90. Antichrist

When the hour comes in which God wills that the great winnowing, the sorting and separating of mankind is to take place on earth, look up, ye men, to the heavens for the signs of which you have been told.

Do not let yourselves be deceived by men or by the Churches: for they have long ago subjected themselves to Antichrist.

It is sad, indeed, to think that not even the Churches knew where to look for Antichrist, he who has been among men for so long! Had they been on the look-out they must have recognized him.

Who could have acted in a more antichristian spirit than they who opposed and fought against Christ himself and ended by murdering him? Who could show greater and more bitter enmity to Christ than they? They were the heads and representatives of the world's religion, with which the Son of God's true and Divine teaching did not harmonise. True and Divine teaching could not find a place in the edifice they had raised with the intention and purpose in the first instance, of giving influence to and extending the power of Church dignitaries. In so doing they distinctly showed how subservient they were to their intellect, for that is entirely centred on worldly knowledge and worldly power and is naturally hostile and aggressive towards all that lies outside the grasp of worldly man. Divinity and spirituality distinctly lie outside, far beyond the pale of all earthly knowledge, thus the intellect is the great obstacle on the road to them.

As it is the innate nature of the intellect to oppose all that is Divine and spiritual, it follows that all those who look upon their intellect as their first and foremost possession and place their trust in it, must share in the same aversion. The religious leaders were afraid that, if the Son of God enlightened the people, they would lose their influence. That was the principal reason, as everybody knows today, of the calumnies they sought to disseminate and the motive which drove them to take Christ's life. They nailed Him to the Cross as a blasphemer of the very God He had come from to enlighten them, and whose servants they pretended to be. Men were to believe that they did God's Will, that it was in His honour and in His defence that they murdered His Messenger. So little did they know their God! All this evil was the result of their subjection to their intellect, which incited them to fight to uphold its dominating influence. They did the executioner's office for Antichrist for whom they had secretly erected a throne; in their hearts these leaders found satisfaction in thus pandering to human weakness and indulging their presumption, pride and vanity. He who wants clearer proofs of the truth of what I say, is a hopeless case and there is no help for him, for there can be nothing more antagonistic to Christ, the Son of God and His Word.
Antichrist means a fighter against Christ and against man's redemption by God's Message. It was the intellect, a poisonous growth implanted by Lucifer which proved his most successful tool in injuring man.

Thus man's original sin lay in the exaggerated development of his intellect, and behind this stands Lucifer as Antichrist in person. Through man, he was able to lift his head. He was God's only real antagonist. It was on account of his warring against the Son of God's mission that he got his name Antichrist. No other would have had the strength or the power to become Antichrist.

And Lucifer does not only engage one man but nearly all mankind in his warfare on earth against God's Will, exposing men thus to God's wrath and to eternal damnation. He who cannot grasp the obvious fact that Lucifer is the Antichrist and alone could dare oppose himself to God's Will, will never be able to understand anything that does not take place on earth, anything outside and beyond gross matter. Such a one may consider himself as lost already.

And as it was then, so it is now, only much worse. Many a religionist will arise and fight a bitter fight to keep up the worldly ordinances of the temples and churches.

It is just the human intellect which blunts all nobler feelings, which is one of the most cunningly devised pitfalls that Lucifer sets for men. All slaves of the intellect are in truth Lucifer's servants and are accessory to the terrible breakdown which must come to the world.

Because no man looked for Antichrist in intellect, he was able to extend and increase his power all the more easily. Lucifer triumphed, for he thus succeeded in cutting off man from understanding all that lies beyond physical phenomena, i.e. from life! From that plane where feeling comes into touch with the spirituality that leads into the neighbourhood of God. And with this, Lucifer set his foot upon the earth and upon the necks of the greater portion of mankind. What wonder then that he pressed forward to the altar and that religionists of all denominations including the Christian Churches fell his victims, for none of these expected Antichrist to come until the Day of Judgment. The book of Revelations in the Bible has been misunderstood until now. We are told in Revelations that before the Day of Judgment this Antichrist will
raise his head. If he is to raise his head, he must be there. It does not say he may be expected. The meaning of these words is: he will have reached the climax of his power just before the Day of Judgment.

You who are not yet spiritually deaf and blind, listen to this warning. Give yourselves the trouble to think with careful attention: this will be required of you. If you continue indolent and careless, you voluntarily give yourselves up as lost. If you take the protecting cover from the hiding place of a poisonous snake, it will naturally start up and try to bite the ruthless hand that exposed it. Antichrist, finding himself discovered, will hasten to disclaim, and on being unmasked will loudly

vociferate and do all he can to keep the throne men have so willingly given him, but he can only do all this through the agency of those who in their hearts continue secretly to admire him and adhere to him. Therefore, keep a sharp look-out on your surroundings when the battle begins. Their noisy clamour will betray his faithful followers, for these as before fear the exposure that truth will surely bring. Antichrist will exert all his might to retain his influence on earth. Notice the sophistry and equivocation with which he defends himself and which he uses in his attacks. The same old methods of slander: he will cause his opponents to be discredited and suspected. His adherents have no other weapons. They cannot simply stand up and disprove the truth. That would be impossible. Thus, this time Lucifer's servants will call the Messenger of God
Antichrist and will accuse him just as they accused the Son of God. And yet the weakness of their arguments is only too clearly shown, for they are utterly deficient in conclusiveness.

How can one accuse the man who unmasks Lucifer and exposes his machinations, of being Antichrist? It is a new form of the accusations made against the Son of God, because His statements did not agree with their views. With these methods they only wish to protect Lucifer and uphold his reign on earth. Such arguments are instigated by the Powers of Darkness, and those who propound them are their agents, even if they are servants of the Church and enjoy the veneration and respect of their fellow-men. Remember what happened when the Son of God was on earth. The same Antichrist who then misled and deluded the men of that day is at work again today to retain dominion over the earth, to escape destruction and continue to obscure and pervert the true Will of God.

Therefore, watch for the signs that have been promised. It is the last opportunity for each individual to decide his fate: safety or destruction? This time it is God's Will that those who dare set themselves against Him and oppose His Messenger shall be lost. Every act of negligence will rise up and accuse you before the Judgment Seat. God will not cause his sign to appear above some church, nor will a church dignitary be accredited as a Messenger of God by a sign. It will only be He who is inseparably bound up with the sign, who carries it about in him as a living shining light as did the Son of God when he was on earth. It is the living shining Cross of the Truth, and above him the Dove. It will be visible to all those who will be blessed to see spiritual things, that they may give testimony of it to all the peoples of the earth, for this time there will be seers among all the peoples of the earth as a last Divine Grace.

Such sublime signs of Divine Truth can never be conjured up, not even by Lucifer himself whom they put to flight, much less by man. He, therefore, who would still hold out against this Divine testimony sets himself in direct opposition to God as an enemy, making it very evident that he is not and never was God's servant, no matter what he pretended to be in the world. Such a man is the servant of Lucifer and the slave of his intellect. When the Great Reckoning comes, all such will be condemned and rejected eternally. Have a care lest you be found among these!