9. The Original Sin

The original sin came from the first fall.
The sin, that is, the wrong action, was the growth of the intellect, the associated voluntary chaining to space and time and the then occurring side effects of the exact work of the intellect, such as greed for gain, cunning, oppression, etc., which have many other, actually, all evils in tow.
This process, of course, had a gradually increasing influence on the formation of the gross material body in the developing, purely intellectual human being. The frontal brain, which produces the intellect, became larger and larger on one side through the continuing efforts, and it was quite natural that in procreations these changing forms were expressed in the reproduction of the earthly body, and that the children brought with them at births an ever more developed, stronger forebrain.
But in this lay, and still lies today, the predisposition to a power of intellect which is dominant over all other things, and which holds the danger that, when fully awakened, the bearer of the brain will not only be firmly chained to space and time, that is, to all earthly gross matter, so that he will become incapable of grasping Ethereal Matter and Pure Spirit, but will also involve him in all evils which remain inevitable with the supremacy of the intellect.
The hereditary of this voluntarily grown forebrain, in which lies the danger of purely intellectual domination, with the then unavoidable evil side effects,
is the original sin!
So, with the bodily inheritance of the part now designated cerebrum, by its artificially increased development, man brings with him a danger at birth that can very easily entangle him in evil.
But this does not relieve him of responsibility. It remains with him, for he only inherits the danger, not the sin itself. It is not at all necessary that he should let the intellect rule unconditionally and thereby submit to it. On the contrary, he can use the great power of his intellect like a sharp sword and thus clear the way for himself in the earthly mechanism, which is shown to him by his intuition, which is also called the inner voice.
If, however, through education and training, a child’s intellect is raised to unlimited dominion, then a part of the guilt, or better, of the reaction caused by the lLaw of Reciprocal Action, falls from the child, since this part affects the educator or teacher who caused it. He is bound to the child from that moment until the latter is freed from the error and its consequences, even if this should last for centuries or millennia.
But what a child brought up in this way then does, after he has been offered a serious opportunity to turn around, affects him in the repercussion all by himself. Such opportunities come through spoken or written words, through shocks in life or similar events that force a moment of deep feeling. They never fail to come. ––
It would be pointless to talk about it any further, it could only be constant repetitions in all the highlights, which all have to meet in one point. Anyone who thinks about it will soon have a veil lifted from his eyes and will have solved many questions within himself.