This electronic book contains the original translation of the Great Edition of the Grail Message („Im Lichte der Wahrheit“) of Abdruschin, which was initially published in Germany in 1931 by „Der Ruf Verlag“. This translation from German into English was authorized by Abdruschin himself and was first published in 1934. The format and the layout in this book follow the German original of 1931, which is why the pagination differs from the 1934 translation.
This website offers Google translations in over 90 languages (the top left-hand side of all pages). This subsequent English translation, however, could only have been done according to the sense of the original German text ("IM LICHTE DER WAHRHEIT: GRALSBOTSCHAFT"). Therefore, any further translations remain but the expressions Abdruschin used to mediate the Living Word to the human spirit, thus can only be rendered approximately.

The reader should, therefore, realize that a translation cannot replace the original. If one only makes the effort to absorb the contents intuitively, one will recognize the significance of this Work for oneself and for mankind, despite the deficiencies arising out of a translation.

Published in Canada in 2021.