Man's concept of life has been wrong until now. All that he called life is nothing more than a driven movement, which may only be regarded as the natural effect of actual life.

In the whole of Creation, therefore, forming, maturing, preserving and decomposing is only the after-effect of the more or less strong movement. Human understanding has explored this movement as the highest and has found its limit in it. It cannot go further in its research because it is itself a product of this movement. Therefore, as the highest of his knowledge, he simply called it "force" or "living force", or he also called it "life".

But it is neither force nor life, but only a natural, inevitable effect of it; for force is only in life itself, is one with it, inseparable. Now, since force and life are inseparable, but Creation is only formed, maintained and again decomposed out of movement, neither force nor life can be spoken of within Creation.

Whoever wants to speak of the discovery of Primordial Power or even of the use of Primordial Power by machines is in error, because he cannot find it within Creation. He takes something else for it and only falsely calls it "power" according to his view. Such a man, however, proves that he has no idea of the processes in Creation or of Creation itself, for which, however, he cannot be reproached; for he shares this ignorance with
all his fellow-men, whether learned or unlearned.

It is why I spoke of a "power" flowing through Creation in my message from the beginning, because I could only make many things understandable to people in this way.

Otherwise they would not have understood my explanations at all. But now I can go further and give a picture that reflects soberly the events of everything that happened. This description is new, but it does not change
anything in the explanations I have given so far; everything remains exactly as I have said and is real. What is new about my present rendition is only apparent, because this time I illuminate it differently.

With this I give a firm foundation, a great bowl, into which the human being can place everything that has been said in the above message as a constantly moving, bubbling filling, whereby it then becomes a whole, something that absolutely belongs together, flowing into one another. In this way, the human being receives an inexhaustible, harmonizing overall view of the great events that were hitherto unknown to him and which carry within them his own becoming and being.

The listener and the reader now try to imagine what I am unrolling for them:

Life, real life, is something completely independent, completely autonomous. Otherwise it should not be called "life". But this is only in
God! And since nothing is really "alive" apart from God, He alone has the power that lies in life. He alone is therefore also the often called original power, or in general "the power"! And in the power lies the Light! The expression "Primordial Light" is just as wrong as the expression "Primordial Power", for there is simply only one Light and one Power: God!

The beingness of God, of Power, of Light, that is, of Life, conditions the Creations! For the living Light, the living Power cannot avoid
Radiations. And these Radiations contain everything necessary for Creation.

Radiation, however, is not the Light itself!

So everything that exists apart from God has its origin only in the Radiation of God! However, this Radiation is an effect that is self-evident for Light. And this effect has
always been there, from eternity.

The force of the Radiation is naturally greatest in the vicinity of the Light, so that there can be no other movement in it than the unconditional, taut
forward movement that rests in the Radiation. Thus it goes forth from God far into fabulous distances, the extent of which a human spirit is not able to imagine.

But where this unconditional forward thrust, which is like a continuous, tremendous pressure, finally subsides somewhat, the hitherto only forward thrusting movement becomes
circular. This circling motion is caused by the simultaneous attraction of the Living Force, which pulls back all that has been flung beyond the limit of full Radiation to the point where the forward-pushing motion predominates. This gives rise to the circular movements in elliptical form, because it is not a movement of its own, but is only caused by being flung out over a certain point and then being pulled back in by the attraction which rests in the Force, that is, in God Himself.

Now, in these circling movements, where the tremendous pressure of the immediate radiation has subsided, naturally also slight cooling arises and from this again a certain precipitation.

The precipitation sinks deeper, or further away from the original strongest radiation, but is still held by the all-pervading attraction of the force, but at the same time still contains sufficient forward thrust of the Radiation, whereby again new circular movements arise, remaining within ever different but quite definite limits. Thus precipitation follows precipitation, forming one elliptically circling plane of movement after another, which bring accumulations and finally ever more solid forms, more and more distant from the initial Radiation and its tremendous thrusting pressure.

The resulting gradations give planes in which certain species unite and hold, according to the degree of their cooling. I have already described these planes or species in my message, as the great basic planes of the spiritual in the highest place in Creation, then of the adjoining essential that follows it, of the ethereal and finally of the coarse material with its many gradations. It is self-evident that all the more perfect species remain higher, nearest to the starting-point, because they are most similar to it, as the attraction of the living power must act most strongly on such. ––

As I have already said, the Light Radiation that seems so incomprehensible has always been there, from eternity.

But God did not allow this Radiation to work and reach further than the limit at which the absolutely forward-driving stream still formed a straight line, so that the pure Divine Radiation still remained aglow in all clarity without cooling down and the precipitation connected with it. This formed the Divine Sphere that was eternal with God Himself! In this clarity there could never be any clouding, therefore no turning away, no change. Only full harmony with the origin, the Light itself, was possible. And it is inseparably connected with God, because
this Radiation of the Living Power as its natural effect cannot be avoided.

To this Divine Sphere, which is under the pressure of the closest proximity of the Living Power, which is incomprehensible to the human spirit, belongs the actual Grail Castle as the outermost boundary and anchorage point, which can also be thought of as the final counter-pole. It therefore still stands in the circle of the divine, is therefore from eternity and will remain unchanged for all eternity, even if Creation would once have to go to ruin.

It was like that from eternity. Something incomprehensible to the human spirit.

Only when God in His will sent out the great word:
"Let there be light! "the rays shot out beyond the hitherto intended boundary into the lightless universe, bringing movement and warmth. And thus began the beginning of Creation, which, giving birth to the human spirit, could become its home.

God, the Light, does not need this Creation. If He again limits the Radiation to its inevitability, so that only a sphere of divine purity remains, in which opacity can never come, as it already was before, then the end has come for the further. But with this would also cease the being of man, who can only be conscious
in it! ––

The direct Light Radiation can
only produce perfection. In the changes of this first pressure, however, which arise through the ever increasing distances, this original perfection diminishes, because in the progressive cooling individual parts constantly separate and remain behind. Purity in perfection requires the pressure of Divine Radiation in its highest force, as it is only possible in the proximity of God. Pressure produces movement, and consequently heat, warmth, ardour. Pressure, however, is only the effect of the force, not the force itself; just as the radiations only arise under the pressure of the force, but are not the force itself. Therefore, the radiations in Creation are also only the consequence of a corresponding movement, which in turn must be directed according to the respective pressure. Where there are no radiations in Creation, there is no movement, or, as people erroneously say, no "life". For every movement radiates, and stagnation is nothingness, immobility, which men call death. Thus also the great judgement takes place only through the increased pressure of a Divine Ray, which is imparted by a messenger of God incarnated into gross matter, to whom God has given a spark of His Living Power. The pressure of this living spark of power, which of course cannot be as strong as the mighty pressure of the living power in God the Father Himself, can only be withstood by that which vibrates correctly in the laws of the effect of God's Power! For this is strengthened by it, but not set in white heat, because the radiation of the power spark is not sufficient for this. But everything that disturbs will be unhinged, pushed out of its wrong movements, shattered and disintegrated, for which the radiation of the power of the sparks is perfectly sufficient. Thus the great judgement of God is completely self-acting and is not subject to the arbitrariness of God's messenger. It simply happens on the basis of the law of radiation, which had to form as a result of the Radiation of God's Power; for everything that moves rightly in thought and in action radiates violet colour in gross matter.

But that which is dark, of evil, or striving for it, whether in thought or desire, is dull
yellow. Now these two colours are fundamental for the judgement! Depending on the strength of a will or action, the radiations are then also weak or strong. With the messenger of God a Ray of Divine Light comes unchanged into Creation, thus also here to earth! Divine Light strengthens and lifts up the good, i.e. everything earthly-violet, while the earthly-dull yellow is decomposed and destroyed by it.

Depending on the nature and strength of a will or action, the radiation is strong or weaker. And according to this, the type and strength of the judging effect of the Divine Ray of Light is formed in unwavering justice!

It can well be said that Creation is enclosed and permeated by a gigantic multicoloured branch of radiation. But these radiations are only the expression of the various movements which have their cause in the pressure of the Living Power in God. In other words: God in His Living Power holds Creation. All this is correct, no matter what form of expression is chosen for it, only the right origin and course of further development must be known exactly if one wants to do something with it.

Just as the highest degree of heat causes
white to glow, so it is also in the Divine Sphere, while as the degrees decrease other colours gradually appear and in the cooling everything becomes more and more condensed!

To explain further in these earthly terms, I will say that the human spirit can never become incandescent, since it arose in a plane in which the pressure was in attenuation and is no longer capable of producing this highest degree of heat. Thus, in its origin, it is of a kind that can no longer consciously bear this highest degree of force. Or, one can also say: only when it has cooled down to a certain degree does spirituality arise and become conscious. Also, the species from which "spirit" originates is only a precipitate from the divine sphere, which had to form through the slight cooling, and so on.

But now it extends even further in stages. The first precipitation from the divine sphere forms the pure spiritual, from which the primordial creatures originate. And only the precipitation of the latter brings the kind from which the human spirits can develop. The precipitation of this kind again brings the essence, from which the ethereal matter falls off, which in turn brings the coarse matter as the last thing. But there are still many intermediate stages of each of the basic types mentioned here, also in the Divine, which must make the connection possible as transitions.

first precipitation from the Divine Sphere is, as is easy to understand, also the richest in content, could therefore be conscious of itself immediately, and formed the so-called Primordial Beings, while the further precipitation which then follows from this first precipitation is no longer so strong and must only gradually develop into consciousness. This is the origin of the human spirits.

Because of the richer content of their kind, the Primordial Beings therefore stand in the highest place in Creation, since they form the
first precipitation from the Divine Sphere, while the human spirits only took their beginning from the further precipitation and of course, even at full maturity, cannot reach the height of the Primordial Beings, which are richer in kind, but must remain in the height of their own kind. To climb higher they lack something that cannot be added to. Unless something were directly supplied to them by the living power of God, which, however, could not happen by the natural way of passage, but would have to proceed from a living part of God transplanted into Creation, since with this, as its own, really living power, the cooling of the emanation, which would otherwise necessarily take place in the transition, is cancelled. He alone is therefore in a position to add something to a human spirit through his own direct radiation, which enables it to tread the border of the region of the Primordial Beings.

When the Radiation was hurled out over the boundary of the Divine Sphere, i.e. at the beginning of Creation, an extension was built onto the eternal Grail Castle on the other side, i.e. in the spiritual part of Creation, so that the primordial creatures on their side could also visit the new part of the castle in the spiritual sphere, up to the boundary set for them by their nature. A step above it, that is, into the Divine Sphere, would mean for them immediate unconsciousness, dissolving into white heat, if ... they could take this step. But that is impossible, because they are simply thrown back by the much stronger pressure of the Divine Sphere, which is unfamiliar to them, or, in other words, this pressure does not let them enter. It denies them entrance in a quite natural way, without any further action having to be taken.

Similarly, the evolved human spirits face the primordial ones, and their abode level.

Thus the Grail Castle stands today with its spiritual cultivation as a mediator between the Divine and Creation. Through it must flow all the radiation necessary for Creation, and the Son of Man as King of the Grail is the only mediator who can cross the boundary into the Divine from Creation through his mode of origin, which connects the Divine with the Spiritual. For this reason the mystery of this connection
had to be.

Far below this Grail Castle and the region of the primordially created lies only Paradise, as the highest, most beautiful point for human spirits, which conformed to full maturity in the divine will, to the laws of its emanations. ––

I do not want to go into details here, so that the picture of what is happening is not too broad. In addition, I am publishing books for earth science to study the individual processes, such as the development in the individual planes, their interaction with each other and so on. Nothing must be passed over, otherwise there will be a gap which will immediately put a stop to human knowledge.

If, therefore, an earthly human spirit in its maturity returns after a long wandering to the limit determined for its kind, i.e. the onset of stronger pressure, it cannot glow any more than its full maturity already lets it glow. The increased pressure of a further intensified force would have to melt and burn the nature of his constitution, transform it into the degree of increased heat, whereby his “I” would be lost. He would then no longer be able to exist as a human spirit and would have to burn up in the White Light, while he would already become unconscious in the region of the primordial created through the higher pressure therein.

White Light, i.e. God's radiance, in which only the divine can consciously exist, thus carries within itself all the basic components of Creation, which, when slowly cooled down, settle down towards themselves, form and coalesce in the movement, but no longer merge into one another because the associated pressure is missing. With each degree of cooling, a certain precipitation forms and remains. First the divine, later the spiritual and then the essential, until finally only the fine and coarse matter continues to sink.

Thus Creation is actually the precipitation of increasing cooling of the White Light, the Radiation of the Living Light. The spiritual, as well as the essential, can only form and become conscious at a certain degree of cooling, which is synonymous with the reduction of the pressure of God's Radiation.

When I speak here of the human spirit dissolving or dissolving when the pressure of the radiation of the light is too strong, this does not mean the Nirvana of the Buddhists, as they would perhaps like to interpret my explanation. My current explanation is only what happens in the downward direction from the Light, while Nirvana is supposed to be the climax for the path upwards.

There would be a barrier, for in order to reach the spiritual kingdom from this earth, the paradise at the highest limit of which this point is to be sought, every human spirit must have already reached the highest maturity as "I-conscious". Maturity according to divine will, not according to human discretion. Otherwise he cannot enter this realm. But when it has matured so far as a spirit conscious of itself, it is strictly held back, repelled, by the increased pressure of the divine sphere at the boundary. He
cannot go further! Nor does it want to. In the Divine Sphere, he would never be able to enjoy pleasures, because there he could no longer be a human spirit, but would be melted, while in the spiritual kingdom, the paradise, he finds eternal joys, and with gratitude no longer even thinks of wanting to be completely dissolved.

Moreover, in its full maturity it is
necessary for the elevation and perfection of the levels below it, which in further precipitation are able to withstand even less pressure than it. There he, the human spirit, is the greatest, because he resists stronger pressure, even needs it. ––

Now the task of the human spirit in these low regions is to open everything that is under it with its inherent force as much as possible to the influence of the pure Radiations of Light, and thereby to act as a mediator through which stronger pressure can penetrate, giving blessing to everything else, because it can absorb this higher pressure and pass it on by distributing it, which in purifying decomposes everything impure.

Unfortunately, man has done a bad job in this. It is true that everything in the creations that was to develop according to pressure or urge up to the present time has developed, but wrongly, because here man not only failed, but even misguidedly led downwards instead of upwards! For this reason, only ugly distorted images of everything were created instead of natural beauty.

But being natural means going upwards, striving upwards, following the attraction of the Living Force. For in naturalness everything only strives upwards, like every blade of grass, every flower, every tree. Thus, unfortunately, only outwardly does that which guided human will bear any
resemblance to what he should promote.

Rich inner life, for example, is outwardly often to be confused with hollowness, which shows itself in blaséness, when viewed superficially. Pure adoration of all beauty is also similar in its expressions in the beginning to base lasciviousness; for both show a certain degree of rapture, only the one is genuine, the other false and only serves as a means to the end. Thus real loveliness is replaced by vanity, true service is feigned by striving. In this way it goes on in all that man educates. Only rarely do his paths lead towards the Light. Almost everything tends towards darkness.

This must be eradicated so that the Kingdom of God on earth may now come out of this Sodom and Gomorrah! Everything finally towards the Light, for which man is the mediator!
I am not talking about the Light itself, about God. It is too sacred for me! Besides, man would never be able to grasp it, he must always be content with the
fact that God is!