Terms used in “The Message of the Holy Grail”
The Godhead

Divinity unsubstantiate

Divine substance

Spirituality, spiritual substance,

The Spiritual Kingdom
Das Göttliche

Das Göttlich-Wesenlose

Das Göttlich-Wesenhafte

Das Geistig-Wesenhafte

Das Geistige Reich
In It Live
The First Created, the Primordial Beings, which were created by God Himself.

Die Urgeschaffenen
This realm comprises
Original Creation, i.e.

Paradise, the home of the human

Die Urschöpfung

Das Paradies

Die Geistkeime
and above it
The Castle of the Holy Grail.

Original Creation is imperishable

Die Gralsburg
Below Original Creation rotates
(the“world” of the human spirits, which was formed by the volition of the Primordial Beings.)
Subsequent Creation,

Die Nachschöpfung
It consists of
The world of natural substance, animism, in which the soul of the animal has its origin, and

The world of matter, material substance

a) ethereal substance
(called by man "the Beyond" or the next world)

physical matter, gross material substance

ethereal body
physical body

Das Wesenhafte

Die Stofflichkeit

Die Feinstofflichkeit
Das Jenseits

Die Grobstofflichkeit

feinstofflicher Körper
grobstofflicher Körper

Divine laws:
The law of returns or the law of reciprocal action

The law of the attraction of homogeneous species

The law of equilibrium

The law of gravitation

The Cosmic Turning Point

i.e. the fate which man has created for himself


i.e. the recurring earth-lives of man

The Powers of Darkness, they were called into being by Lucifer

Sensation, intuition, the inner voice

Intuitive volition

Intellectual volition

Generative power

Primordial seed

The Son of God = Christ Jesus

The Son of Man = Imanuel

Das Gesetz der Wechselwirkung

Das Gesetz der Anziehung der Gleichart

Das Gesetz des Ausgleichs

Das Gesetz der Schwere

Die Weltenwende




Das Dunkel

Die Empfindung





Der Gottessohn

Der Menschensohn