88 The Stranger

Darkness again lay over the earth; it triumphantly overshadowed mankind and barred the way to the Spiritual Kingdom. The Divine Light had left men. The body that had served it as a physical vessel hung bleeding and mangled on the Cross. It had been sacrificed as a protest by those to whom he had come with the purpose of bringing them
happiness and peace divine.

On the summit of the whole universe, near to God Almighty, resplendent in the glorious rays issuing from His presence, stands the
Castle of the Holy Grail, the Temple of Light. Great grief and deep mourning reigned here at the spectacle of the erring human spirits down below, who had rejected the truth because they imagined they knew better. In blind devilish animosity they let themselves be driven to commit the terrible crime which brought a sinister curse down on the whole world, the weight of which made them all the more prejudiced and shortsighted.

This saddened and perplexed a thoughtful youth who was looking on at this terrible sight from the Castle. He was the future
Son of Man. He was at that time undergoing the training necessary for the mission for which he was to be well and fully equipped — a training that had been in process for thousands of years, for he was to descend to those regions where thanks to man's perversity darkness reigned.

A gentle hand was then laid on the dreamer's shoulder, the hand of the Queen, the prototype of ideal Womanhood, and a sad and loving voice spoke these words: “Let the impression of what you see, sink down deeply into your heart, my Son, for that is your future field of battle, when the hour of fulfilment comes. At the request of the murdered Saviour, God the Father in His mercy will allow you to proclaim the Truth, His Word, once more to save those who will listen to it before the Day of Judgment comes.”

The youth bowed his head in silence; the proof of the great love of the Father re-echoed mightily in his heart, and he sent up an earnest heartfelt prayer to the Almighty for strength.

The tidings that God in His mercy was to give mankind another and last chance, quickly spread through the heavens, and many souls besought God to allow them to help in the great work of redeeming those who still sought the way to the Light. God in His great love granted this boon to many, for it was to help them forward too. In joyous gratitude these favoured ones vowed faithful service wherever their duty might lie. These are the
Called. Having a Call or mandate from above, they were to hold themselves at the disposal of God's envoy when the hour came for him to descend to earth. They were all carefully trained for their duties and incarnated on earth at the right time so that they might be prepared when the Call for them should sound, and it was their first duty to listen for that call.

— — —

Meanwhile the priceless treasure bequeathed by the murdered Son of God, his living Word, was perverted and alloyed to suit selfish ends. Man proved utterly unable to comprehend the principles of Christ's teaching. On the contrary they evolved and taught an absolutely erroneous doctrine of sentimental love, which developed into rejecting, as not coming from God, all that did not harmonise with their ideal, and today they still fiercely oppose all that does not agree with their repulsive slackness and with their morbid and servile worship of man. All that was not based on the acknowledged supremacy of man was simply discarded as wrong and not in keeping with God's Word. The fuss they make is an expression of anxiety lest the suspected hollowness of their arguments become evident to all. This then is what happened to the sacred legacy of the Son of God. His Word was vilified, debased and interpreted in the lowest material sense. It sought adherents by appealing to their human weaknesses, and when temporal power had been established (this is always the end in view), it soon became evident by their brutal cruelties
how the so-called servants of Christ understood and were living according to His teaching! It always became more glaringly evident that it was just the teachers of the Christian principles who themselves were the greatest enemies and most shameless and unpardonable offenders. From the beginning of the established Churches, all history gives us facts so clear and so indelibly engraven that they can never be denied or excused by circumstances. The obloquy of being conscious hypocrites rests on the perpetrators of the long series of single and collective murders committed with shameless and sacrilegious appeals and exhortations to God. Something similar goes on at the present time in a form suited to the present day.

Thus, thanks to the willingness of men, the Powers of Darkness became even darker as the time approached for the Son of Man to incarnate on earth.

The elements rejoiced at his birth; the angels lovingly accompanied him down to earth. The blessed spirits of Paradise formed themselves into a rampart around him in his childhood on earth. His youth was to be full of sunshine. In the evening he saw the Comet beaming down on him like a greeting of God, His heavenly Father. He naturally took the Comet to be one of the stars, till the bandage, which he was to wear during his bitter training on earth, was put before his eyes.

Then life around him seemed strange; only a great, deep unquenchable longing filled his soul and disquieted him without ceasing — he was always seeking for something, and nothing that the earth held could satisfy him.

Blindfolded by this invisible bandage he stood on the ground of the enemy facing the Powers of Darkness on a battlefield on which they had the advantage, for they had a firmer hold there. Thus, as it was to be expected, whatever he engaged in, he could find no response and no success, the Powers of Darkness rose up and hindered it. As long as his hour had not come, the Powers of Darkness were always the stronger and could harm him when he was engaged in anything appertaining to this world, whether it was in private life, in business or had reference to the worldly authorities. All things, mundane or material, naturally and necessarily were opposed to the envoy from God, for, at the present time, the will of man is diametrically opposed to the Will of God, and this in spite of the pretence they make of seeking for the Truth, for behind this seeking conceit and presumption is hidden in many forms. The Powers of Darkness found willing agents everywhere to hinder the Messenger from the Light, and to injure him sorely in many ways. Thus his time of training was a time of bitterness and affliction.

— — —

In the same way as the spirit in its redundant strength attracts and holds animistic, ethereal and material substance after the fashion of a magnet, likewise but even more powerfully does influence that which has its origin above spiritual substance everything in Subsequent Creation. This is a natural proceeding, it could not be otherwise. However, this influence only resembles attraction, for, properly speaking, attraction only influences what is of the same species. Here it is a case of the power of the stronger in a purely literal and noble sense and not in the human, for man dwelling in the material world has here as everywhere else succeeded in mutilating and warping the working of this law. This sovereign power expresses itself outwardly in a sort of magnetic attraction, aggregation, cohesion, and dominion.

According to this law, men felt drawn to this mysterious, powerful Stranger from on High, although they often fiercely rebelled. The thick veils in which he was enveloped could not quite prevent some of this strange power from sickering through, though it could not freely penetrate and exercise the invincible might that it will have when its hour comes and its veils fall away. This has caused much dissension among men. The very presence of the Stranger awakened hopes of different sorts, and human-like these mostly took the form of worldly wishes which men then nourished and fostered in their hearts. Such wishes the Stranger could never attend to, for his hour had not come. This greatly disappointed many and curiously enough they felt themselves defrauded of their rights. They never reflected that in truth it was but their own selfish expectations that had been disappointed, and in their indignation they made the Stranger responsible. But it was not he that had called them, for they had intruded upon and hung on to him, attracted by the law they did not know, and they were often a heavy burden which he had to bear in the years of his wanderings upon earth during his time of training.

Men on earth had the impression that there was something strange and mysterious about him, and guessed he was gifted with a hidden power which they could not explain and supposed in their ignorance that it was suggestive or hypnotic power or that it was magic according to the state of their mentality; but none of these conclusions was the right one. The affection they felt for him at first, the consciousness of the attraction of some strange power often turned to hate, which demonstrated itself in morally attacking him from whom they had expected advancement, and defaming his character.

In their rancour, they affirmed and tried to persuade others that the Stranger had at first encouraged them to believe, they were to lead lives of ease and comfort, and had then disappointed their expectations. The truth being that they had molested and taken advantage of him. The Stranger, who lived in another and ideal world never took advantage of them as anyone who will trouble to enquire would soon certify. Kind actions from him they repaid with hate and animosity in similar fashion as Judas of old.

The Stranger had to submit to all this (it was the result of his being on earth), as long as mankind lived on in error and confusion.

At the same time these experiences hardened him and encased him in the necessary armour which shielded him from being too generous and helpful; but at the same time a gulf opened between him and mankind as a consequence of their so grievously and sorely wounding his soul. Only he alone can bridge it over and cross it, who has ordered his life in strict accordance with the Laws of God. All others who might try would infallibly be lost, and those who remained standing and hesitating on the other side would perish.

Before this bitter time of learning had come to an end, the Stranger met with the companion who, as part of himself, was to wander through life according to Divine ordinance together with him and participate in his great mission. She, herself, was also a stranger on earth. She willingly and joyfully acquiesced in God's Will and gratefully accepted her share in the great work.

Then came the time for the Called, for those who had vowed faithful allegiance and service. The granting of their petitions had been carefully considered and attended to and at the right time they were incarnated on earth. Their faithful guides equipped them with what was necessary for them to carry out the special task that was assigned to them, and this in such a striking manner that they could not help recognising what befell them as special blessings and gifts; they considered them pledges to help them to carry out what they had vowed when the time came; and promptly they came into touch with God's Messenger first through his word and then personally.

Many of these, although they suspected and were vaguely aware of having a call, and were inwardly impressed by something unusual, had, however, during their lives let themselves be so engrossed with worldly interests and even partly entangled by the influence of Darkness that they could not summon the strength to compel themselves to do the true service for which they had been allowed to come to earth at this great time. Some showed the inclination to serve, but their will was too weak and their earthly faults hindered them. And then unfortunately others, who set about to serve, from the very beginning put their own earthly interests in the first place. Even among those whose will to serve was serious, several expected that he whom they had come to serve should make their path easy and smooth instead of the opposite. Only a few proved that they could really be of service. To these then ten times greater strength was given when the hour came, so that the gaps were no longer felt and they, in their faithful allegiance, were able to do more than the great company could ever have accomplished.

It greatly grieved the Stranger to see this havoc in the groups of those who had received the Call.
It was one of his most bitter experiences; much as he had learnt and suffered himself at the hands of man, this he could not understand, for he could find no excuse for their failing him. In his opinion one who had been called, guided and incarnated at his own especial wish, could not do otherwise than joyfully and faithfully accept and carry through his task. For what other purpose had he come to earth? Why had he been so carefully protected up to the hour when the envoy from on high needed him? All his gifts had been given him to enable him to serve!

It is not surprising that the Stranger put full confidence in the first Called he met. He looked on them as friends who could neither think, feel or act otherwise than in absolute fealty to him. Was it not the highest, the most precious privilege that could fall to the lot of man? The thought never crossed his mind that such a one might have gone astray and become corrupt during his interval of waiting. He could not conceive how any man so blessed should sacrilegiously neglect the whole purpose of his being on earth; they only struck him as being very helpless on account of their many faults . . . Thus he was all the more painfully shocked when he had to learn that a human spirit is not to be depended on even in such exceptional cases and proves unworthy of the greatest blessing, even when enjoying the most faithful spiritual guidance.

Suddenly he saw
men before him in all their depravity and in their unspeakable inferiority; and the sight sickened and revolted him. Mankind became an abomination in his eyes.

— — —

Misery dwelt on earth and oppressed it evermore. The weakness and hollowness of all man had created became more and more apparent; fresh proof of their utter incapacity daily came to light. In the general and increasing confusion, all seemed to sway and totter with one single exception, that was man's unshaken belief in his own abilities.

Indeed man's self-confidence blossomed forth all the more luxuriantly, and this was natural, for narrow-mindedness is the fruitful soil on which the Powers of Darkness best flourish. Where narrow- mindedness increases, the Powers of Darkness gain in influence.

The wish to count for something in the eyes of man became more and more ardent till it became a virulent fever. The less a man had to offer, the more weight he laid on the distinctions to be had in the world. When in quiet moments sometimes doubts arose respecting themselves, it only made them the more anxious at least to have a reputation for knowledge, cost what it might; and so they raced downhill. When at last, it became evident to them that a complete breakdown of their system was impending, each in his own way sought to divert his thoughts from the coming calamities and allow them to rush on at will, while he shut his eyes to the responsibility that threatened to fall on him.

“Enlightened” men arose and prophesied the advent of a great helper who would save men in the time of their affliction.But most of these sought for this helper in themselves, or, if they were modest, in one of their circle.

The orthodox believers prayed to God for help in this tribulation, but it appeared that they made the condition with their God that He should send them a helper fashioned after their own especial taste and views. So narrow-minded are they that they believed a messenger from God needs to possess worldly distinctions that, to be recognised by them and win their confidence he must assent with and harmonise with their opinions and customs. What unheard of pretention, what conceit lies in this fact alone! When the hour comes, there will be no trace of conceit left in the world and all presumption will be blotted out!

Then the Lord called His servant who was wandering as a Stranger on the earth, and told him to speak and proclaim the message to all those who thirsted for it. Then lo, and behold! The knowledge of the
wise men melted away and was as nothing! Neither did the petitions of the orthodox prove to be genuine, for they did not lend their ears to the voice that brought the Truth down from on high. Only where there is an atom of truth left in man, only where it has not been buried under his faults and has not been silenced by his intellect can the voice penetrate and operate. Such things as are calculated to divert man from the right way and lead him to perdition shall be done away with!

The Call went forth. Where it re-echoed, it brought disquiet and dissension, except where it was seriously expected, and there it brought peace and happiness.

The sound aroused the Powers of Darkness to fresh activity; they clustered ever closer, ever denser, heavier, and blacker, around the earth. Now and then they spurted forth, hissed and spat into the rows of those who wished to obey the Call, especially surrounding those who had already been called but who were fated to fall their victims, for had they not stretched forth their hands to the Powers of Darkness by being traitors to their promise? Their former vow bound them fast to the envoy spiritually, and drew them to him when the hour approached for the promise, although their faults made obstacles arise and repelled them from him, as there was no possible connection with the Light. These circumstances made a bridge for the whole virulence of hate, that the Powers of Darkness feel for the Light, to cross, approach and attack him, so that his life was a Golgotha. The greater number of people were only too glad to join in molesting him, particularly those who in their own opinion knew the way to the Light and walked in it in the same way as did the Scribes and Pharisees. The situation was such that it showed how men of the present day would be capable of again committing the same crime as they did towards the Son of God. Only this time in a modern form, a moral murder symbolising the Crucifixion, which, however, is no less criminal than killing the physical body. Traitors, false witnesses and slanderers came out of the group of those who had been called. Base minions of the Powers of Darkness ventured to approach in ever increasing numbers. They felt themselves safe because the Stranger refused to answer the infamous accusations brought against him. It was to be as it had been with the Son of God who answered nothing to the jeering mob who wanted him to be crucified. But when the faithless deserters, in blind hate thought victory was theirs, and that Darkness had once more destroyed what the Light had built up, because they considered they had made the Light- bearer impossible on earth, God Almighty was pleased to express
His Almighty Will visibly. The scornful and the mockers sank trembling on their knees before his Glory, but then it was too late!