89. A Last Word

Take warning, oh Spirit of Man, for your hour has come! The time for development, that you so ardently solicited, was granted you and you spent it in folly and wickedness.

Take heed, you who are so confident in your intellectual presumption. Your confidence has thrown you into the arms of the Powers of Darkness, and today they are triumphantly hugging you in their embrace. Look up, for your Lord is at hand! You are standing before His Divine Judgment Seat.

Rouse yourselves from your stupor and cease your foolish wonderings. Your reasoning faculties are being lulled to sleep
— their death-sleep. Awake and tremble! Woe unto you! You faithless deserters! In your obtuseness, you danced around the golden calf like moths attracted by a candle. Was it not because of you that Moses, in his anger and disappointment, broke the tables on which the laws of your God were written? These laws were to help you to rise to the Light. This breakage was a living symbol that mankind did not deserve knowledge of God's Will. Had the children of Israel not frivolously and presumptuously rejected it, to dance around an idol of their own creation, thus gratifying their own inclinations? Now, however, the end is at hand; the last reaction, the consequences and retribution that cannot be avoided. Divine Will, once so carelessly set aside, will be the rock on which you will now be wrecked. Therefore, awake! You are standing before your Judge. Lamentations and prayers no longer avail, for you had thousands of years in which to consider. But you never had
time to consider. You did not wish to do so, for in your incorrigible arrogance you thought yourselves far too wise, as you still do today, and therein lies the greatest folly — but that you will not acknowledge. Thus you have become as noisome vermin of the kind that abhor all light. By persistently grubbing in the dark, you can no longer raise your eyes to the Light. You can neither recognise it; nor can you bear it. You have thus sentenced yourselves.

When the Light shines forth again, you will stagger back and fall into the pit that is open behind you, waiting to receive and engulf you outcasts, without hope of reprieve. You will never be able to free yourselves from the fetters that will bind you there. Your evil influence, your presumption, your preference for sham and for tinsel instead of pure gold, will never more put obstacles in the way of the struggling travellers on the way to the Light. Down with you into the horrible pit you have made for yourselves by your persistent upholding of evil! You shall no longer obstruct the Truth of God.

How clamorously insignificant man pushes his pseudo- knowledge far into the foreground! He confuses many souls who might be saved, if they did not fall a prey to spiritual highwaymen. These deceivers pretend to be bent on the same journey at its start, but credulous travellers who allow themselves to be taught by these false guides, only hear old traditions (the real meaning of which the informant is himself ignorant) dished up in grandiloquent phrases, which is all these conceited and self-satisfied blind leaders of the blind have to offer.

The popular saying:
They are threshing empty straw is indeed very apt. Empty because, not recognising the grain, they fail to gather it in. Such blindness one meets everywhere; with obtuse persistence they drum upon what others have said, adding nothing of their own, as they have nothing to add. There are thousands who belong to this class and again thousands who believe that they alone have the right faith. With self- complaisant modesty they warn others who venture to enquire into problems too deep for their understanding not to be conceited. These are among the worst false guides; indeed they are already lost, cast aside, for such stubborn bigots are beyond all help. When at last they see their mistake, it will be of no avail to despair, to lament, or to pray. They willed not otherwise, and have lost their opportunity. They are not worth mourning for. Every moment is much too precious to waste it on such wiseacres, for they would never shake off their stiff- necked obstinacy and awake, but blindly run on to destruction. They protest, in nauseating language, that theirs is the true faith in God, and theirs is the right appreciation and understanding of Christ; but all this is only their imagination!

No better are those who serve their God with the regularity and routine with which they attend to other duties, because it is necessary, laudatory and seemly. This they do partly from habit, and partly because it is the general custom — perhaps also as a precautionary measure: one never knows how useful it may be some day!
They will perish and be no more than a breath that the wind has wafted away. Those really serious investigators who miss the opportunity to free themselves from their tangle of perplexities are more to be pitied, because they are untiringly at work rummaging about to find their way to the beginnings of Creation. Still they are of no use and cannot be excused. Besides there are but few, very few of these. Most of those who call themselves investigators waste their time in fruitless toying. The remainder — the greater part of mankind — , however, has no time for introspection. Apparently they are overwhelmed with the cares of the world and have enough work to do to satisfy their worldly wishes, to procure the necessities of daily life and other things besides. They do not notice that, as soon as one wish has been fulfilled, another more pressing one takes its place. A never ending series of ever increasingly urgent wishes gives them no peace and no time to awake spiritually, and thus man lets himself be hustled through his life on earth, a slave to his physical and mundane wants and wishes, and not one of his wishes or his aims is of spiritual or permanent value. Then, exhausted by his efforts, he must care for the health of his body! It must have rest, thorough change and diversion; therefore, he has no time for spiritual things.

If now and again a passing thought of the After Death leaves its impression, he dismisses all such annoying reflections and never lets them affect or arouse him. He complains that, even if he would, he has no time whatever for such things.

In some cases men even expect others to see to their spiritual interests for them, or they accuse fate, and even go so far as to murmur against God. Every word addressed to such as these is wasted, for they would never acknowledge that it only lies with themselves to change all this. In their eyes only mundane things are necessary, and the more success they have, the more assured they are that they are right. The truth is that they have never seriously wished for success of any other sort, on the contrary they made all sorts of difficulties excusing themselves for not attending to spiritual matters. They considered these of the last importance and only to be taken seriously when a man was in great distress or at the point of death. Care for spiritual welfare was a secondary consideration and can afford to wait, so they thought and so they still think today. And if some exceptionally favourable opportunity for serious reflection ostentatiously offers itself, they have the same reason, or rather excuse, for not taking advantage of it. They must first do this, or attend to that, and then they will gladly take advantage of the offer, just the same over again as during Christ's ministry on earth.

The really serious attention that this most necessary of all things demands, is nowhere to be found. It seems to them too distant. For this reason they are already rejected, all of them. Not one will be admitted into the Kingdom of God.

Now take thought and ask yourselves: who can and will remain? A sad prospect, but unfortunately only too true. And when judgment has humbled and broken them, they will quickly kneel in the dust, but if you will picture the situation to yourselves today, how do you see them kneeling? In spite of their pitiable condition, still they will be exacting, lamenting and asking to be helped. That the heavy load with which they burdened themselves shall be removed: that is their prayer. Do you not hear it? They will pray to have the torment removed, but give not one thought to their inward improvement. They would not honestly express the intention to renounce their mundane ambitions and turn from their evil ways, nor frankly admit that they wished they knew better and bravely confess their former errors and faults. And when the Son of Man stands in their midst at the time of their Judgment, all hands will be stretched out to him, whining, beseeching, all in the hope that he will help them and that in the way
they wish, that is, that he will take their torment from them and lead them to new life. But for the most part he will repulse them and repudiate them as beyond the pale, for these petitioners after being helped would immediately relapse into their old faults and poison all their surroundings. He will only accept those who beg him for the strength to rise and better themselves permanently, those who will humbly discard and repudiate their stubbornness and will gladly welcome the Word of Truth coming from the Light as a deliverance.

The Son of Man! Men are already expressing their views as to how he should be according to their ideas, and have the effrontery to appraise him according to their own computation and dare approach him with their twaddle and their own opinions.

Fools that you are, you are injuring your cause in a terrible manner, and just on this account you will be the first to be rejected, for this was exactly how you sinned against the Son of God, whom you do not rightly recognise even today. The Son of Man in the Day of Reckoning will offer no explanation, on which you may hold long- winded discussions, but he will simply issue his commands, which will have to be most exactly obeyed if you do not wish to perish.

For the present this is the last word! Now the near future will testify to the Truth of my Message. Men have from the beginning taken up a false position so that whatever they think and do is, for the most part, oblique, perverted and distorted by their false imaginings. Thus it will only be possible for them to understand the Message from the Holy Grail and the Message brought by the Son of God, if they pull down the erection of false knowledge they have built up, the product of their misconceptions and wrong interpretations, and
begin again from the commencement. There is no other way, they must become again like children.

It would be vain to try to bridge over from old errors to new truths or to saddle the latter on the former. All must be reconstructed from the very beginning, and the new work must be done in all simplicity and humility, so that it may grow and wax strong.

He who cannot or will not do this, is lost with the rest. Should men be helped — as they will pray to be helped — in the hour of danger and dire necessity, all would soon be forgotten as soon as their fear had left them. In their folly they would not scruple to begin to criticise instead of to reflect, and such men can no longer be admitted for reprieve. Waste of time like this will be impossible in future, for this section of Creation is hurrying on to its end. Every human spirit must now decide whether it is to be
yes or no, whether it is to be deliverance from self- made fetters or whether it is to be destruction in the same. Man has free choice! The consequences resulting are, however, definite and inalterable. To delay is tantamount to choosing destruction. All will be blotted out except those who are really good and have discernment, to whom those do not belong who consider themselves good. When the happy ones are relieved from the great oppression, when the noisome creatures of Darkness have been put to flight by the power of the Light and have sunk back to the region to which they belong, then liberated man will be able to breathe freely and he will exult exceedingly, for the earth will have become virginal, pure from every evil thought, and men can live there and men be at peace with one another.