ill and miserable, that has allowed itself to be poisoned and must flutter away like chaff at the first breath of fresh air, because it has gone precociously on the wrong paths and lived out its life in them to the destruction of any real support.
The victor will be the old, the former, which suddenly rises like purified steel out of the senseless confusion as an unshakeable block, on which alone the new construction can take place!

Look within yourselves, you mature German men, mature women, not at the growing youth, who can and must learn only from you. You carry the future within you, you alone, who still experience the past as the basis!

Without understanding you have only stood in the face of the nonsensical goings-on, and therefore have not yet intervened! At long last help the exasperated youth with the
old German force, which knows no weak yielding, and powerfully flares up in severity against itself as against others, feared by the falsehood, by the softness and weakness!

It was only overwhelming amazement at the possibility of what is happening now that temporarily paralyzed your invincible, healthy will, not acquiescence or joy in the degradation of the body and no less of the soul.

And you, who let yourselves be shackled in chains along with the generations to come, have the duty to break them again, not to expect a solution from successors!

But you, who are leisurely waiting for the fulfilment of high prophecies, who are counting on it, do not deceive yourselves! Where there is no action, the best prophecy cannot be fulfilled! The "waiting" itself puts a bar in front of the possibility.

And your arguing about interpretations and the times of possible fulfilment is just as dangerous and ruinous to Germany's future as the German plague of eternal division in domestic politics, in which it must be seen that up to now there has never been a true German national spirit. It has always been found only in
isolated individuals! Only in the greatest danger did the masses sometimes stand together in unity, but not always. Where has there ever been a truly German people, animated by a free, proud spirit? It was very easy for any troublemaker to get in on the act, and his outrageous game always found good ground.

Dancing carelessly, one shrugs one's shoulders hearing the despairing lamentations of whole sections of the
German people who suffer daily under the enemy's fury.

Prophecy and promise speak of a
chosen people! Can the German people at all come into question for this, as it presents itself today? Does it in any way show itself as chosen? I spare myself the answer.

Being called is a very special thing. Christ already warned: "Many are called, but only a few are chosen! It means that only a few of the called reach the point of fulfilment, because they have to bring about this fulfilment themselves through unrelenting striving, extraordinary activity and diligence. And just as it is with individuals, so it is with peoples! To be called means merely to carry the ability to fulfil within oneself, but not that this fulfilment is thrown into the lap of the called. Only when the one who is called, that is to say, the one who is qualified, does all he can, uses his abilities unabridged in iron, unswerving diligence, in rigorous striving and in tenacious struggle, does help come to him from Above in an extraordinary way, leading him to victory, therefore to the fulfilment of his calling. But this, too, must not be misunderstood; for the coming of extraterrestrial and powerful help is not to be understood figuratively. The power for final victory is always at hand. The one who is called must only work so far forward by his endeavours and the ability he has been given that he encounters this power, which then unites itself with him!

So very different it is from what many called ones often think! Being called is an obligation! A called person is given the sword of victory for the battle in his hand through his abilities. He must always wield it and bring it to bear himself. So do not dream away a time in which you are already destined to do great things, which alone must let you win as soon as you
move. For this too there can come a "too late", whereby a subsequent victory is made tenfold, even a hundredfold more difficult.

Thus the process is quite different to what so many think. To have a calling lays an obligation on a man. The sword of victory is pressed in the form of abilities into such a man's hand to fight with. But he must wield the sword and strike with it himself.

Since everyone can see that the German people, as it appears now, cannot be regarded as the "chosen one", but that promises always bring the
possibility of fulfilment, it is clear that many changes must take place with the German people. It will not change voluntarily, as it has already shown in recent years, since the German spirit, to which every German has to steer his part, has been going down instead of up. The consequence therefore remains that it will be forced to abandon the foundation, in order to let the necessary German spirit finally grow out of the great need. What tranquillity and joy do not achieve, hardship will probably achieve in the end. And if the suffering so far has not been sufficient for this, it must come harder, tougher than before, and one day the point will be reached where every stubborn resistance breaks or submits. Between breaking and submitting the individual still has free choice, since he must reap the reward for both, depending on the way his decision is made.

The closer the fulfilment, the greater the hardship to be expected. Blessed is he whose decision turns out to be his good fortune.

The chosen people cannot, of course, be limited to only one nation in world affairs. It is therefore
not the German people in the narrowest sense it is meant, just as one nation in itself is out of the question in world events but can play a role in them for the effect of many events. Each nation alone determines the nature and size of its role.

What alone is decisive here in the coming world period is the race, but not a nation. The
white race is at the forefront of all in the development of the decision. The fact that Asia and other parts of the world were already more advanced than the Europe of that time no longer means anything. In time, the final reckoning will be made, not only for these earthmen, but for the whole part of the world to which this earth belongs. The respective condition in the hour of decision alone is decisive, nothing else. And the white race on earth is now in the lead. For this reason, Europe also comes into consideration as a battlefield on earth. In the lecture "Gods, Olympus, Valhalla" (Lecture No. 82)*, I already clearly pointed out that every reincarnation takes place in an environment that corresponds to the condition of the soul to be incarnated. Thus a white man can be incarnated in a lower Negro tribe with a strong decline of the spiritual level, and also, of course, vice versa. Among the White Race, the highest is the really German spirit! The German spirit in all its purity and greatness. It has already taken the upswing to this several times, but has never yet reached the actual height, except in isolated persons who must always lead the way. The isolated individuals showed the abilities of their race. The German spirit is to become the model and also the leader in the final ascent of earthly humanity. The spirit, not as it is now, but as it should become, as it can become according to its abilities, and as in the coming experience it absolutely will become!

Now this does not mean exclusively the nation that calls itself German. Every concept in cosmic affairs goes much further, is not so narrow. Any member of the other nations can also carry this deliberate German spirit in his or her disposition. It is meant objectively in its abilities, not at all national. But members of the German people mainly carry within themselves all the necessary basic traits for this spirit of the future, to which unconditional victory and leadership in humanity are reserved.

Therefore, you Germans, put all your strength into ensuring that you, called by your disposition, may also be chosen. The chosen people will be composed of the chosen individuals for whom you have all entitlements. That is why it will not be composed of Germans alone, but also of parts of other nations that spiritually belong to it. It does not stop at German's border.

Do not neglect the great task that awaits you in it! Tear yourselves out of this superficiality of the present thoughts of all present life, and become what you can and should be: a spirit, a people, which has to lead the others in an exemplary manner. If you miss the precisely appointed time for this, in which the whole cosmos works to support you, instead of ascension you can expect a fall of such terrible violence that you can never again come to resurrection as finally rejected. Being called obliges you to the highest development of power! Keep this warning in mind at all times!

Lecture No. 82: The Gods, Olympus, and Valhalla