The Ten Commandments

The First Commandment

I am the Lord, your God! You shall have no other gods before Me!

Anyone who can read these words correctly will probably already see in them the judgement of many who do not observe this most noble of all commandments.

"You shall have no other gods!" Many a human being imagine far too little under these words. They have made it too easy for themselves! Among idol worshippers, one probably thinks first and foremost only of those people who kneel before a row of wooden figures, each of which represents a particular god, perhaps also thinks of devil worshippers and similar aberrants, whom he reflects on with pity at best, but he does not think of himself. Just take a look at yourselves and see if you might be one of them after all!

One has a child, who really is more important to him than anything else, for whom he could make any sacrifice, and over whom he forgets everything else. Another places earthly enjoyment far above everything, but would not, even with the best of intentions in the world, be willing to give up this enjoyment for anything, if such a demand were to come to him that would grant him a voluntary decision. A third again loves money, a fourth power, a fifth a woman, another earthly honour, and all again in all, in the end, only ... himself!

This is idolatry in the truest sense. This is what the first commandment warns against! Forbids it! And woe to those who do not obey it literally! This transgression is immediately avenged by the fact that such a person must always remain earthbound when he passes over into the afterlife. In reality, however, he has only bound himself to earth by his attachment to something that is on earth! He is thereby prevented from ascending further, loses the time granted him for this purpose, and runs the risk of not coming out of fine dense matter in time in a resurrection from it into the luminous realm of free spirits. Then he will be carried away into the inevitable decomposition of all worlds of matter that serves to purify
it for its resurrection and its new formation. This, however, is the ethereal and spiritual death of the human soul of all personal consciousness, and thus also the destruction of its form as well as its name for eternity!

The observance of the commandment is to protect against this dreadful thing! It is the most noble commandment because it is one that remains most necessary for the human being! Unfortunately, he tends far too easily to surrender to any inclination that finally enslaves him! But what he allows to become an inclination, he makes into a golden calf, which he places in the highest place, and thus also into an idol or idolatrous god next to his God, even very often
above Him!

Unfortunately, there are only too many "inclinations" that man has created for himself and which he likes to make his own in the greatest carelessness! An inclination is a preference for something earthly, as I have already mentioned. There are, of course, many more. But he who acquires an inclination "hangs on", as the word correctly expresses it. He is thus attached to the gross matter when he enters the afterlife for his further evolution, and cannot easily detach himself from it again, is therefore inhibited, held back! One can also call it a curse that remains upon him. The process is the same, no matter how it is expressed literally.

If, however, in his existence on earth, he places God above all, not only in his imagination or only literally, but in his intuition, thus truly and genuinely in reverent love that binds him as to an inclination, he will, through the bond in the same effect, immediately strive further upwards when he comes into the afterlife; for he takes the reverence and love for God with him, it holds and carries him at last to his proximity, to Paradise, the Primordial Creation, the abode of the Pure Spirits, freed from all burdens, the bond of which leads only to God's Luminous Truth!

Therefore, pay strict attention to the observance of this commandment. In this way you will be saved from
many strokes of fate of an unfortunate kind, which you might not have enough time to redeem!


The Second Commandment

You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God!

The name awakens and gathers the concept in man! Whoever defiles a name and dares to debase it, thereby devalues the concept! Be mindful of this at all times!

But this clear commandment of the Lord is the least respected of all the ten commandments, and is thus the most transgressed. A thousandfold are the types of these disrespects. Even man thinks that many of these transgressions are quite harmless, only slight sayings, they nevertheless remain transgressions of this sharply given commandment! It is precisely these thousandfold, supposedly harmless transgressions that degrade the holy name of God, and with it the concept of God, which is always closely connected with the name, robbing it of its sacredness before men, even before children, and defiling its sanctity by making it a commonplace, by reducing it to a common idiom. People do not shy away from making themselves ridiculous in the process. I will not cite one of the many speeches; for the name is far too high and noble for that! But every person needs to pay attention to it even for one day, he will be dismayed at the vast accumulation of transgressions of the second commandment by men of both sexes, great and small, even down to children, who are scarcely able to form a proper sentence. For as the old sang, so do the young chirp! For this reason, the distortion of God is the first thing that the young learn in the apparently harmless transgression of God's laws.

But the effect of this is the worst of all transgressions! It has literally spread devastatingly among all mankind, not only among Christians, but also among Mohammedans, Jews, and Buddhists, everywhere the same is heard tot he point of weariness. What then can the name "God" mean to man! It is devalued, is not even respected as the smallest of coins! Much worse than a worn-out garment. And this otherwise so clever man of the earth thinks it harmless, sins in it more than a hundred times in one day! Where is the deliberation! Where is the slightest stir of feeling? You, too, are completely numbed to it; listen calmly when the holiest of all concepts is thus trampled into the dirt of everyday life! But do not be mistaken! The account of guilt in the afterlife is mercilessly taxed for every one who has sinned in it! And it is not so easy to atone for this, because it has such far-reaching bad consequences, which must be avenged down to the third and fourth generation, if there is not a man in this generation who comes to understand and puts a stop to these evil doings.

Therefore, try to fight the harmful habit in your familiar circles. But, first of all, cut your own karmic threads with all the energy that is still in you, so that the debt account does not become larger than it already is. Do not believe in an easy redemption, because up to now you did not think anything wrong of it! The harm is therefore exactly the same! And the sin against the commandment remains unconditionally! You knew it well. If you did not make a real effort to realise its consequences, it is your fault! Therefore, Therefore nothing can possibly be reckoned with you! Listen and act, so that you will be able to redeem much while you are still on earth.

Otherwise, the mire that awaits you when you enter the beyond is frightening, and which obstructs your ascent.

But not the individual alone, but also the authorities openly showed their resistance against this commandment and also against the Word of God through many centuries, by forcibly demanding oaths from people, forcibly urging them to transgress, under threat of severe earthly punishments, if they did not comply with the demand. But the punishment in the afterlife is much more severe, and falls on all those who demanded the oath, not on those who had to take it under pressure. Christ also said again expressly, "Let your speech be yea or nay; for that which is above is of evil! “

And yet the authorities had the power to give the decisive weight to the yes or the no, by punishing it in the case of deception in court just as they punished perjury! In doing so, they would be able to raise the value of the words in court to that level which they needed for a verdict. It was not necessary, therefore, to lead people to the transgression of the commandment of God! Now, in return, they will have their judgment in the afterlife. More severe, more rigorous, than they have ever mocked interaction. There is no escape from it!

Even worse, however, were the churches and their representatives, who subjected their fellow men to the worst tortures under invocations of God, and finally burned them again under invocations of God, if they had not already been subjected to the torments before. The Roman emperor Nero, well known to all, and notorious for his cruelty, was not so bad in his tortures of Christians, not so damnable as the Catholic Church with its immense register of sins against the laws of God! Firstly, he did not murder and torture so much, and secondly, he did not do it under such hypocritical invocations of God, which in this way must rank among the greatest blasphemies possible to be perpetrated by a human being!

It is of no use for these same churches to condemn today that which, alas, was then all too long perpetrated by them; for they did not leave it voluntarily!

And still today it is not much different in mutual, only quieter contempt and in a different, more modern form! In this, too, only its
form has changed with time, not the living core! And this core alone, which one so gladly conceals, counts before the judgment of God, never the outer form!

And this present form, only apparently harmless, was born of the same unspeakable arrogance of spirit on the part of the representatives of
all the churches, as before. And where there is not the damnable arrogance, there is an empty conceit based on the earthly power of the churches. These vices often enough result in the most untoward animosities, which are still interwoven with earthly calculations of spreading influence, if not even to the point of longing for a great political importance.

And all this with the name
"God" on their lips, so that once again I would like to cry out to the Son of God: "By your actions, you have stamped my Father's houses as murder pits in your honour! Servants of the Word of God you call yourselves, but you have become servants of your own arrogance!"

Every Catholic thinks himself far better before God than a Protestant, without there being any reason for it; but every Protestant thinks himself more knowledgeable, more advanced, and therefore nearer to his God than the Catholic! And these are all those who claim to be followers of Christ, to be educated according to His word.

Fools are both parts, who base themselves on something that does not count at all before God's Will! These all sin far more against the second commandment than the followers of the other religions, for they abuse the name of God not only in word but in deed, in their whole way of life, even in their so-called "worship".

They give to every thinking and well observing person only a chilling example of forms without content, of empty thinking. It is precisely in their boundless conceit of wanting to make themselves and their surroundings believe that they have a place in heaven ahead of those of other faiths that they most profoundly desecrate the concept of God. The outward appearance of church customs, a baptism, and so many other things, do not do it! The inner man alone is to stand before the judgment! Mark this, you arrogant ones, to whom it has already been proclaimed that on the Day of Judgment they will parade proudly, with flags and splendid robes, in order joyfully to get their reward. But they never reach the kingdom of the spirit at the feet of the throne of God, because they receive the reward due them before they get there. A breath of ice shall blow them away like chaff that has no value, for they lack pure humility
within themselves and true love for their neighbour!

They are, by their ways, the worst abusers of the name "God," the worst transgressors of the second commandment!

They all served Lucifer, not God! And thereby mocked all God's commandments! From the first to the last! But especially this second one, whose transgression here is the blackest defilement of the concept of God in the name!

Beware of still easily going beyond the commandment! Pay close attention to yourselves and your surroundings. Remember, if you faithfully obey nine commandments and do not obey one of them, you will be lost in the end. When a commandment is given by God, therein already lies the proof that it must not be taken lightly, that it must be fulfilled in indispensable necessity! Otherwise it would never have been given to you.

Do not dare to pray unless you are able to resonate with your whole soul in the words, and beware of presenting thoughtless babblers to your God; for you would thereby be guilty of an abuse of God's name before Him. Consider carefully before you ask Him for anything, whether it is urgently needed! Do not become entangled in formal prayers, which at certain times have become the custom in all religious practices. This is not only abuse, but blasphemy of the name of God! In joy or distress, a burning feeling without words is worth much more than a thousand word-prayers, even if this feeling lasts only a fraction of a moment. For such feeling is then always genuine, and not hypocrisy! Therefore, never misuse the term God. It is a
sacred moment when the spirit of man wants to throw itself before the steps of the Throne of God in supplication or thanksgiving! This must never become habitual chatter! Not even by the servants of a church!

The man who manages to use the name God on all possible and impossible occasions of the day has never had the slightest idea of the concept of God! He is an animal, but not a man! For, as a human spirit, he
must have the capacity to feel God's wonders within him, even if it were only once in his earthly life! But this one time alone would be enough to take away from him absolutely all desire for the careless transgression of the second commandment! He will then eternally feel the need to pronounce the name "God" only kneeling down in the highest purity of his whole inner being!

Who has not this, he is far from being worthy even of God's word, how much less to enter God's kingdom! How much less to enjoy His blessed nearness! For this reason it is forbidden to make an
image of God the Father in the image of men. Every attempt to do so must lead to a pitiful diminution, for neither the spirit of man nor the hand of man is capable of seeing even the smallest part of reality in a visionary way and of capturing it in an earthly way. The greatest work of art in this could only mean profound degradation. One eye alone, in its ineffable brilliance, indicates all. – So sublime is the greatness, incomprehensible to you, which you sum up in the word "God," and which, in reckless presumption, you often venture to use as the most common of empty and thoughtless phrases! You will have to give an account of this action of yours!


The Third Commandment

Thou shalt keep the Sabbath day holy!

Who takes the trouble to understand a commandment? If one looks at the children, the adults, how they carelessly deal with the commandments of their God, horror could, or should, come to every seriously thinking person. The commandments are taught to children at school where they are superficially discussed. One is glad when he has absorbed the wording and can give some information about it, as long as there is a danger that he will be questioned about it. When he then leaves school and enters professional life, this wording is soon forgotten, and with it the meaning. The best proof that he was not really interested in what his Lord and God was asking of him. But he does not even demand anything with it, but in love gives to all people what they urgently need! It was noticed from the light how much people lost their way. So God, like an educator, faithfully showed them the path that leads them to eternal existence in the light kingdom of the spirit, thus to their happiness. Whereas non-observance must lead to people's unhappiness and ruin! For this very reason it is not really right to speak of commandments. Rather, they are well-intentioned pieces of advice, showing the right way through this material world, and which the human spirits themselves have wished to know. But even this so beautiful thought has no effect on man. He has literally become too bogged down in his own trains of thought and does not want to see or hear anything else except what he has built up for himself in the form of views which his little earthly knowledge has allowed him to construct. He does not feel how the materiality carries him further and further to the limit where for the last time either - or stands for him, as the decision which now remains decisive for his whole being, according to which he must go his chosen way to the end, without being able to turn back from it again. Even if he finally comes to realization. It then becomes too late and only contributes to increasing the agony for him.

In order to help him gain knowledge in
time, despite his aberrations, God gave mankind the third commandment, the advice to keep the Sabbath holy! If this commandment had been fulfilled, every man in the course of time would have gradually awakened the longing to strive towards the Light, and with this longing the path would finally have shown itself which would have brought him up to the fulfilment of his wishes, which would have increasingly condensed into prayer. Then man would have stood differently today at the turning point of the world! Fully matured, ripe for the kingdom that must now come.

you, hear and act, that the fulfilment of the commandment may prepare your way. You shall keep the Sabbath day holy! You! It is clearly written in the words that you must consecrate the day of rest, make it holy for yourself! A holiday is a time of rest, that is, when you rest from the work which your path on earth imposes upon you. But by no means do you consecrate the hours of rest, the day of rest, if you only want to care for your body. Nor if you seek diversion in games, drink or dance. The hours of rest should lead you to a quiet contemplation of your thoughts and feelings, to review your life on earth up to now, especially the past working days of the last week, and to make use of them for your future. You can always look back over six days, what lasts longer is easily forgotten. It will not fail to happen that your feelings will slowly float higher and you become a seeker after the truth. Once you are really a seeker, a path will be shown to you. And as you walk a new path here on earth, unknown to you until then, only examining, exploring, so you should also carefully take step by step on the new spiritual paths that open up to you, in order to always keep firm ground under your feet. You must not jump, because then the danger of falling is greater. Through such thinking and feeling in the hours of celebration of your earthly existence you will never lose anything, but only gain.

No one sanctifies an hour of worship by going to church if he does not at the same time want to think in the time of rest about what he heard there, in order to absorb it properly and live in it. The priest cannot sanctify your day if you do not do it of your own accord. Weigh again and again whether the actual meaning of God's word is completely in harmony with your work. By this means the Sabbath day will then be sanctified by you; for it has acquired, through quiet contemplation, the content for whose purpose it was instituted. Every Sabbath day thus becomes a landmark on your path, which retroactively gives the days of your gross material activity the value which they should have for the maturing of your soul. Then they are not lived in vain and you are constantly moving forward. Holy does not mean wasting. As soon as you neglect this, you miss your time which was allowed you for maturing, and after the turning point for the world, which now slowly closes its rays around you, there is only a short time left to make up for what you have neglected, provided that you use all the strength you have left for it. Sanctify, therefore, the Sabbath day! Be it in your home or, better still, in nature, which helps you to become awake in thought and feeling! Fulfil the commandment of the Lord. It is for your benefit!


The Fourth Commandment

Honour Father and Mother!

God once gave mankind this commandment through Moses. But it has caused unspeakable struggles of the soul. How many a child, how many an adult, has struggled hard not to violate this commandment in the gravest way. How can a child honour a father who degrades himself to a drunkard, or a mother who, through her moods, unbridled temper, lack of self-control and so many other things, makes the hours very bitter for the father and the whole house, and makes it impossible for a calm mood to arise? Can a child honour its parents when it hears them harshly insulting, betraying, or even beating each other? Many a conjugal affair has often made the commandment a torment to the children and made it impossible for them to fulfil it. After all, it would only be hypocrisy for a child to claim to honour a mother who behaves much more kindly towards strangers than towards her own husband, the child's father. If it notices in her the tendency to superficiality, sees her sink in the most ridiculous vanity to the will=less slave of every fashionable foolishness, which so often can no longer be reconciled with the concept of serious, high motherhood, which robs all beauty and sublimity of the mother's dignity ... whereupon shall a child then still find voluntary veneration for the mother? What is there in the one word: "Mother! "What does it demand. A child who is not yet poisoned must unconsciously feel within himself that a man with a mature, serious spirit will never be able to decide to expose his gross material body merely for the sake of fashion. How then can the mother remain sacred to the child! Natural reverence sinks impulsively to the empty form of a customary duty, or, depending on the upbringing, to the self-evident social politeness, i.e. to hypocrisy, which lacks any upward swinging of the soul. Precisely the high spirits that contain warm life in them! It is indispensable to a child and accompanies it like a safe shield as it grows up and steps out into life; protects it from all kinds of temptations, and remains inwardly a strong refuge for it if, it ever has any doubts. Even in old age! The word "mother" or "father" should always awaken a warm, intimate feeling, out of which the image steps in full purity worthily before the soul, warning or approving, as a guiding star in the whole existence on earth!

And what a treasure is now taken from every child if it
cannot honour its father or mother with all its soul!

But this torment of the soul, however, is again only caused by people's wrong view of the commandment. Wrong was the previous view because it limited the meaning and made it one-sided, whereas nothing that God sends can be one-sided. But it was even more wrong to have distorted this commandment by improving it according to human judgement, and to make it more specific by adding: "Thou shalt honour
thy father and thy mother!" This made it personal. This was bound to lead to error, for the commandment in its proper form is only: "Thou shalt honour thy father and mother!"

It does not mean individual, specific persons, whose
nature cannot be fixed or foreseen from the outset. Such absurdities never occur in the divine laws. God does not demand to honour something that does not necessarily deserve to be honoured!

On the contrary, this commandment includes a
concept of fatherhood and motherhood instead of personality. It does not, therefore, address the children first, but the parents themselves, demanding of them they preserve fatherhood and motherhood in honour! The commandment imposes an unconditional duty on parents to be fully aware of their high task at all times, and thus also to keep in mind the responsibility that lies therein.

In the Beyond and in the Light, one does not live with words but in concepts.

For this reason it happens that, in the reproduction of the word, a slight limitation of these concepts easily takes place, as it becomes visible in this case. But woe to those who do not respect this commandment, who do not strive to know it correctly. It is no excuse that it has been so often misinterpreted and misperceived. The consequences of not obeying the commandment were already apparent at the time of conception and the entrance of the soul. It would be quite different on this earth if people had understood and fulfilled the incisive commandment. Completely different souls could then come to incarnation, for whom it would not have been possible to allow a decline in morality and ethics to such a degree as it is today! Look at the murders, look at the wild dances, look at the orgies into which everything wants to escalate today. As it were the coronation of the triumph of sultry currents of darkness. And behold the uncomprehending equanimity with which one accepts and even promotes the decline as something right or something that has always existed.

Where is the man who strives to recognize the Will of God correctly, who seeks to grasp the extensive greatness while soaring high, instead of stubbornly pressing this great Will over and over again into the miserable limitation of the earthly brain, which he made the temple of the intellect. He thus presses his own gaze to the ground like a slave walking in chains, instead of raising it upward with the gleam of joy to meet the ray of knowledge.

Do you not see how poorly you place yourselves in
every conception of all that comes to you from the Light? Whether it be the commandments, the promises, the Message of Christ, or even the whole of Creation! You want to see nothing, recognize nothing! You do not seek to really understand anything! You do not take it as it is, but try desperately to transform everything again and again into the lower views to which you have surrendered for millennia. Free yourselves at last from these traditions. The power to do so is at your disposal. Every moment. And without you having to make sacrifices. But with a jerk, with an act of will, it must be thrown from you! Without holding anything back any of it in an amorous glance. As soon as you make an effort to look for an intermediary connection, you will never be free from what has been up to now, but rather it will draw you back again and again tenaciously. It can only be easy for you if you cut off all that is old and thus step before the new without the old burden. Only then will the gate open for you, otherwise it will remain firmly closed. And that only requires a really serious will. It happens in a moment. Just like awakening from sleep. If you do not immediately rise from your bed, you will become tired again, and the joy of the new day's work will slacken, if it is not completely lost.

Thou shalt honour father and mother! Let this now be a holy command to you. Bring fatherhood and motherhood to honour! Who knows today what great dignity lies in it. And what power to ennoble mankind! People who unite here on earth should be clear about this for once, then every marriage will really be marriage, anchored in the spiritual! And all fathers and mothers will be
honourable according to the divine laws!

For children, however, this commandment will become sacred and alive through their parents. They will not be able to do otherwise at all but to honour the father and mother from the soul, no matter what the nature of these children themselves may be. The very nature of their parents will compel them to do so. And woe then to the children who do not completely fulfil the commandment. A heavy karma would be laid upon them; for the reason for it is then also fully given. But obeying soon becomes a matter of course, a joy, a need!

Go therefore and observe the commandments of God more seriously than before! That is, observe and fulfil them! So that you may be happy!


The Fifth Commandment

Thou shall not kill!

Beat your breast, O man, and praise aloud that you are not a murderer! For to kill is to murder, and according to your conviction you have never transgressed the commandment of the Lord. You can stand proudly before Him and, without fear or anxiety, look forward with hope to the opening of this very page of your book of life.

But have you ever considered that within you there is also the act of
killing, and that killing is synonymous with murder?

There is no difference in this. You make it only in your way of expression, your language; for the commandment does not say unilaterally: Thou shalt not kill any life on gross material life earth! But in a large and comprehensive way: Thou shalt not kill!

For example, a father had a son. The father was driven by a small earthly ambition that his son should study at all costs. But in this son rested gifts that urged him to do other things, whereby studying would be of no use to him at all. So it was quite natural that the son felt no desire for this forced study, nor was he able to summon up the strength joyfully. The son was obedient. He strove to fulfil his father’s will at the expense of his health. But since it was against the nature of the son, against the gifts he carried within himself, it was quite natural that the physical body would also suffer. I do not want to follow the case any further here, which is repeated so many times in earthly life that it would go into the hundreds of thousands and even more. But it is irrefutable that the father, through his ambition or stubbornness, tried to kill something in this son that was given to him on earth for development! In many cases he succeeds in killing it, because later development is hardly possible, because the healthy vital force for it was broken in the best years, carelessly wasted on things alien to the boy’s nature.

The father thus severely violated the commandment: Thou shalt not kill! Quite apart from the fact that with his actions he deprived the people of something that could perhaps be of great benefit to them through the boy! However, he must consider that the boy is or can be spiritually related to him or to the mother, but nevertheless remains before the Creator a personality of his own, which is
obliged to develop the gifts he received on earth for his own good. Perhaps, by God’s Grace, he was even granted the opportunity to redeem a heavy karma by inventing something that would be of great benefit to humanity in a certain sense! This guilt of prevention lies especially heavy on the father or mother who placed their small earthly views above the great threads in the fabric of destiny, and thus abused their power of parenthood.

It is no different when parents are able to let the petty earthly calculations of their intellect prevail in the marriages of their children. How often is a noblest sentiment of their child stifled ruthlessly, whereby the child is indeed given a worldlessness, and also at the same time unhappiness of the soul, which remains more far-reaching for the child’s being than all the money and earthly goods.

Of course, parents should not give in to every dream or wish of a child. That would not be fulfilling their parental duty. But the serious examination is required, which must never be one-sidedly earthly! But it is precisely this
selfless test that is seldom or not at all applied by parents. There are cases of a thousand kinds. It is not necessary for me to speak more about this. Think about it for yourselves, lest you violate this so grave word of God in the commandment! Unimagined paths will open up for you!

But even the child can stifle the hopes of its parents, which are justified! If it does not develop the gifts within itself as is necessary to achieve great things in it, as soon as the parents have accommodatingly allowed it to choose the path it has asked for. Then, too, it comes to the killing of noble feelings in its parents, and it has transgressed the commandment in a crude way!

Even if man somehow deceives true friendship, or trust that someone gives him. He kills and thereby injures in the other something that really holds life! It is a violation of God’s word: Thou shalt not kill! Brings him evil fate, which he must resolve.

You see that all commandments are only the best friends for people, to faithfully protect them from evil and suffering! Therefore love them and respect them as a treasure, which you can only take pleasure in guarding. ––


The Sixth Commandment

Thou shall not commit adultery!

The very fact that there is another commandment, which says: "Do not lust after your neighbor's wife! "shows how little is meant by this sixth commandment, by what the earthly law determines about it.

"Thou shalt not commit adultery" can also read, "Thou shalt not break the peace of a marriage! " By peace, of course, is meant harmony. At the same time, this conditions
how a marriage should be in the first place; for where nothing is to be broken or disturbed, the commandment also has no validity, which is not based on earthly conceptions and determinations, but on the divine will.

A marriage is therefore only where harmony and peace reign as something self-evident. Where one always seeks only to live for the other and to please the other. One-sidedness and the so much seducing, killing boredom is thereby from the outset completely and forever excluded, as is also the dangerous longing for distraction or conceit of not being understood! The murdering tools of every happiness! It is these very that evils
cannot arise in a true marriage, where one really lives for the other because not wanting to be understood and also the longing for distraction are merely the consequences of a pronounced selfishness, which seeks to live only for itself, but not for the other.

With true love of soul, however, the mutual joyful giving of oneself is something quite self-evident, and in it, also reciprocally, a shortcoming of one part is completely excluded. Provided, of course, that the level of education of those who unite is not too great a gap.

This is a condition required by the law of attraction of the like kind in the great universe, which must be fulfilled if happiness is to be complete.

But where peace, where harmony is not to be found, marriage does not deserve to be called marriage; for then it is not marriage, but only an earthly union, which as such receives no value before God, and therefore cannot bring blessing in the sense in which it is to be expected in a true marriage.

In the sixth commandment, therefore, true marriage according to God's will is strictly a prerequisite! Any other is not protected. But woe to him who dares to disturb a
true marriage in any way! For the triumph which he thinks he will have here on earth awaits him in a quite different form in the ethereal world! He would like to flee from it in horror, when he has to to cross over into the realm where it awaits him.

It is adultery in the most far-reaching sense even when an attempt is made to separate two people who really love each other in spirit, as parent very often do, to whom one or the other earthly circumstance is not according to their wishes! And woe to the woman, and woe to the man, whether young or old, who, out of envy or dalliance, deliberately bring discord or even dissension between such a couple! Let pure love between two people be sanctified before each one; let it inspire him with reverence and respect, but not with desire. For it is under the protection of God's will!

If one seeks to ascend a feeling of such impure desire, then the person should turn and look only with a clear eye
among the people who have not yet entered into a true union with another soul.

If he seeks with earnestness and patience, then he will definitely find a person who suits him in the way intended by God, with whom he then also becomes happy, without first incurring a debt on himself, which can never bring and grant happiness!

The great mistake of these people is that they often try to follow a weak emotional pressure, keep it forcibly within themselves, cultivate it with artificial fantasies, until it fills them with strength and drives them to sin by tormenting them. Thousands of human spirits would not have to be lost, if only they would always watch out for the
beginning, which, if not created by the calculation of the intellect, is merely the result of unworthy dalliance, which in turn has its origin in the pernicious practices of earthly family and, above all, social life. Precisely these are often mere marriage markets, no cleaner than the undisguised slave trade in the East. This is a breeding ground for adultery.

Parents, beware lest you fall into the guilt of adultery against your children, out of intellectual calculation! Countless numbers are already entangled in it. It will take them a long time to get out of it. You, children, be careful that you do not become disturbers of the peace between your parents, or you too will be guilty of adultery. Consider this carefully. Otherwise you make yourselves an enemy of your God, and there is no such enemy who would not finally have to fall to destruction in unspeakable torment, without God lifting a finger to it! You must never destroy the peace and harmony between two people.

Hammer this into your head, that it may always stand as a warning before the eye your soul. —


The Seventh Commandment

Thou shall not steal!

The thief is regarded as one of the most contemptible creatures. A thief is anyone who takes something from another person’s property without that person’s will!

Therein lies the explanation. In order to obey the commandment correctly, man has nothing more to do than to always clearly distinguish what belongs to the other! That is not difficult, everyone will immediately say to oneself, and with that he has already dismissed it. Certainly, it is not difficult, just as all ten commandments are not difficult to obey if one only wants to do it right. But the condition is always that the person knows them correctly. And many lack
this. Have you ever really thought about what is actually the property of the other person, from which you are not allowed to take anything?

This is his money, jewellery, clothes, perhaps also his house and farm with cattle and everything that goes with it. But the commandment does not say that it only concerns earthly material goods! There are values that are far more precious! A man’s property also includes his reputation, his public standing, his thoughts, his character, and also the confidence which he enjoys from others, if not from all, at least from this or that! Once we have got that far, many a soul’s pride will become a little more meek in the face of the commandment. For ask yourself: Have you never tried, perhaps in good faith, to shake or completely undermine the trust that one person enjoys in another by cautionary admonition? In doing so, you have quite literally stolen from the person who was the object of this trust! For you have taken it from him! Or you made the attempt to do so.

You have also stolen from your neighbour if you know something about his circumstances and pass on this knowledge
without the consent of the person concerned. You can see from this how heavily entangled in the meshes of guilt are all those people who try to make a business out of such things or who do this kind of business at all, such as so-called credit agencies or the like. The self-entanglement in these, through all the consequences of this activity of permanent transgression of God’s Law, creates such a enormous net that these people can never get loose again and remain exposed to damnation; for they are all more heavily burdened than earthly material burglars and thieves. Guilty and fraudulent are those who support and encourage such “businessmen” in their sinful trade. Every straight and honest thinking person, whether a private citizen or a businessman, has the right and the duty to demand clarification and, if necessary, documents from a person approaching him with any kind of request, so that he can be sure how far he can trustfully fulfil his wishes. Anything else is unhealthy and reprehensible.

The fulfilment of this commandment has at the same time the effect that the intuitive perception awakens more and more and of developing and exposing its abilities. Man thus receives the right knowledge of human nature, which he only lost out of convenience. Little by little he loses what is dead, machine-like, and becomes a living human being again. Real personalities emerge, while the present mass-bred animal must lose itself.

Take the trouble to think deeply about it and see to it that in the end you do not find the commandment much transgressed in the pages of your debt book!

The Eight Commandment

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour!

If you assault and strike one of your fellow human beings so that he suffers wounds, and perhaps even rob him, then you know that you have harmed him and are subject to earthly punishment. You do not yet think of the fact that you are at the same time also forfeited into the threads of an interaction which is not subject to arbitrariness but is triggered justly down to those smallest stirrings of the soul which you do not respect at all, for which you have no sensing at all. And this interaction is in no way whatsoever related to earthly punishment, but works quietly and independently on its own, but so inescapably for the human spirit that it can no longer find a place in all Creation that can protect and conceal it.

When you hear of such a crude act of assault and violent injury, you are outraged. Should people who are close to you also suffer from it, shocked and horrified! But it does not bother you much if you overhear here and there that an absent person is put in a bad light by another through clever malicious words, as well as often only through very expressive gestures, which suggest more than can be said with words.

But remember: A physical attack is much easier to repair than an attack on the soul, which suffers through undermining of reputation.

Therefore, avoid all highwaymen of ill repute like gross murderers!

For they are just as guilty and very often even worse! As little pity as they have for the souls they themselves have hounded, so little shall their hand be offered to them in the afterlife for help when they plead for it! Cold and merciless is the sinister urge within them to disparage others, even people who are often strangers to them; coldness and mercilessness will therefore be against them in that place, in a hundredfold strength, which awaits them as soon as they must once leave their earthly body!

They remain in the afterlife the outlawed and deeply despised, even before the robbers and the thieves; for a common, malicious and contemptible trait runs through the whole species, beginning with a so-called coffee nurse* to the with the depraved creatures who are not afraid to bear false witness under self-willed oaths against a neighbour, to whom they would have had cause enough to thank in many things!

Treat them like poisonous worms, for they do not deserve to be anything else.

Because the whole of humanity completely lacks the high, unified goal of entering the kingdom of God, they have nothing to say to each other once they are together in twos or threes, and thus cultivate talking about others into a cherished custom, the wretchedness of which they are no longer able to see, because the concept for it has been completely lost in the constant execution.

They shall continue to sit together in the afterlife, paying homage to their favourite topics, until the time granted for the last possibility of ascent, which might have brought them salvation, has passed, and they are drawn into the eternal decomposition, wherein all gross and subtle matter are purified of every poison which human spirits carried into them, who are not worthy to keep a name!

*Private, social coffee visits, which usually took place among women at homes in the morning or afternoon, like a ritual.

The Ninth Commandment

Thou shalt not lust after your neighbour's wife!

This commandment is sharply and clearly directed directly against the bodily-animal instincts that man.... unfortunately... often let arise all too much as soon as he is given the opportunity to do so!

Here we have also touched on the crux of the matter, which is the greatest pitfall for people, to which almost everyone succumbs as soon as they come into contact with it:

The impulse is merely awakened and guided by thoughts! Man can very easily observe in himself that the impulse does not stir, cannot stir, if the thoughts for it are missing! He is completely dependent on it! Without exception!

Do not say that the sense of touch can also arouse desire; for that is false. It is only a delusion. The sense of touch only awakens the thought, and this then the impulse! And in order to awaken thoughts for this purpose, the opportunity that presents itself is the strongest aid which men must fear! For this reason, therefore, it is also the greatest defence and the greatest protection for all people of both sexes, if the opportunity to do so is avoided! It is the lifeline in the present distress, until the whole of humanity will be so strengthened in itself that it will be able to
keep the hearth of its thoughts pure as a healthy matter of course, which unfortunately is no longer possible today! At that point, then, a transgression of the commandment is absolutely out of the question.

Until then, many storms must roar over humanity, but the anchor will hold if every striving person makes a strict effort never to give the opportunity for the seductive seclusion of two sexes!

Let this be impressed on everyone’s spirit in flaming letters; for it is not so easy to free oneself again spiritually from the transgression, since the other party also comes into question in the process! And there is seldom a possibility of simultaneous ascent.

“Do not lust after your neighbour’s wife!” This does not only mean a wife, but the female sex in general! So also the daughters! And since it is clearly stated: “Do not let yourself lust!” only the physical urge is meant, not an honest courtship!

There can be no error in these clear words. This is the strict law of God against seduction or rape. As well as the defilement by the thoughts of a secret desire! This alone, as the starting-point of the full evil of a deed, is a transgression of the commandment, which entails punishment by means of a karma, which must be triggered in some indispensable way before the soul can be free of it again. Sometimes, this event, mistakenly regarded by man as a trifle, is even decisive for the nature of the next incarnation on earth, or for his future fate in
this earthly existence. Therefore, do not take too lightly the power of thought to which responsibility naturally attaches itself in equal measure! You are liable for the most careless thinking, for it already causes damage in the ethereal world. The world which has to receive you after this earthly life.

But if the craving goes as far as seduction, that is, to a gross material act, then fear the retribution if you are no longer able to make up for it physically and spiritually on earth!

Whether the seduction is carried out in the most flattering manner or in the strictest demand, whether in the end the consent of the female side is obtained, the interaction cannot be deterred by this, it has already begun at the time of desire, and all prudence, all arts contribute to its intensification. The last consent then does not annul it!

Therefore, be on your guard, avoid every opportunity, and do not indulge carelessly in it!
First and foremost, keep the hearth of your thoughts pure! Then you will never violate this commandment!

Nor does it count as an excuse if a person tries to delude himself that the probability of marriage exists! For that would be the grossest untruth imaginable. A marriage without soul-love is not valid before God. Soul-love, indeed, remains the best protection against the transgression of the commandment, since a truly loving person always wants only the best for the beloved other and can therefore never make impure wishes or demands, against which the commandment is directed above all!

The Tenth Commandment

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, nor his estate, nor his cattle, nor anything that is his!

He who seeks to make a profit through honest work and honest trade can calmly await the call of this commandment at the time of the great reckoning, for it will pass him by without striking him. It is actually so easy to fulfil all commandments, and yet ... just take a good look at all people and you will soon realize that even this observance of the commandment, which is actually quite natural for a human being ... does not happen, or only very rarely, and then not with joy but only with much effort.

Like an insatiable desire, it races over all people, whether white, yellow, brown, black or red, to envy the other fellow human being for what he himself does not possess. Or, to put it even better: to envy him everything! In this envy rests the forbidden desire! The transgression of the commandment is thus already complete, and becomes the root of many evils, which quickly cause man to fall, from which he often never rises again.

Strangely enough, the average person rarely appreciates what he calls his own, but always only what he does not yet possess. The darkness diligently scattered covetousness, and unfortunately the souls of men gave themselves up all too willingly to create the most fertile soil for the sad seed. Thus, with the passing of time, the desire for the possession of others became fundamental to all action and activity among the greater part of humanity. Beginning with simple desire, through cunning and the art of persuasion, it increased to boundless envy, constant dissatisfaction and blind hatred.

Every path to satisfaction was just about considered right, if it was not too obviously opposed to earthly laws. God’s commandment remained unheeded in the growing acquisitiveness! Everyone believed they were truly honourable as long as they were not called to account by the earthly court. But it did not cost them much trouble to avoid this; for they used the greatest caution and the keenest sagacity of mind when it was their intention to ruthlessly harm their fellow-men as soon as it became necessary, in order to gain some cheap advantage. They did not think of the fact that in reality this would cost them much more than all earthly means! So-called cleverness became the trump card! Prudence in
today's terms, however, is in itself nothing more than the blossoming of cunning, or a heightening of it. It remains strange that everyone is suspicious of the clever, but respectful of the prudent! The general basic attitude produces absurdity. The clever man is a bungler in the art of satisfying his desire, while the prudent man has become a master at it. The bungler cannot clothe his desire in beautiful forms, and reaps only pitying contempt for it. But the most envious admiration flows from souls that pay homage to the same desire! Envy in this too, because on the soil of mankind today even admiration of the same kind cannot be without envy. Men are not aware of this strong driving force behind the many evils; they no longer know that this envy in its many forms dominates and guides all their thoughts and actions at the present time! It sits in individuals as well as in whole peoples, directs states, begets wars as well as parties, and eternal strife wherever even two persons have to discuss something!

Where is obedience to the tenth commandment of God, one would like to
warn the states! In the most pitiless lust each of the earthly states strives only for the possession of the other! They do not shy away from the murder of individuals, nor from mass murder, not even from the enslavement of whole peoples, only to use it to elevate themselves to greatness. The beautiful speeches about self-preservation or self-protection are only cowardly excuses, because they themselves clearly feel that something must be said to somewhat mitigate, to excuse these monstrous crimes against the commandments of God!

But it is of no use to them, for the pen that engraves the non-observance of God's commandments in the book of world events is inexorable, and the karmic threads which are tied to each individual are unbreakable, so that not even the smallest impulse of his thinking and doing can be lost without being detached!

Whoever can survey all these threads can see what a terrible judgment has now been conjured up! Confusion and the collapse of what has been built up up to now are only the first
slight consequences of this most disgraceful rapes of the tenth commandment of God! No one can be merciful to you as soon as the whole effect begins to befall you more and more. You have not deserved it otherwise. It is only what you force upon yourselves that comes with it!

Tear the dishonest desire completely out of your soul! Remember that even a state is only made up of individuals! Leave behind all envy and hatred of people who, in your opinion, possess much more than you do! There is a reason for it! But that you are incapable of recognizing the reason, for that you
alone bear the whole blame, in that you have voluntarily forced upon yourselves the tremendous narrowing of your conceptual faculty, which was not intended by God and which had to appear as the consequence of your unfortunate love of reason!

Whoever does not want to be satisfied in the new kingdom of God here on earth with the position which is given to him through the effect of his own karmic threads created by him, is also not worthy of being given the opportunity to release old burdens of debt hanging on him relatively easily and at the same time still to mature spiritually in order to find the way up to the home of all
free spirits, there where only light and joy reign!

In the future, every dissatisfied person will be swept away inexorably as a useless disturber of the peace that is finally desired, as an obstacle to healthy advancement! If, however, there is still a good seed in him, which strongly guarantees an early repentance, he will remain conquered by a new, earthly law for his own good and for his ultimate salvation until a realization arises in him of the unconditional rightness of God’s wise will;
correctness also for him, who up to now has only been able to recognize out of the short-sightedness of his soul and out of self-willed stupidity that the bed in which he now lies on earth was made for him alone as an unconditional consequence of his whole being up to now, of several lives on the other side and also on earth, but is not the blind arbitrariness of a coincidence! At last he will realize that he needs for himself just that, and only that, which he has experienced and where he stands, also the conditions into which he was born with all that goes with it!

If he works diligently on himself, he will rise not only spiritually but also earthly. If, however, he wants to defiantly force himself to take a different path, recklessly and to the detriment of his fellow human beings, this can never serve him to any true advantage.

He must not say that the knowledge for this should and must be given to him by God, so that he follows it and changes in it! It is only presumption and a new sin if he expects or even demands that it should first be proved to him that he is in error with his view, so that he can believe, convinced of the contrary! It is
he alone who has made himself quite impossible for knowledge, and who has deviated from the right course on which he stood in the beginning! The possibilities of knowledge were already given to him by God on the way he had asked to be allowed to go! Now that he has badly buried them in his own evil will, God, as his servant, should open this pit for him again! Childish behaviour! It is precisely this presumption, this desire, that will now be most difficult for man to redeem the blasphemies committed with it! I say to you: It is easier for a robber to be freed from guilt than for a human soul to dare to demand that God should make up for man’s greatest guilt by a new gift of knowledge. It is precisely that which man, in the most rebellious manner against God’s will, has laid upon himself as the heaviest burden of sin!

It will be a hard struggle for human souls before they will be able to detach themselves from the usual transgressions of the tenth commandment of God, that is, to change in order to finally really live according to it in thought, speech and deed! But for all those who are unable to do so, suffering and destruction await them here on earth and in the hereafter!