87. The World Teacher

The world-teacher is the Son of Man. He is called World Teacher not because he comes to teach the World and perhaps to found a new religion, purporting to unite the world, or more especially the earth, or still more explicitly, mankind on earth, but because he comes to teach the meaning of the world. This is knowledge man must have. He must learn how all things work mechanically and automatically, so that he may see his way clearly on his upward journey, and know the laws, on which he can depend, and the signposts of the road he travels on through space. He must recognise the laws on which the universe rests. Thus it is a question of the lore of the world — Creation.

Behind the true World-Teacher shines the radiant luminous Cross of Redemption, as it did with Christ. One can say he bears the Cross, but the word Cross has nothing to do with suffering or martyrdom. This will be one of the signs only visible to those whose eyes are open, which will certify to the genuineness of his mission — a cross of living light which no sorcerer or magician could ever imitate, however clever he might be.

This phenomenal Cross of Light is not something arbitrary or accidental but natural, and its signification will be seen directly the meaning of
redemption is explained. It is not Christ's Cross of Suffering, as I have explained in my lecture on the Crucifixion and have often repeated. It is something quite different, apparently simple but yet stupendously grand. The Cross itself was known before Christ's time on earth. It is the symbol of Divine Truth, not the sign only, but its living form. And as Christ was the Bringer of Divine Truth, unadulterated, and as He issued from the Truth having a portion of living Truth within him, it clung to him and was inseparable from His person. It was visible in the form of a living Cross of Light shedding forth its own luminous rays independently. One can say that Truth is the Cross itself. Where this radiant Cross is, there also is Truth, because they cannot be separated; they are one, for the Cross is the visible form indicating the Truth. The radiant Cross was from all time the Truth itself, and as man can only advance in development by and through the Truth, and in no other way, his spirit can only be redeemed in the knowledge and understanding of Divine Truth.

And again, as redemption can only be found in the Truth, it follows that the Cross (the Truth itself) is a redeeming Cross, or the
Cross of Redemption. Man is redeemed by Truth; he must seek to know it; he must steadily keep to the way it points out; then it will lead him forth out of the present state of mad confusion and his spirit will be able to rise to the Light.

The Son of God who came on earth and the Son of Man who is expected to come are the only two who could bring undimmed Truth; so it naturally follows that they both must bear the cross as inseparable parts of themselves. They are bearers of the radiant Cross of Truth which redeems those who will accept and receive it and direct their lives according to it.

Of what value, therefore, is the talk of the wise ones of this earth? In the hour of tribulation their words will be wafted away by the winds — they will be as nothing. Therefore, the Son of God said to men that they should take up the Cross and follow Him. He meant that they should welcome and receive the Truth, live according to its precepts and accommodate themselves to the eternal laws which govern Creation. If these laws are carefully studied and thoroughly understood, man can utilize their working power for the general use of all.

But what has the small and narrow mind of man made of these simple and natural facts? Men have constructed the dogma of the Passion, which was neither the wish nor the intention of God, nor of His Messenger, the Son of God. This was a wrong way, far from what God willed; it led to pain and suffering and God's way leads to joy and blessedness.

It is indeed a terrible symbol for mankind, that they nailed the Son of God on a Cross, the material reproduction of the very form of Truth itself. His physical body was tortured to death on the symbol of the Truth He brought them. The Cross of Suffering, the Crucifix of the Churches, is not, however, the Cross of Redemption!

It is written, he who stands in the
power and the truth . . . The Power is Divine Will, the Holy Spirit. Its visible form is the Dove. The visible form of the Truth is the radiant Cross. Both these were seen as the living accompaniments of the Son of God. He stood in them, a natural self-evident phenomenon. And the same will he the visible accompaniments of the Son of Man — the Dove above and the Cross of Redemption behind him, for he again is inseparably bound up with them. He is also a Bringer of Truth, and stands in Divine Power and Truth. They are the sure signs, the credentials that his mission to fulfil the Promise is genuine.

Look aloft! As soon as the inexorable precursors of his Coming clear away the obstacles, which human presumption has heaped in his way,
the bandage blindfolding their eyes will fall and they will recognise him.

These then will be the witnesses. They will call aloud and proclaim his Advent — they will be driven to do so by the Power of the Light. Not one of the numerous false prophets and leaders of today will be able to stand before him, for in the two sublime signs which none but the Son of God and the Son of Man can bear, God Himself vouches for His servants, and all human wisdom will be silenced.

Watch for that hour; it will come sooner than you all think.