86. Intuition

Every intuition immediately forms an image. The small brain, which is supposed to be the bridge of the soul to its mastery of the body, participates in this image formation. It is
the part of the brain that gives you the dream. This part is again in connection with the forebrain, through whose activity the thoughts arise, which are more bound to space and time, and from which the mind is finally composed.
Now pay close attention to the development! You can sharply distinguish when the intuition speaks to you through the spirit, or the feeling through the intellect!
The activity of the human spirit evokes intuitive perception in the solar plexus and thereby simultaneously impresses the small brain. This is the
effect of the spirit, just like that a wave of force emanates from the spirit. Man naturally feels this wave where the spirit in the soul is in contact with the body, in the centre of the so-called solar plexus, which passes on the movement to the small brain, which is impressed by it. Depending on the specific type of the various impressions, this small brain forms, like a photographic plate, the picture of the process which the spirit has willed, or which the spirit, in its strong power, has formed by its will. A picture without words! The forebrain then takes this picture and tries to describe it in words, whereby the generation of thoughts takes place, which are then expressed in language.
The whole process is in reality very simple. I will repeat once more: With the help of the solar plexus, the spirit impresses the bridge given to it, consequently pressing a certain will in waves of force upon the instrument of the little brain given to it for this purpose, which immediately passes on what it has received to the forebrain. In this passing on, a slight change has already taken place through compression, since the small brain adds to its own particular kind. The instruments available to the spirit for use in the human body work like interlocking links in a chain. But they all
only act in a formative way, they cannot do otherwise. They form everything they are given according to their own special way. Thus the forebrain also takes up the picture given to it by the cerebellum and, according to its somewhat coarser nature, presses it for the first time into narrower concepts of space and time, thus compressing it and bringing it into the already more tangible fine material world of thought-forms. Subsequently, to whatever extent, it already forms words and sentences, which then penetrate through the organs of speech into the fine coarse matter as formed sound waves, in order to produce in turn a new effect therein, which the movement of these waves entails. The spoken word is therefore an effect of the images through the forebrain. It is also able to steer the direction of the effect according to the organs of movement instead of the organs of speech, whereby the writing or the deed comes into being instead of the word.
This is the normal course of the Creator’s intended activity of the human spirit in gross matter.

It is the
right path that would have brought healthy post-development in Creation, whereby straying was not at all possible for humanity.
Man, however, voluntarily stepped out of this path, which was prescribed for him by the constitution of the body. With obstinacy he interfered with the normal course of the chain of his instruments by making the intellect his idol. In this way, he threw all his strength into the cultivation of the intellect one-sidedly only, on this one point. The forebrain, as the producer, was now disproportionately exerted with regard to all the other co-operating instruments. This naturally avenged itself. The uniform and collaborative work of all individual members was overturned and inhibited, thus also every correct development. For thousands of years, the maximal tension on the forebrain
alone drove its growth far beyond anything else. The result is a reduction in the activity of all the neglected parts, which had to remain weaker in less use. To this belongs first and foremost the cerebellum, which is the instrument of the spirit. From this it is evident that the activity of the actual human spirit has not only been greatly hindered, but is often completely prevented and remains switched off. The possibility of right intercourse with the forebrain via the bridge of the small brain has been buried, while a connection of the human spirit directly with the forebrain remains completely excluded, as its constitution is not at all suitable for it. It is absolutely dependent on the full work of the small brain, the chain of happenings of which it stands according to God’s Will, if it wants to fulfil its activity properly. To receive the vibrations of the spirit belongs to the nature of the small brain. It cannot be by-passed at all; for, in its activity, the frontal brain has to prepare the transition to fine materiality and fine coarse materiality, and is therefore also of quite a different, much coarser nature.
In the one-sided, large-scale cultivation of the frontal brain now lies the original sin of earth-man against God, or more clearly, against the Divine Laws which are laid down in the correct distribution of all bodily instruments, just as they are in the whole of Creation. The observance of the
right distribution would also have carried the right and straight path to ascent for the human spirit. But man, in his ambitious conceit, reached into the meshes of healthy activity, singled out one part of it and cultivated it especially, disregarding all the others. This was bound to lead to inequality and stagnation. If the course of natural events is inhibited in this way, illness and failure, and finally confusion and collapse, must be the inevitable result.
Here, however, it is not only the body that comes into consideration, but first and foremost the spirit! With this encroachment of the unequal education of the two brains, the back brain was suppressed in the course of millennia through neglect, thus inhibiting the spirit in its activity. It became an
original sin because the one-sided over-cultivation of the frontal brain is passed on to every child over time as a coarse-material inheritance, making it incredibly difficult for it to awaken spiritually and become strong from the outset, because the bridge of the back brain necessary for this no longer remained so easily passable and was very often even cut off.
Man does not even suspect what a strong condemning irony lies in the expressions “cerebrum and cerebellum” created by him! The indictment cannot be more terribly pronounced against his encroachment on Divine destiny! He thereby marks precisely the worst of his earthly guilt, since in sacrilegious obstinacy he so mutilated the fine instrument of the physical body, which is to help him on this earth, that not only can it not serve him as it was intended by the Creator, but that it
must even lead him to the depths of perdition! Far worse have they in such a way erred than drunkards or those who ruin their bodies in the indulgence of all passions!
And now they also have the presumption that God should make Himself understandable to them in
such a way as they can understand it in the wilfully bent shell of their body! On top of this already done sacrilege, the demand!
In the course of his natural development, man could have easily and joyfully climbed the steps to the Luminous Heights if he had not interfered with God’s Work with a sacrilegious hand! Curse him if he does not grasp the last lifeline with gratitude! Damn him, lest he brew and spread more mischief and sins, and pour out sorrow upon his fellow-men, as he has done hitherto! It was not possible otherwise than that such brain cripples fell into insane delusions of grandeur, which they still possess in the richest measure! The human being of the future will have
normal brains, which will then only support each other harmoniously, working evenly. The back brain, which is called the small brain because it has atrophied, will now become stronger because it will be able to work properly until it is in correct proportion to the frontal brain. Then there will be harmony again, and the tense, unhealthy things must disappear!
But now to the
further consequences of the hitherto so wrong way of life: The rear brain, which is much too small in proportion, also makes it difficult for those who are really seriously searching today to distinguish between what is real intuition in it and what is merely feeling. I have said before that feeling is produced by the forebrain, in that its thoughts act on the body’s nerves, which in turn force the stimulation of the so-called imagination on the forebrain.
Imagination are images that the forebrain produces. They are not to be compared with the images that the cerebellum forms under the pressure of the spirit! Here we have the difference between the expression of intuitive perception as the result of an activity of the spirit, and the results of the feeling arising from the bodily nerves. Both produce images which are difficult or impossible for the ignorant to distinguish, even though there is such an enormous difference in them. The images of intuition are real and contain living power, but the images of feeling, the imagination, are pretences of borrowed power.
But the difference is easy for the one who knows the development in the whole Creation and then observes himself carefully.
In the case of images of intuitive perception, the activity of the cerebellum as a bridge for the spirit, the image
first appears directly, and only then does it pass over into thoughts, whereby the emotional life of the body is then influenced by the thoughts.
With the images produced by the forebrain, however, it is the other way round. Thoughts must
precede them in order to provide the basis for the images. But all this happens so quickly that it almost seems like one. With some practice in observation, however, man can very soon distinguish exactly what kind of process it is.
Another consequence of this original sin is confusion of dreams! For this reason, people today can no longer place the value on dreams that they should. The normal small brain would give the dreams, influenced by the spirit, clear and unconfused. That is to say, they would not be
dreams at all, but experiences of the spirit, which would be received and reproduced by the small brain while the front brain rested in sleep. The now superior strength of the front or day brain, however, still exerts its influence during the night, radiating to the rear brain, which is so sensitive. In its present weakened condition, the latter absorbs the strong radiations of the forebrain simultaneously with the experience of the spirit, whereby a mixture is produced, like the double exposure of a photographic plate. This then results in the present unclear dreams.
The best proof of this is that words and sentences often occur in dreams which originate
only from the activity of the frontal brain, which alone forms words and sentences because it is more closely bound to space and time.
That is why the human being is now no longer or only inadequately accessible to spiritual warnings and instructions through the back brain, and hence exposed to many more dangers that he could otherwise escape through spiritual warnings!
So, in addition to these evil consequences mentioned, there are many more which the intervention of man in the Divine ordinances has brought; for, in reality,
all evil arose only from this one transgression so visible to everyone today, which was merely a fruit of the vanity which arose through the appearance of woman in Creation.
Man must therefore tear himself away finally from the consequences of hereditary evil, if he does not want to be lost.

Of course, everything costs effort, including this. Man
should awaken from his comfort in order to finally become what he should have been from the beginning! Promoter of Creation and mediator of the Light for all creatures!